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January 18, 2012

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January 18, 2012 Submitted by Dottie Palmer STEP FIVE: Use Affirmations. I am a recycler. I en- joy recycling. I am proud to recycle. I know the importance of recycling. I help others recycle. I EVEN get paid to recycle. Affirmations are very powerful. An affirmation is a positive thought we tell ourselves about ourselves in the present tense. It is good to write them too. It helps to say them in all three persons. I am a great recycler. You, Dottie are a great recycler. She, Dottie, is a great recycler. It soon becomes true. Thoughts become action. You have heard be careful what you think, it will become true. I say be DELIBERATE about what you think. Thought is creative. It WILL come true. The thought might be, "I could take my uneaten restaurant food home in aluminum foil rather than Styrofoam." The action might be that I fold several pieces of foil flat and put them in my cloth bag, then take the toast home that way. Many waitresses are happy to provide me with a sheet of foil when ask. I can also come prepared with my own foil. In Spokane, I asked a waitress if she had something other than the to-go box. She said, "You look like a- recycle- the- cottage- cheese- tub- type". Yes, I am a proud recycler. And even though I have no grandchildren I am saving resources for your grandchildren. LOCALLY: Colorado River Valley Recycling, 377 South Broadway, Blythe, CA, 760/922/5447. We took the 7th street exit to Broadway, turned left, when we were coming from the East, and found it easily. They buy ten different materials with ten dif- ferent prices. The prices are posted. Crushed alu- minum cans with "CA" are worth $1.54 per pound. Crushed plastic water bottles, "CA" lids removed, are worth $.93 per pound. We received $188.00 for our RV park club house from one pick-up of these recovered resources. The amount for California Paperglassaluminumtinplastic citizens is unlimited. Others may receive $100.00 per person. This center has a goal of collecting 1,000,000 aluminum can tabs for a children's charity. Last year they donated 855,000. Children received free dialysis and one child got a prosthetic eye. They pay us for the tabs, then donate them, so remove the tabs and separate them. Besides all that, they provide a shaded area for unloading and they have great music and friendly staff. They created 5 right livelihood jobs. HEROINE: Annie Leonard was born in 1964 and studied for 10 years about where "STUFF" comes from and where it goes. She is a proponent of sus- tainability and a critic of excessive consumerism. Her twenty minute movie, "The Story of Stuff" made in 2007, has been viewed 15,000,000 times world- wide on the Internet. Her movie is a fast-paced and fact-filled look at the underside of production. In the mov- ie, we see the connection between consumerism and the environment Four years later she has five staff and seven movies. Her movie "The Story of Broke" is about our econom- ic system. Again, this is one persons' action which has a tremendous effect. WEBSITE: YOU: are invited to submit your creative recycling stories with permission to print your name. Each edi- tion I'll select a story to inspire the rest of us. I can't wait to hear your great ideas! Thank You. WINNER: Bill Beckman wins for his idea. I use Styrofoam drinking cups to insulate water pipes both hot and cold. Just punch a hole in the bottom of the cup, the size of the diameter of the pipe, and snip the side of the cup to meet the hole in the bot- tom. Slip them on the water pipe as close together as possible. This will keep the hot hot and the cold cold, save energy, and reuse Styrofoam. If we don't recycle, we are throwing it all away. Dottie Palmer Bouse Genealogical Society The Bouse Genies will host two Genealogy Skill Building Workshops on February 3 & 10, 2012 from 10a.m.-3p.m. at the Bouse Community Building. There is a $20 dona- tion per person per workshop. Preregistration is required. You provide your own lunch and drink. Topics include: 1 - Citing Your Sources Correctly; 2 - Document Transcription and Abstraction; 3 - Evidence Analysis; and 4 - Writing a Case Study. Special documents are required for topics 1 & 2. The flier and registration form are available from or online at workshops.html. Bouse Genies Meeting Schedule Bouse Genies regular meetings are held every other Friday at the Bouse Community Building from 10 to noon. All meetings, semi- nars, and workshops are open to the public. Meeting dates are Jan. 27 &Feb. 24 [Note: the 10 February meeting is pre- empted by the workshop.] Refreshments will be served! Paid for by Jenny Mills PO Box 2002, Quartzsite, AZ 85346 Page 23 WWW.DESERTMESSENGER.COM for Deadline Schedule and Current Rate Card. Meet JENNY MILLS Candidate Sunday, Jan. 22nd 1pm - 3pm FOR MAYOR 510 South Riggles Ave Al's RV Park Corner of Riggles & Kuehn Please park along fence and bring a chair Jerky Store & Deli ❖ 2 EACH: BREAST, LEG, THIGH, WING or ❖ WHOLE ROTISERRIE CHICKEN Desert Laundry and Propane $27530 N. CENTRAL (HWY. 95) Open 8-5 • 7 days/week 928-927-5655 per gallon + tax PROPANE BEHIND JERKY STORE • EASY IN/OUT! 30 N. Central (Hwy. 95) THE HOTTEST DRYERS IN TOWN NEXT TO JERKY STORE * GOOD PARKING LAUNDRY OPEN 6AM .... LAST LOAD 7:30PM 8 PC Fried CHICKEN! ❖ 4 LEGS & 4 THIGHS SANDWICHES Made to Order DELI SANDWICH with slaw $695 $595 Call ahead for Chicken and Ribs! 928-927-5655 $495 BEEF JERKY $ PULLED PORK $ B-B-QUE PORK RIBS FULL RACK or $650/lb1899 only $ 595 All jerky made in store! ALL FRESH! ALL SALADS HOMEMADE! ALL SMOKED MEATS MADE IN-HOUSE! Open daily 8-5 • 10-5 Sunday 928-927-5655 30 N. CENTRAL (HWY. 95) 600/4 OZ. BAG 4 BAGS /$22 The BEST Fried Chicken IN TOWN! End the Cycle

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