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November 07, 2012

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N�� �� ��� 9th YEAR! www.DesertMessenger .com • "Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper" • 541-218-2560 Ed Foster seated as Quartzsite Mayor By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear Five months after the May election, Ed Foster was seated as Quartzsite mayor on Tuesday, October 23rd. Foster was sworn in by Town Magis- trate Judge Lawrence King during the council's regular meeting. On June 4th the Quartzsite Town Council declared Foster was not quali- fi ed to hold elected because he owed fees from a court judgment. This was a violation of a section of the town code, 2-1-10, preventing candidates who owe the town money for delinquent fees, taxes, or fi nes. Foster, who won the majority of votes in May, was origi- nally elected in May 2010. Foster lost his recall election to Jose Lizarraga in August 2011. Foster fi led a Writ of Mandamus (Latin "We command") seeking the court to force the town to seat him as mayor. La Paz County Superior Court Judge Michael Burke awarded Foster his Writ of Mandamus on October 17th ordering the town to seat Foster at the next meeting and was awarded his at- torney's fees. Burke stated the council exceeded their authority to set qualifi - cations higher than state law. Also on Oct. 23rd the coun- cil rescinded their appoint- ment of a chair and vice- chair and appointed Mike Jewitt as Vice Mayor. Foster campaigned with Council members Mark Org- eron and recently censured Pat Workman, but is now publicly advocating for Org- eron's recall. Foster recently stated, "We may well be headed toward bankruptcy and that would put the town under the control of a bankruptcy judge. This may be the only thing that could save our town." ����� | S���� B���C�� GPAA Gold & Treasure Expo comes to Quartzsite Feb. 15 - 17, 2013 By Shanana Rain Golden-Bear The Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) recently announced their 2013 Gold & Treasure Expo schedule with includes a special 3-day event in Quartzsite, Arizona. The Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) was founded in 1968 "to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Pros- pector. GPAA is dedicated to fi nding and mining gold on a small or recre- ational scale. One noticeable change in 2013 will be the shift from Gold & Treasure Shows to Gold & Treasure Early Bird Breakfast 6-9am $ MAIN ST. EATERY Expos. The Expo will cover more than just gold, including gem and treasure hunting. "Expo tells you straight up that we've got vendors ready to sell you prod- ucts," said Trade Show Manager Gary Sturgill. "That's where you're going to fi nd the latest and greatest new equip- ment and the vendors are going to demonstrate how to use it." Sturgill said education will take on a pivotal role in 2013 with much more focus on teaching people how to pros- pect and pan for gold. Speakers include Gold Cube inven- tor Mike Pung talking about fi ne gold recovery, GPAA Executive Director MONDAY Meatloaf $ 350 of Operations Dominic Ricci talking about the Alaska Gold Expedition, GPAA Executive Director of Develop- ment Kevin Hoagland talking about metal detecting and Walt Wegner of Public Lands for the People. The Gold & Treasure Expos will also bring in local speakers to highlight gold prospecting topics that vary from region to region. The Gold & Treasure Expos are open ����� | S���� B���C�� WHAT'S INSIDE 2 Editorial 3 Spirit Walk 2012 4 Letters to Editor 10 Around Town 12 Voices from the Past 14 Assessor's Corner 14-15 Restaurants 17 Halloween Fun 19 20 to the public. Admission is $5 or FREE if you pre-register online at least two weeks before show dates. The fi rst 100 paid attendees will receive a FREE vial with some placer gold. For more infor- mation visit TUESDAY Tacos $ 6 6 Fish & Chips $ FRIDAY WEDNESDAY Sweet & Sour Chicken $ 875 Prime Rib $ SATURDAY Adventures in Rock Church Directory 22 ROCK MAP 28 Puzzle Page 29 Astrology 30 Paul Winer's Comic 30 Classifi eds DINNER SPECIALS • 4-7pm 6 6 THURSDAY Spaghetti $ 1195 WEDNESDAY BBQ Ribs $ 10 Hamburger Pie $ SUNDAY 6 OPEN YEAR-ROUND! >>>> 205 E. Main Street, Quartzsite <<<< 928-927-4163 Specials Monday-Friday $ LUNCH 500 Coffee with every meal! FREE INSIDE PG 7 LA PAZ COUNTY RESULTS

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