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February 6, 2013

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February 6, 2013 Page 40 ROCK ART 4th Rockin' in Quartzsite! MAP A Celebration of the Arts! Ed Options Charter School 4 We invite you to take a Self-Guilded Tour of Quartzsite's Public Art Event, "Rockin' in Quartzsite! A Celebration of the Arts!" These one-of-a-kind Rock Art Pieces will be on display throughout the winter season, until the Rock Auction on March 2, 2013 Q-Town Cafe 1240 Acacia 623-606-0053 Artist: QES Students Title: "When the Darkness Falls" Desert Gardens RV Park Sponsored by Dennis Kuehl 10 1250 W. Main 928-927-6381 Artist: Vera Barrett Title: "Moody Canyon" Hardies Bead & Jewelry Sponsored by 8 465 N. Plymouth, 928-927-4333 Artist: Carol Brainerd Roland Title: "Friends" Town of Quartzsite Sponsored by 6 Antique Alley Sponsored by 3 Sponsored by 2 Sponsored by Mark Orgeron 1 Sponsored by Tyson Wells Showgrounds Tyson Wells Showgrounds 543 W. Main. 360-951-3866 Artist: PJ Bettmann Title: "Prickly Situation" 2 5 14 1099 W. Main St. 928-927-8600 Artist: Carolyn Nelson Title: "What?" 15 9 6 7 205 E. Coyote 928-210-2454 Artist: Jessie "Ray Ray" Koontz Title: "Primitive Paradise" Self Guided 11 16 13 12 Vote for your favorite Rock Art at each location! 4 TOUR MAP 8 3 10 1 121 W. Kuehn 928-927-6364 Artist: George Wonenberg Title: "Under His Wings" 5 Sponsored by Mark Orgeron Ed Options Charter School 205 E. Coyote 928-210-2454 Artist:Nan Burrows Title: "Arizona Blossoms" 7 Sponsored by Town of Quartzsite 465 N. Plymouth, 928-927-4333 Artist: Jo Stoltz Title: "Anna's Place" 9 Sponsored by Town of Quartzsite 465 N. Plymouth, 928-927-4333 Artist: Carolyn Nelson Title: "Life is Good" 13 14 Sponsored by Quartzsite Senior Apts. & 12 Sponsored by 11 Sponsored by Mark Orgeron SAVE THE DATE: Sat. March 2, 2013 © Copyright 2012-/2013 Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite for the Famous ROCK AUCTION Las Casas de Quartzsite 1615/1617 E. Quail Trail 928-927-4410 Artist: Peggy Miller Title: "Arizona Window" Mountain Quail Cafe Arizona Western College Sponsored by 695 N. Kofa 928-927-8299 Artist: Mark Goldberg Title: "Desert Lady" VFW Post 769 120 S.Palo Verde 928-927-7697 Artist: Linda Ward Title: "Host Tree" Quartzsite Elementary School 930 W. Quail Trail Ave. 928-927-3739 Artist: QES Students Title: "Quartzsite Cactus" 16 Sponsored by 15 Sponsored by 490 N. Moon Mt., 928-927-8890 Artist: PJ Bettmann Title: "Majestic Arizona" Horizon Community Bank 225 N. Central. 928-927-7660 Artist: Mark Goldberg Title: "Banded Gecko" Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, PO Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 • 541-218-2560 • Email:

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