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February 6, 2013

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Page 28 ELDER FROM PAGE 3 offended that the BLM approved Genesis before holding "nation-to-nation" consultations with them. Mr. Figueroa and his organization strongly support the resolution which demands halting the use of the fasttrack process for renewable energy projects and to conduct meaningful consultations with CRIT and other affected tribes. "We are against solar projects that threaten our pristine deserts," said Mr. Figueroa, "including the Quartzsite Solar tower" project planned about 10 miles north of Quartzsite. Mr. Figueroa said, "We have an MOU [Memorandum of Understanding] with the BLM to be guardians of these sacred sites that begin in Spirit Mountain [North of Laughlin, NV] and are centered in the Palo Verde/ Parker Valleys, down to the Gulf of California [South]. These sites include the world famous Blythe Giant Intaglios, Kokopilli, Cicimitl, EI Tosco, and Bouse Fisherman Geoglyphs [between Quartzsite and Bouseas well as over 300 other geoglyphs [Intaglios], thousands of petroglyphs, hundreds of pictographs and mountain images." In a recent report, "Saving Fast Track: Alternative Energy Futures at Stake" authors James A. Kent and John Ryan underscore that a major focus on new projects should be ensuring "tribes have some reasonable prospect of emerging with their ancestral lands and spiritual life intact." According to Indian Country Today, "The report concludes that the fasttrack procedure's objective became a speedy approval, 'and maintaining the relationships with tribal members became secondary.'" "To best address this crisis from expanding, the tribal way of life has to be recognized and integrated into the decision-making arena," Kent and Ryan stated. "When new projects are planned anywhere near tribal land, the affected tribes must be engaged in the initial project planning phases so future issues can be avoided." Mr. Figueroa and members of La Cuna de Aztlan plan to attend the Fort Mojave Indian Tribes Ward Valley 15th Annual Spiritual Gathering on Sunday February 10th, 20 miles west of Needles, Calif. In 1998, a historic 113-day occupation of the proposed dumpsite by the Five River Tribes (Fort Mojave, Chemehuevi, Quechan, Cocopah, and Colorado River Indian Tribes) along with environmental activist were assembled at the site to fight and stop the proposed Ward Valley nuclear waste dump. The 113-day occupation prevented federal police from entering the site as well as prevented the test drilling for the dump that would have desecrated the sacred land of Ward Valley. The occupation ended in victory when the U.S. Department of the Interior rescinded the eviction notice and cancelled test drilling. On November 2, 1999, the Interior Department terminated all actions regarding the Ward Valley dump proposal, which officially ended the extensive conflict. The GRANDPAS & GRANDMAS Now Appearing for your Entertainment FEB. 9 SAT Holiday Palms, Show Shows start at 7pm LETTERS FROM PAGE 23 Persecution of QPD Chief? How Much Persecution Can One Man Take? The last council meeting had two executive sessions on QPD Chief Gilbert's contract. In ARS 38-431.03(A.1. on Executive Sessions): "The public body shall provide the officer, appointee or employee with written notice of the executive session as is appropriate but not less than twenty-four hours for the officer, appointee or employee to determine whether the discussion or consideration should occur at a public meeting." Like last year, this was done while Chief was out of town and without notification. People are saying Interim Town Manager Laura Bruno is trying to fire Chief Gilbert and working hard to convince the Council. How did that work out for Alex Taft? Chief Gilbert has been cleared of wrong doing repeatedly. At the Special Council Meeting 2-42013 at 2 PM, the second agenda item is to authorize Interim Town Manager to notify Chief Gilbert his contract will not be extended. That's very strange since Chief Gilbert is under the Council NOT the Interim Town Manager. What's next on Ms. Bruno's itinerary, firing Chief Gilbert? If Chief Gilbert is terminated, the town would have to pay a year's salary (severance) as they wouldn't prevail in firing him "with cause", since he has already been cleared of every charge they could possibly dream up. Do Ms. Bruno and the Council think the citizens are going to stand for paying Chief Gilbert's salary plus paying a new chief's salary too? This is not Sacramento! Does the Council really want this for Chief Gilbert after serving Quartzsite longer than any other Chief and keeping Quartzsite so safe? We'll see on 2-4-2013 if Chief Gilbert's good friends on the Council are willing to side with Ms. Bruno and stab him in the back. Shame on them if they do! I'd lose all respect for them. Dr. Ronald Jones, very disappointed with Bruno and the Council Read MESSENGER Desert ONLINE @ February 6, 2013 Desert Gardens Rumor Control Information from Desert Gardens Holdings, LLC - General Manager It has been brought to my attention that based on the improvements to the Show Grounds vendor space rental fee will be raised and that the Gems, Rocks and Minerals Show are not going well. The facts are as follows: a. The property improvements were completed to provide better facilities for the vendors, visitors and to enhance the appearance of Desert Gardens and the Community. b. I do not intend to increase the space rental fees during the season. c. The current vendor space rental fee is $440.00 per month plus electricity during prime time and $225.00 per month before and after the show. d. A contract option is being added – the space rental fee for a 5 month period (November 1st – the last day in February) will be $1500.00 ($300.00 per month) plus electricity. Those who accept this option will be locked in for two additional seasons. Also, the last week of October will be for set-up at no charge to the vendor. e. According to the many vendors I have spoken with, the show is going quite well, they are making sales and they are very pleased. Should there be any questions regarding Desert Gardens Holdings please contact me at 623 606-0053. Dennis Kuehl – General Manager "The best way to stop a rumor is to not repeat it". Domestic Violence points Points to ponder on Domestic Violence Jealousy and Possessiveness My way or…? Emotional Abuse Isolation Belittling comments Intimidation and Insults Coercion and Threats Minimizing and Denying Blaming the "other person" It's YOUR fault Using friends as hostages Economic Abuse Screaming This happens to men and women. Both can be very cruel. Is this how you want to live your life? Hannah Waite, Quartzsite

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