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February 16, 2011

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P��� 22 THOUGHTBUSTER.COM By Coach Louise Rouse Mad to Happiness Love lingering, love we all want and desire. Sometimes there is a cloud in the way, a cloud no one wants to talk about. We just hope these unexpressed, or overly ex- pressed feelings will go away and the sun will return. Ignoring that what is making that cloudy mood appear is our thoughts. Mad can sound harsh, but in actuality, feeling upset, in a bad mood, or depression Tools & Screws E. Kuehn Rd. Farm • Shop • Home • Industry We all want to be happy! Especially with Valentines Day still fl oating in the air. ���.D�����M��������.��� all have roots in being mad. It is noth- ing to be ashamed of because actually it is normal, as we all have felt mad at one time or another. Most of us will experience a crisis or loss in our lifetime, and how we learn to deal with it, will determine our future happiness and success. Grief - loss has so many levels of feelings F������� 16, 2011 am I mad at?” to get to the core issue. Just by taking the time to ask you will feel your body shift and become more centered. Looking outside the box is helpful in all tied into processing how did this hap- pen, why, and how do I move on. The real- ity that we cannot control our life is up- setting. We often lock that upset feeling inside, and then it leaks out in other ways. Have you ever been mad when you wake Quartzsite Marketplace Space #21 just west of Bad Boy‛s Cafe COME SEE THE BIGGEST “BOLT” IN TOWN! Located at the Gateway to Glacier National Park, Montana up in the morning and you can’t shake it off? You think you are mad at something but the truth is: we are never really mad at what we think we are. M- Misunderstandings A- Appearing in a D - Deceptive way Misunderstandings are common, some- times we just do not understand life, or people. After a while these feelings get to us, and suddenly we aren’t happy. Ironi- cally the feelings get so buried that we don’t even know what they are. So how do we discover what we are re- ally mad at? First ask yourself: “ if I am not mad at what I think am mad at what could it be?” Usually it takes a person about three conscious moments of ask- ing “if I am not mad at this, then what any problem solving. Sometimes whom we are mad at gives us clues, such as what about this person is something I do not like in me, or what does this person have that I think am lacking? Many years ago I went to training with Lester Levenson founder of “The Release Technique “ To this day I use tapping in my practice and for myself. Tapping is a profound release technique, which can be extremely helpful in changing your mood. Here is a brief introduction: Take your middle fi ngers and lightly tap on your chest. While tapping say to your- self or out loud everything that is both- ering you. Then stop take a deep breath and start tapping again saying what if what I am thinking is not true. What if everything is ok, what if all the limiting thoughts I have been thinking were to melt away and be replaced with positive infi nite possibilities. “The key to securing the happiness that is yours . . . forever . . . is to discover how to discharge the negative feelings you’ve accumulated. By discharging these nega- tive feelings, you will not only increase  SEE MAD ON PAGE 23 Sandy’s Back at Cactus Curlers FULL SERVICE HAIR CARE Along with stylists A Full Service Destination RV Park 103 Hwy. 2 East, Columbia Falls, MT 1-888-401-7268 We Are the Only RV Park Within City Limits of Columbia Falls! Sandy, Sheryl, Judy and Debbie, we are pleased to have Beth Evans and Janna Richardson formerly of Desert Rose Salon at Cactus Curlers Salon. Jo is also back for nails and pedicures. Tanning Bed Packages Available! 735 W. Cowell, Quartzsite Open Mon.-Fri. Sat. by appt. 928-927-5400

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