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October 3, 2012

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Page 6 Sacramento, Calif. - The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) operates 16 agricultural in- spection stations along the state's bor- ders, and every year vehicle inspectors stop thousands of plants, fruit, insects, pathogens and other suspicious crit- ters from making it across that line. There are some things that CDFA want to welcome in, though – and bees are right at the top of that list (at least as far as farmers are concerned). Every year, more than a million beehives are trucked into the Golden State to help pollinate almonds, fruit trees and doz- ens of other crops. Any farmer will tell you: we couldn't do it without them. Like most any creature, bees need water – especially after a lengthy and windblown drive across the desert. That's why the apiary industry (that's beekeepers for the rest of us) is com- ing up with funding and working with CDFA to help us upgrade or install rel- atively simple but important watering Blythe Ag station waters the bees systems at a few of our border stations, where the bulk of the beehives come into California. The system is already in place in Blythe along I-10, and we're working on upgrading Vidal (CA Hwy 62), Needles (I-40), Yermo (I-15), Ben- ton, (US Hwy 6), and Truckee (I-80). It's mostly a matter of assessing the current systems and expanding them to include additional hose bibs at in- tervals (except for Vidal, which would require a portable system), allowing truck drivers to hook up and provide water to the bees. The water keeps the colonies cool and help keep the bees within the hives so they can make the next leg of their trip. It's a relatively simple step that will help keep our bee- hives healthy as they prepare for their annual visit to California. Kudos to the folks at the California State Beekeep- ers Association (CSBA), Project Apis m (PAM), the Almond Board of Cali- fornia and the California State Apiary Board for fi nding the funds and work- ing with CDFA to make this happen. October 3, 2012 GILBERT FROM PAGE 1 to investigate allegations of false time sheet involving one hour vacation time of an offi cer's time sheet. FINDINGS: Background materials provided to DPS were inadequate; DPS fi nds no basis for further investigation. - Sept. 18, 2012 Grievance fi led by a police offi cer to Taft and Johnson. FINDINGS: Independent and separate reviews were conducted by the Interim Town Manager, Acting Police Chief, and Parker Police Chief. The allegations were found to be untruthful. - Sept. 11, 2012 Notice of Termination earlier than Johnson referred to, and was addressed in the DPS report of Dec. 7th, 2011 and by the AG's turn down of July 2012. Allegations of communication with the press is not a terminable offense. Allegations of willful misconduct and criminal mis- use of ACJIS system was addressed by DPS report of Dec. 7th, 2011 and the AG's turn down of July 11th, 2012. Four citizens spoke in disagreement by Johnson. In working with the attor- ney, there was found to be no merit to al- legations. FINDINGS: The allegation of not reporting while under house arrest are minor and does not justify termina- tion. Allegations about participating in communications training, is a potential offense and if it occurred, needs to be handled through the normal employee evaluation process, and is not a termi- nable offense. Allegation of tampering with a witness actually occurred a year to the reinstatement of Gilbert. Two citizens spoke in agreement to reinstate Gilbert. In the roll call vote, council vot- ed to reinstate Gilbert 5-1 with Work- man voting against reinstatement. Council Member Mark Orgeron ex- plained the details of Gilbert's rein- statement. Orgeron stated Gilbert is to avoid the politics of the town, to di- rect efforts of the effi cient operations of the police department, to work to promote a pleasant and supportive environment for both offi cers and the community. Gilbert's contract will be reviewed, as previously planned, in February 2013. Gilbert returned to work Monday, October 1st. Town Council appoints chair and vice-chair FREE JOINT PAIN SEMINAR Local orthopaedic surgeon Rodney Henderson, MD will be discussing ������������������������������� ������������������������������� ���������������� ������������������������������������ ������������������������ ����������������������������������� ���������������������� Date: Wednesday, November 7, 2012 Time: 11:30 am (lunch will be served) Location: Quartzsite Senior Center 40 North Moon Mountain Avenue Quartzsite, AZ 85346 ������������������������������������� �����������������1-888-STRYKER ����������� ���������� ���������������������������������� During Tuesday, Sept. 25th Quartzsite Town Council meeting, Patricia Ander- son was appointed as Chair, and Mike Jewitt as Vice Chair. Workman voted nay, questioning if the action was legal, stating state law says the mayor should be the Chief Executive Offi cer, and Fos- ter's court date is not until October 4th. Interim Town Manager, Laura Bruno stated this is a town policy which states the council "shall, not may". Jennifer Jones spoke to the council Jones said, "Not only are you going to be sued, but you're going to be sued personally, because you've now waived executive protection. So, have at it! Have fun! It's on you!" stating the council adjourned the item until after Foster's hearing date. Jones said, "I can absolutely guarantee you, that if you usurp the state regulations and statute on the mayor being the CEO, then you are going to be sued!" In other business, Council also ap- proved an Intergovernmental agree- ment for Library support services between Arizona Western College and the Quartzsite Public Library. Council approved for the Quartz- site Library to participate with the Southwest Valley Library Consor- tium and also approved the Liquor License for the Quartzsite Women's Club Wine/Beer and Cheese Tasting Event on Nov. 10th, 2012. 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