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October 3, 2012

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October 3, 2012 Voter fraud & open meeting law updates Quartzsite, AZ - Tuesday, Sept. 25th, Interim Town Manager Laura Bruno reported to Town Council. She an- nounced the League of Cities and Towns will be attending a Council Worksession scheduled soon regard- ing open meeting laws and agenda requirements/modifi cations. Bruno announced the voter fraud in- vestigation summary report is online and the full report is available in the library. She reported on the history of the investigation, beginning with the council meeting of March 27, 2012 when council passed resolution 12- 07 directing Town Manager Alex Taft to request a formal investigation on voter irregularities specifi cally from Dept. of Justice, Arizona Secretary of State and the AZ Attorney General's Offi ce; to ask La Paz County Elections Dept. to sequester the March 13th bal- lots until the end of the investigation or the decline of an investigation. Town Attorney Martin Brannan had advised council on March 27th the resolution "does not authorize any expenditures of the town for a private investigation." However, On July 10, 2012 Taft told the council the investi- gation "was authorized by council." Later in July Brannan explained to council, when Council Member Pat Workman questioned whether or not the investigation had been declined, "council has promised that the Town Attorney will have the resources nec- essary to do the job the council has hired the Town Attorney to do." The investigation, using two private investigators and an attorney, has cost the town $70,653, with two in- voices outstanding. Bruno said that in her opinion, "the council did not authorize a private in- vestigator to be hired. That is all I can say about that at this time." APS FROM PAGE 1 wood poles with a distance of approx. ¼ mile or less between steel poles. According to an Smithers, "We expect to have the 85 remaining wood poles replaced with steel poles by mid-June 2013, in time for next year's monsoon season." APS expects to replace the remotely actuated switch at Quartzsite Substa- tion, scheduled for early October. This will reduce or eliminate the length of short outages at the Quartzsite Substation. Over the past three years 14 outages occurred during spring and summer months. The outages ranged from just a few seconds to 27 hours in the sum- mer of 2011, which was a signifi cantly worse year than the previous 6 years. 2012 is shaping up to be the second worse year for storm outages since 2005. In 2010 there were 2 outages; 2011 saw 9 outages; and to date, and 4 outages in 2012; for a total of over 121 hours without power. APS continues to reimburse for bagged ice during extended power outages. APS has improved their com- munication with media, area emer- gency offi cials, and representatives of the town and county. They evaluate the need for dry ice and generator support depending upon time and expected duration of an outage, avail- ability and coordination of dry ice, equipment and delivery. APS helps customers who are dependent on life sustaining medi- cal equipment make plans when an outage occurs. Call 800-253-9405 ext. 6884 or Watch Quartzsite Videos @ HUGE ESTATE SALE ONLY 3 DAYS • FRI. SAT. SUN • OCT. 5, 6, 7 • Dawn to Dusk Antiques Bouse, AZ • Hwy. 72 • Brandy Hills • Follow the Signs Home & Land $55,000 Motorhome Golf Cart Ford Van Utility Trailer 1969 City Bus (rear diesel) Rock Polisher 1000's of Old Records Tons of Glassware Tons of Books Tools Shop Tools Machinist Tools Car Parts Bus Parts Hardware Elect motors Consignments Welcome - CASH ONLY Stein Collection Furniture Chairs Tables Lg. China Cabinet Craft Room Art * Brass * Marbles Sale presented by Ma & Pas, Bouse Contract Rachele Kelley • 928-699-1338 By Joanne Winer Barbara Smit, who works for VPRO, a huge network on Dutch television that specializes in children's programs, was in town a week ago to talk to Paul Winer about a project that is in the works about a fi lm she is producing. The fi lm will be a road trip from Los Angeles to Miami, stopping at many towns and cities along the way, interviewing people and learning about this country that will be includ- ed in the documentary. She came to Quartzsite with Israel Lewites, from Nicaragua, and part of the program they are doing will benefi t the orphan children of Nicaragua. They talked about the plight of the people of Nica- ragua, where 40% of the people there make less than $1.00 per day--it is the poorest country in South America. They are hoping this fi lm will give them a chance to make a difference by collecting items and donations for the children there. The fi lm crew will be back in Quartzsite on October 5, and will start fi lming at the Reader's Oasis book- store at 1 p.m. Anyone is welcome to come and watch them make this part of the documentary, which will be shown on Dutch television and hosted by world famous director Stef Biemans, who will also collect and Page 3 Netherlands film crew in town Friday deliver any donated items throughout their journey, and will deliver them personally to the children in Nicara- gua after the fi lming is completed. Anyone who wishes to donate toys, books, games, sports equipment for kids, etc. can take them to the Read- er's Oasis bookstore and they will be picked up by the fi lm crew on Octo- ber 5. Several people have already brought toys and other items like hair barrettes, bath sponges, etc. and Reader's Oasis will be donating many boxes of children's books as well. This is a great cause, and it is hoped that these children will be able to receive many things they would never have otherwise. Come on down and meet the fi lm crew and the people who are trying to help these deserving children!! Quartzsite Massage & Body Works Licensed in Swedish, Healing Touch, Deep Tissue, and Certified Medical Massage for Arthritis Call Elinore 928-458-0049 for Appt. 62 N. Washington Lic. #MT07050 Let's Get Back to Community! Candy Escorza Sheriff VOTE HONESTY-INTEGRITY-LEADERSHIP COMMUNITY ORIENTED I am here for YOU... The Citizens of La Paz County.... Paid for by Committee to Elect Candy Escorza for Sheriff ~ Email:

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