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February 16, 2011

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F������� 16, 2011  ANSWERS FROM PAGE 29 (Barbara Cowell ...con’t) We need to support those who are working towards showing Quartzsite in its best light. We need to stop the nega- tive attention and put the word out that we want the vendors and tourists. We want to have them as Ambassadors for the “true” Quartzsite. For example the sun, the fun, the camaraderie that fi rst brought them here. It is so important for the economy of our town. We also need to focus on bringing in the ame- nities that will to keep people stay- ing longer and keep their business in Quartzsite. There is nowhere else like Quartzsite. We need to get the word out through positive advertising in news- papers and magazines. 3. When I was elected I took my new position very seriously. The other coun- cil members and I have revised several Town Codes, bringing Quartzsite up to date. I have met with State and County Representatives working together on projects that will benefi t the Town of Quartzsite. I have been working with the Bureau Land Management on ATV trails and release of lands in town lim- its. I am also a 14 year member of the Quartzsite Rotary Club, where I was elected to fi ll the position of Treasurer for the last 13 years. The Rotary gives to local charities. You may have seen me at community events raising funds. 4. There will be a Master Plan for Quartzsite that benefi ts all and protects and preserves the essence of Quartzsite including all residents, property own- ers, vendors, visitors and tourism. I see a plan in place for residential, commer- cial and industrial growth. I see job and population growth for the area. I would like to see a venue for entertainers, fair grounds and community functions that will continue to attract all generations to come. ���.D�����M��������.��� 790 Mountain View Lane, Quartzsite How long at that address? 15 years Legal resident of Quartzsite? 15 years Education: College Degrees: National Registry Certifi ed Emergency Paramedic, AA Computer and Basic Electronics Employers: Quartzsite Fire District, TriState Carefl ight, Arizona Western College. I do not own any business. 1. I’m not sure if anything qualifi es a person for this job. I can say that I have been a command offi cer with an emer- gency organization for almost 10 years. In my years of service I have been in charge of many emergency scenes. My training has allowed me to stay calm and mitigate many emergencies. I will continue to approach the town council job as I have any other emer- gency or issue as I always have. I will collect as much information as I can and make the best educated decision I can make based on what I feel is the best for the town. 2. My hope has always been to open JOSE M. LIZARRAGA Council Member neighbor and friend to the people that are close to me. Even though times are very trying I try to stay positive and fo- cus on the things that really matter in my life. My Family, friends, and career, and I feel that if I do those things right I was a benefi t to my community. 4. This is so hard to answer. I would en- joy seeing a growing and thriving com- munity. So many small factors need to align for this to happen, economy, right people with the right attitudes, proper- ty. We have some of those in place now but need help. Quartzsite has grown since I arrived here and it will continue to grow after we are all gone. I believe that the best goal is that it will still be great place to be in fi ve years. 205 E Main Street, Quartzsite How long at that address? 2 years Legal resident of Quartzsite? 4 years Education: High School Graduate. Degrees: I have a degree in “been there and done that!” Life’s practical experi- ences! up more land on Main Street. The west end of Main has grown and con- tinues to do well. New projects are in the works for the east end. However in between our Main Street need to be revitalized. There is so much vacant or unused land that could be opened for business. The question is how to do it? I’m not sure if I can answer that but I will try. 3. I guess this question is open to opin- ion. I support my wife and children who I am so proud of. My wife recently became a Paramedic after years of hard work. My oldest child is active in sports and her basketball team is ranked 1st going into the state playoffs. My young- est is in very involved with her school and is on student council and attends a church group. I worked over 4000 hours last year in emergency services. I make the best attempt to be a good Desert Rose Beauty Salon MARY’S BACK! Stop in and say hi! Nails & Hair LONI IS NOW AT DESERT ROSE SALON! See Loni on Tues. Wed. & Thurs. ACRYLIC NAILS BY JO! Walk-ins Welcome! 165 E. Main (west of Main St. Laundromat) Gift Certificates Available! Mon.- Fri. 8-5 928-927-8953 JERRY LUKKASSON Council Member P��� 31 ing member of Sunsetters Investments, LLC, DBA Skyline Motel, Sunsetters RV Park, Main Street Laundromat and Main Street Eatery. 1. Managing the affairs of our town is like running a business. I have been self employed since 1978 and have em- ployed and managed over 100 people at one time. I have developed and built subdivisions and managed the water systems. I was project manager for building a golf course listed in the top 100 in the United States at one time. 2. I believe that we need to have an offi ce of tourism to shine the positive light on this town and promote our community. We need to continue with water and sewer expansion in order to increase capacities so that we can pro- vide those services to business and res- idents that would like to call Quartzsite home. 3. I have worked hard to improve the appearance and positive energy of our business here and have created jobs for people here in the community. Employer or Business: I am the manag-  SEE ANSWERS ON PAGE 33 The best little RV Park in Quartzsite! NIGHTLY • WEEKLY • MONTHLY RENTALS Al‛s RV Park Clean and comfortable On the quiet side of Quartzsite at the corner of S. Riggles Ave. and East Kuehn. Call 928-927-6715 OVERTON STORAGE “Best Storage Value In The West” We are located off the I-15 just 25 minutes from Lake Mead. Overton Boat and RV Storage is your last stop before the lake on the Overton Arm. Enjoy camping, boating, skiing, and fi shing on Lake Mead, & ATVing at Logandale Trails. These adventures and more are avail- able in the Logandale/Overton Area. Store your boat or RV with us, pick it up on your way to your next adventure. Our facility is accessed through a keypad controlled electronic gate. On-site management, clean restroom, and a compressed air/water station Call us at 702-397-8118

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