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January 5, 2011

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J������ 5, 2011 ���.D�����M��������.��� STRANGE BUT TRUE by Barbara Lee Perceptions Astrological © 2010 Barbara Lee Aries: March 21 to April 19- “I AM”. This Winter you begin a new cycle of learning where your beliefs are very apparent by your creations. If you do not like what is going on in your life then change your focus and create something different. Taurus: April 20 to May 20- “I Have” The key to your success this Winter will be in your clarity to communicate your point of view. Your ability to focus on your career will carve new groves of expansion on your path to wealth. Gemini: May 21 to June 20- “I Think” You are at ground zero, the past is gone and the future is about to begin. This is the time to get clear about what you want to create for your life. The choice is yours and yours alone. Do you want anger, distrust and contrac- tion, or would you prefer love, trust and expansion? Cancer: June 21 to July 22- “I Feel” You like where you are so much that you are not ready or willing for the next step to begin. Give it another month to tie up loose ends and all channels will be open. All the pieces of the puzzle will naturally shift to fit together and then you will be ready. Leo: July 23 to August 22- “I Will”. This is your turn for the lime light; en- joy it while it lasts because the energy is ripe for great success. Take advan- tage while the opportunity is ready to be accessed. You have the gift of cre- ative expression, speak your truth and shine your light! Virgo: August 23 to Sept. 22- “I Analyze” Your finances are up for reconstruc- tion. The skills you have, need to be utilized in a different fashion. Talk to your employer to see if there is some- thing else you can learn, you run the risk of getting bored and they run the risk of loosing you. Libra: Sept. 23 to Oct. 22/23- “I Balance” Communication and travel are what is up for you now. Its time to schedule that Caribbean Cruise or something equal to it. So if getting out of town doesn’t work for you right now then take a class that you have been wanting to take so you can feel more fulfilled. Scorpio: Oct. 23 to Nov. 21/22- “I Transform” Enough is enough, you don’t have to take it anymore. Unplug from being a victim and empower yourself with strength, vitality, and the ability to choose for yourself. You can do any- thing you want if you put your mind to it. Sagittarius: Nov. 22 to Dec. 21- “I Perceive” Now is the time to follow your impuls- es about clearing out all the old energy in your life, from yard sales to winter purging. Get rid of the clutter, and watch the money flow towards you. Say good-bye to old emotional garbage as well. Capricorn: Dec. 22 to Jan. 19- “I Use” Take time to tune into the unseen en- ergies in your life. You have the oppor- tunity to heal your inner child through a once in a life time opportunity to utilize your creative capabilities. Em- brace this time to grow into the person you want to become. Aquarius: Jan. 20 to Feb. 19- “I Know” Your one on one relationship is the focus this Winter. This relationship is the groundwork for some important personal growth for both of you. Now is the time to pursue your goals for work and self empowerment. All the Universe is asking of you is to get clear with what you want to create. Pisces:Feb. 19 to March 22- “I Believe” You are extremely sensitive lately, and high strung, as well as jumping to con- clusions. Your emotional needs have not been getting met. It is a good time to reevaluate what is working com- pared to what is not working in your life and act accordingly. she is a Clairvoyant, Tarot Reader, a professional Astrologer, Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexologist and a Licensed Massage Practitioner (WA state License and Nationally certified), and works with a Chiropractor. Barbara has been writing Horoscope columns since 1994 and does psychic phone consultations for people from all over the world, and can read your Akashic records. She has also appeared on National Television and has had her own Radio show. She is in Private practice and enjoys helping people with her body mind spirit therapies. She teaches Reiki all over the northwest with her husband Charles DeLorenzo. To contact Barbara for an appointment visit the website, P.O.BOX 3427 Post Falls ID 83877, or call 208- 773-7822. Email: Barbara Lee has studied metaphysics since 1974, By Samantha Weaver It was American author, social critic, economist and political commentator Thomas Sowell who made the follow- ing sage observation: “Much of the so- cial history of the Western world over the past three decades has involved re- placing what worked with what sound- ed good.” Visiting the longest chain of mountains on Earth requires some rather special arrangements -- aquatic ones, to be precise. The 10,000-mile-long Mid-At- lantic Ridge, as its name indicates, is lo- cated on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The only parts of the chain above water are a few volcanic islands, including Iceland and the Azores. won’t be surprised to learn that they live in the state with the most instanc- es of lightning every year. Those who live in Florida probably P��� 45 Glass was a member of both the cab driver’s union and the steelworkers’ union before he became enough of a success in his chosen field to become a member of the musicians’ union. (c) 2010 King Features Synd., Inc. DAY NIGHT SHADES REPAIRED 3 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE Local Resident • FREE Estimates Larry - cell 928-273-3719 If you travel to Alaska, you can go to the North Pole -- the town of North Pole, that is. It’s not the real deal, though. The town is actually 1,700 miles south of Earth’s geographic North Pole. Famed American composer Philip WANT A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE? GOT YOU COVERED! Readers spend an average of WE’VE 45 minutes reading an issue of their local newspaper. We’re a portable companion for people on the go. Let loose your inhibitions and advertise. (We wipe away the competition) Desert Messenger, Quartzsite’s FREE Community Paper since 2004 • • 541-218-2560 Source: 2008 National Newspaper Association Readership Survey

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