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February 16, 2011

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P��� 36 ���.D�����M��������.���  FLYERS FROM PAGE 1 “ADDICTED TO DEALS” CELEBRATE OUR 20TH ANNIVERSARY DEALS! OVER 10,000 DIFFERENT ITEMS! All at bargain prices: Jewelry, toys, wind chimes, porcelain dolls, chocolate, dragons, wizards, fairies, books, leather, CDs, DVDs, VHS, over 50,000 bottles of vitamins and minerals & lots more! 1. While they last: Porcelain Dolls, Buy 1 get 1 FREE! 2. Cranberry 30 mg. $299 or 2/$499 3. Vitamin C 500 mg. 300 tablets $399 4. Sterling Rings 3/$999 5. Grill on the Go $399 6. Advil PM 40 ct. $1299 7. Robitussin $100 each. 6/$500 PSD* 8. Coffee 5 lbs. for $999 9. Hot Packs (Made in USA) $2499 10. Cold Packs (Made in USA) $2999 12. Garlic Odor Control $299 14. Airborn $589 11. Glucosamine Chondroitin Liquid Packs $2499 NOW 3/$999 or 2/$499 13. Osteo Build Dr. David Williams $2299 Buy 1 get 2 FREE! 15. Aloe Vera Cream 1 oz. $100 16. Vitamin E Skin Cream 4 oz. 3/$999 17. Vitamin C Nature‛s Made $999 retail. NOW $999 @ Wal-Mart NOW 3/$999 each. Buy 1 get 2 FREE! retail. NOW $100 PSD* 18. Ester C 500 mg. Time Release (Natrol) 200 ct. $2599 NOW $299 19. Cholesterol Intercept (lower your cholesterol) $1499 NOW $299 20.Acidopholis (Pro Biotic) $1749 retail. NOW $299 21. Cinnamon (Natrol) $1749 22. Maalox Liquid 12 oz. $100 retail. NOW $499 each 23. Lutein 50 ct. 2/$499 24. Pomegranate 90 softgels $399 25. Mineral Ice $100 each 26. Visit our Dollar Vitamin Section 27. Nicorette $4999 28. Micatin $100 each 29. Advil 30 ct. $100 each PSD* 30. Claritin 45 ct. $2999 retail. NOW $799 31. All Depends & Poise Buy 1 get 1 FREE PSD* (Past Shelf Date) Visit our New Store: ADDICTED TO DEALS, TOO! 1198 W. Main, Quartzsite! (formerly Gem World) - Across from Pilot 1270 W. MAIN ST. (ACROSS FROM MCDONALD‛S) 928-927-DEAL (3325) Quartzsite Town Council Member, Joe Winslow “behind bars” in the “Hoosegaw” Fundraiser for the AZ Centennial, Sat. Feb. 12th! Funds raised will go towards the Lasting Legacy Project! Who will be in the Hoosegaw next? Send your nominations to retail. NOW $1999 retail. retail. PSD* Lowers sugar! . retail. NOW $499 retail. NOW $499 retail. or 2/$499 Limit 6 While they last! @ Wal-Mart NOW $100 NOW $100 6/$499 The photo on page one was taken at that time. It was a mighty cold, early morning, but some stout QDF members proudly showed up with their planes for the photo shoot. Unfortunately, the day after that fl ight, Bob’s Powered Parachute was destroyed when an air- plane (Cessna 182) collided with it as it sat unoccupied off the side of an air strip west of town. Gratefully, no one was hurt in the incident. The QDF took part in the “Centennial Kickoff” with a showing of War birds in a portable shade structure donated by K&B Tools. The turnout was fantastic! The Quartzsite Desert Fliers club members range in ages from 15 to 85 and skill level from novice to expert. Most of the newer folks that have been taught to fl y have repeatedly stated how friendly and accommodating club members are. Members actively support their hobby and enjoy helping and teaching all who are interested. If a model is damaged while fl ying, there are several members who jump right in and will have the airplane back in the air as soon as the epoxy dries. The club members encourage you to stop by the fi eld and watch from the viewing stands or if you have an inter- est in fl ying model aircraft contact any one of the members at the fi eld and they will be glad to help you get started. You may even get to handle the controls of an aircraft. The club has AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) certifi ed instructors. F������� 16, 2011 Communication Volunteers Needed Desert Storm Rally, March 3 – 6, 2011 in Blythe, CA Rally headquarter out of Blythe, Ca at the Capitol Suites. We are proud to be back in the area to entertain not only the com- petitors but for the local communities in Blythe, Ehrenburg and Quartzite areas. We have over 100 stage miles for the 3 days of competition and each year we do what we can to give back to the com- munity. Not only entertainment but do- nating our time and dollars towards the Palo Verde College Automotive division for the students and to the City of Blythe Fire Dept. fundraising dinner each year donations to the city fi reworks show for the 4th of July. This year we are on Friday evening of March 4th; having a donation to the Riv- erside County City of Blythe Pet Shelter in honor of our rally furry friends who a lot of our volunteers and competitors are pet owners and love animals and our love to a pristine dessert. March 4th- Capitol Suites Desert Storm Rally BBQ in honor of our furry friends – our lovable pets who are part of our families. 5:00PM @ Capitol Suites in Blythe on Hobsonway Street in Blythe. We will be showing the competitors cars on display and having a catered BBQ from the Rebel BBQ. We might be show- ing of Subaru brand new 2011 WRX STI’s in the display as well. So come on by and enjoy some BBQ; meet the competitors and donate to a really good cause to help out the pet shelter to keep our dogs and cats healthy and we hope that all of them will become a part of a family again or for the fi rst time. We will have tables and chairs set up for you to sit and enjoy. Volunteers: If you like to volunteer to help out at This is the 8th Annual Desert Storm the motorsport event(s): If you have time over the weekend to volunteer to help out and enjoy a weekend of rally car competition; then register to help out at the competition which we are in need of more volunteers to help out. If you are a License Ham Operator needed as a stage road blockage for our communications or as stage control volunteer to help out at a start or fi nish control. Go to www. to sign up under the volunteer section. Volunteers receive: Event shirt, Free Lunch for Saturday presented by Desert Storm Rally. Meet new friends. Catered buffet on late Sunday afternoon back at the Palo Verde College and nicely priced by the students for donations that go back to the automotive division at the college. This will be the awards ceremony for the competitors and a nice sit down early dinner for the volunteers. We would love to see the Quartzite com- munity to come out and enjoy a weekend of rallying during the day and/or helping out at the event or a night of racing at the I-10 Speedway. coupon SCRAPBOOK PAPER 10/$100 FEB. 20 thru FEB. 27ONLY! with coupon only!

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