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February 2, 2011

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P��� 38 “Your life is the fruit of your own doing. You have no one to blame but yourself.” -Joseph Campbell D & B Leather BERTHA IS BACK! 5,000 sq. ft. upholstery 3-4 oz brown! 5 Loads Garment Leather! Belts, Buckles, Scrap Hides $3.50/lb. Two Big Locations QUARTZSITE, AZ Main St. and Tyson Wash (behind Texas BBQ) Open Nov. - mid-March 928-927-4077 BROAD ACRES SWAP MEET - LAS VEGAS, NV 2930 N. Las Vegas Blvd. (corner of Pecos) Every Sat. & Sun. Buffalo, Deer, Goat Furs New Zealand Sheep Skins, Tooling Ladigo E-mail: For Mail Order Call: 775-751-5351 cell, 702-465-5137 VALUE FREEZE Series 4 of 10 By George Nault, County Assessor In Arizona, all property is taxable un- less the constitution or the statutes exempt it. In addition to property as- sessment and classification of prop- erty, the Assessor’s responsibility is to process, monitor, approve or disap- prove the applications for claims for property tax exemptions and other tax relief programs. In previous articles our focus was on Property Tax Exemp- tion for Widows, Widowers and Dis- abled Persons. Our focus this week is on the Senior Property Valuation Pro- tection Option. In 2000, voters adopted the “SE- NIOR PROPERTY VALUATION PRO- TECTION OPTION”. This program is an income and age based benefit that freezes the Full Cash Value of a homeowner’s primary residence for a three year period after meeting cer- tain qualifications. Only the Full Cash ���.D�����M��������.��� ASSESSOR’S CORNER Value is frozen, the tax rates are not frozen and it continues to be levied at the same rate as all other properties in the taxing district. The taxpayer’s primary residence may include up to 10 acres of undeveloped appurtenant land which are subject to the provi- sions of this program. If you are interested in this option, contact our office for an application. You may qualify if you are: A perma- nent Arizona resident; Have current titled ownership of the property; At least one owner must be 65 or older. Be prepared to show proof of your age. The property you own must be your primary resident and you must have been in your residence no less than 2 years. If any part of the property is ag- ricultural, commercial, rental, or oth- er, the property does not qualify. As all other tax relief programs, income is also a qualifying factor. The guide- line for 2011 requires that you provide “Income from all sources” taxable and nontaxable of the household to the F������� 2, 2011 Assessor along with your application. Review of your total household income will be base on the following, and does not exceed: Individual $32,352.00/yr; 2 or more $40,440.00/yr. The owner of the property must renew during the last (6) six months of that period to continue the fixed value. For application and additional infor- mation, contact the La Paz County As- sessor’s office, 1112 Joshua Ave, Suite 204, Parker, AZ 85344 or call: (928) 669-6165. The application period be- gins January 1 thru February 28 of 2011. George Nault & Staff Section 6-2-9 Dogs At Large, Violation (Ord 99-07) B. It shall be unlawful for any person having ownership, possession or con- trol of a dog to allow the dog to run at large within the Town of Quartzsite. Quartzsite Leash Law The Coming ECONOMIC ARMAGEDDON What Bible Prophecy warns About the New Economy 10 Week Video Series Beginning January 22 Saturdays at 7:00pm at The Alliance Church 720 Desert Vista (nr.Kofa), Quartzsite, AZ 928-927-5332

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