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October 3, 2012

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Page 2 Editorial by Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear there's no choosing sides" ~ Wayne Dyer "When you live on a round planet, One of my favorite stories by Zig Ziglar "concerns a young lad who was confronted by three bullies with vio- lence in mind. Quickly the little guy drew a line on the ground, stepped back several feet, looked the biggest bully in the eye and said, "Now, you just step over that line." Confi dently, the big bully stepped over the line, preparing to commit mayhem on the little guy. Quickly the little fellow grinned and said, "Now we're both on the same side." Physically, they were both on the same side. But emotionally they were still some little distance apart. The smaller boy improved his chances of getting on the same side emotionally by his touch of wit and wisdom. This is an excellent combination to diffuse most crisis situations and represents a major step in solving whatever problems exist. The Wall Street Journal recently published an article on Quartzsite politcs titled, "Small Town Politics- All Out War". Well, that's a sensa- tional title designed to sell news- papers, but surely not intented to help the healing in our community! Photos in the article, and discussions online tell a story how the journalist "happened upon" Richard Oldham's used car lot, where some of the characters of the story "happened" to be. The cast of characters include Ed Foster, Jennifer "Jade" and John "Jack" Jones, and Quartzsite Council Member Pat Workman. For years, folks have reached out to local activists asking them to partici- pate in volunteer boards, community activities, and to join together. But the response was either to attempt to tear down the events for the town, or to personally attack the co-ordinators. So, how's that working? October 3, 2012 thanks. Imagine if vendors didn't have to cringe when people walked up to them, wondering what complaint about the town was going to be spew- ing out of their mouths? Like us on Facebook at /DesertMessengerNews Zig Ziglar suggests we are all really on the same side, anyway, and both "sides" can be winners. Lack of com- munication is usually the basis of the concept of being on opposite sides. Read Desert MESSENGER ONLINE @ Follow on Twitter @DesertMessenger @QuartzsiteRain of the Desert Messenger Email: DEADLINE is WED. OCT. 10 for Oct. 17th issue Phone: 541-218-2560 This type of ego boosting publicity just fuels the fi re and builds more bridges to cross or "lines in the sand" to cross. What would happen if the "characters in the play" were actually to take a step across that line and be on the same side as those they fi ght against? Ziglar taught, "a sense of humor can be very helpful in removing commu- nications barriers by revealing your human side and establishing rapport." Ziglar said, "sometimes it's neces- sary for the big bully [or opposition] to move across the line. This allows folks to clearly understand that they really are on the same side and open to listen- ing to ideas from both sides of that line. His fi nal message on this story is that "it is always important to main- tain our perspective by being open and fair-minded as we look at life from the other person's perspective." When we can see the pain in anoth- er's life, we can have more empathy. If we look at life from Wayne Dyer's point of view, we heal only when we can forgive those who have done us wrong. Sometimes that's easier said than done. With so much hate and discontent being spread around town, it's hard for the targets of the bullying to forgive their attackers. But to heal, we must forgive each other and move beyond our egos and self-importance. We are all a bit frustrated with recent events. Maybe those who have been silent might want to share their frustrations with those who have been so vocal, so they don't feel all alone. When we sit in a circle, there are no sides; everyone is equal and has a voice. No one is right, no one is wrong. People are just people, fl aws and all, just with differing opinions. That's all. Imagine if people got together and welcomed the snowbirds and ven- dors with a smile, a wave, a heartfelt DESERT Well, that is exactly what's going to happen this January! Enthusiastic volunteers are wanted to visit vendors during the week of Jan. 23-27, 2013. The Town of Quartzsite has offered to donate collector's pins, and generous donors are purchasing T-Shirts for the volunteers. If you'd like to help, con- tact Rain (that's me) at 541-218-2560 to volunteer! Every year our vendors change, with new folks trying their hand with new entrepenurial ventures. I know, as a vendor, and a volunteer, that a simple jesture of thanks really helps make my day! How about you? When was the last time we said thank you to our vendors for bringing delightful treats and necessities to our town? We don't have to wait until January to thank our snowbirds and vendors. When vendors and seasonal busi- nesses begin to open up, show them our little town appreciates them with a warm, "Welcome Back!" or "We're so glad to see you!", etc. Remember the Golden Rule? Treat others as you wish to be treated. Sim- ple reminder of returning to a simpler time of when ethics mattered. Imagine if all our conversations were based upon the beauty and gifts of the day, lessons learned of the past and the hope of a better tomorrow ? "If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." ~ Dale Carnegie Learn more about Zig Ziglar at Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper Founded by Walt Akin, October 1, 2004 Contributing Writer, Joanne Winer PUBLISHED BY PILOT ROCK PUBLISHING CO. P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 • E-mail: Published twice a month on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Sept. thru May with Special Summer Editions in June, July & August Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Desert Messenger. Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, Publisher 541-218-2560 Copyright © 2012 MESSENGER Name Plate Lettering by Paul Winer Contributing Photographer, Starr BearCat

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