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January 18, 2012

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Page 44 ASSESSOR'S CORNER Series 6 of 10 a division of the Arizona State Parks, and is responsible for the identification, evalua- tion, and protection of Arizona's prehistoric and historic cultural resources. They rep- resent various areas of expertise, including history, prehistoric and historic archaeology, historical architecture, and grants manage- ment. The programs and services provided are diverse and meet a range of needs within the public and private sectors of Arizona. The guideline by the State Historic Preser- vation Office determines program eligibility and monitors property maintenance, the County Assessor enacts tax classification This week we will focus on the "Arizona's Historic Property Tax Reduction Program" for residential and non-income-producing properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a property tax in- centive program for commercial or indus- trial income-producing properties. This program is administered through the State Historic Preservation Office, in conjunction with the Arizona County Assessors Offices. Historical buildings, businesses, and gath- ering places preserve links to the communi- ties' historic past, and reflect the distinctive character of our area. Various federal and state laws have been enacted to support the preservation of these places through tax reductions, grants, and other financial in- centives. Arizona's historic property own- ers can benefit from these programs if their properties meet certain criteria. The State Historic Preservation Office, is January 18, 2012 changes and manages issues of property value. What does this do for the taxpayer? It reduces the amount of the tax assessment and this reduced assessment remains in ef- fect for up to 10 to 15 years depended upon its use as residential or commercial prop- erties. (Visit the website for updates and current information of the State Historic Property Tax Program at AZStateParks. com/SHPO) Please note that any rehabili- tation made to a historic commercial prop- erty prior to reclassification by the County Assessor is not eligible for retroactive ad- justments in the property tax assessment. The property may qualify if it has been registered as historic property. Applicants will receive notice within six weeks of ap- plication submittal. For residential proper- ties, the tax reduction does not take effect until the year following the approval of the application. For commercial properties, the tax reclassification takes effect imme- diately. Applications can be obtained from your County Assessors' office, or the State Historic Preservation Office, and ask for the "State Historic Property Assessment" form for verification of eligibility for reclassifica- tion or the Historic property tax program information sheet. Mail this completed ap- plication along with two 5" x 7" color pho- tos of the property's exterior to the La Paz County Assessor, 1112 Joshua Avenue, Suite 204, Parker, AZ 85344. For more information, contact the: State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) Arizona State Parks, 1300 W. Washington, Phoenix, Arizona 85007. (602) 542-4174 Toll Free: (800) 285-3703 Online:

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