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February 2, 2011

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F������� 2, 2011 ASSESSOR’S CORNER Series 3 of 10 by George Nault, County Assessor The County Assessor will be accept- ing applications during the months of January and February for all Property Tax Relief Programs. The Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Persons is our topic for today. The basics of the exemption and how to qualify depend on your residency, income, assessment value, and a Certifi cation of Disability. Applications will be available by the latter part of December, and must be returned with supporting documents by the End of February. Are you a Resident of Arizona? Are you an established Arizona resident? Our offi ce maintains confi dentiality with information provided with your application. There is a couple of ways an appli- cant can qualify for this exemption. Obtain a Certifi cation of Disability form and have completed by the ex- amining Physician or Psychiatrist to be certifi ed as 100% totally and per- manently disabled, either physically or mentally, resulting in that person’s inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity. Or, if not a permanent disability, is the disability expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months. To qualify for the Property Tax Ex- emption, the total of the Assessed Value of all real and personal property owned in the State of Arizona cannot exceed set limits. The State has set a limitation of the amount of properties you can own, by limiting the assess- ment of all properties. Property own- ership is a requirement for any prop- erty to be exempted from taxation if you qualify. If there are multiple own- erships on the property record, the amount of exemption will be applied to the applicants undivided interest. There is an income guideline on the amount of taxable income a household is allowed to make. This means every- one that has income; that lives in your home, must report their income to the Assessor. The amounts of taxable income vary depending whether chil- dren reside in the household or not. For example: If children under the age of 18 reside with you, or a disabled child over 18 resides with you, then the amount you are able to make in taxable income is $34,884.00 (2011) but not to exceed that amount. If you have no children in the household, then the taxable income cannot exceed $29,071.00 (2011). There’s a bonus if you qualify, the ex- cess or left over exemption may be applied to the Vehicle License Tax of your vehicles. But, you must be a ti- tled owner of the vehicle and it must be registered in the State of Arizona. It doesn’t matter if there are one or more owners on title. Here, again, it will be only your interest that will be exempted from taxation. During the Property Tax Exemption application period, my staff will be in the Bouse, Quartzsite, Wenden, Sa- lome, and Ehrenberg locations. Watch out for the Date, Time, and Location in your local paper, media, cable chan- nel, etc. For additional information contact: La Paz County Assessor, 1112 Joshua Ave, Suite 204, Parker, Arizo- na 85344, Phone: 928-669-6165. George Nault & Staff Deadline for FEB. 16th issue of the Desert Messenger is WED. FEB. 9TH Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 NO GIMMICKS! Just Great Food! 60 W. Main Street, Quartzsite (next to the Post Office) Gift Shop & Restaurant 928-927-4000 OPEN 7 am to 2 pm BREAKFAST & LUNCH Dr. Michael Cole, D.C. Providing Chiropractic care to Quartzsite! ���.D�����M��������.��� Quartzsite receives global exposure Worldwide media organizations were in town this past week fi lming the phe- nomenon known as Quartzsite. Crews from ARD German TV, The Los Ange- les Times, Chinese TV Voice of America, and BBC World Service were all busy interviewing residents and visitors. ARD (Association of Public Broadcast- ing Corporations in the Federal Re- public of Germany) consists of nine in- dependent broadcasting corporations under state law. Their joint task, by law, is to provide radio and television to the public in the Federal Republic of Germany. Crews were seeking people wishing to share their RV lifestyle. BBC World Service broadcasts to the world on radio, on TV and online, providing news and information in 32 JD’s Custom Wood Signs Gold Chain by the Inch Come see us at Tyson Wells • Space 20 Judy & Dennis Meyer 208-890-5109 • 208-861-6408 P��� 31 languages. BBC was reseaching the RV lifestyle for a future documentary special based on the book “American Nomads” by Richard Grant. Voice of America is the United State’s non-commercial international net- work, currently broadcasting in 44 languages by radio, TV and Internet to a global audience of over 100 mil- lion. The Los Angeles Times is a leading source of news on Southern Califor- nia, entertainment, movies, televi- sion, music, politics, business, health, technology. All this exposure will benefi t Quartz- site for the future! QIA MARK PHILLIPS & THE 3RD GENERATION Fri. Feb. 11th • 7pm $5 donation. Traditional Bluegrass and Bluegrass Gospel 928-927-6325 235 E. Ironwood St., Quartzsite Chiropractic $ Adjustments Quartzsite 25 FRI. • 9am-1pm, 2:30-5pm SAT. • 9-11am Dr. Michael Cole, D.C. Chiropractic Care 225 N. Central Suite #7 Quartzsite For more information call: 928-533-4588

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