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September 13, 2016

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26 SEPTEMBER 14-20, 2016 Best of Fayetteville Best Lunch/ Best Business Lunch Blue Moon Cafe 310 Hay Street 910.860.4700 or https://www.facebook.com/Blue- Moon-Cafe-100873489956761/ The Blue Moon Café in downtown Fayetteville specializes in relaxed but sophisticated fare. The patio offers outdoor seating in the heart of downtown. Enjoying a prosciutto and fig crostini with one of the many fantastic beers that Blue Moon Café offers is only improved when surrounded by beautiful historic Fayetteville. The menu features ever-changing seasonal dishes, as well as exciting interpretations of familiar favorites. For example, Robin's BLT is a sourdough sandwich with bacon, tomato, spinach, goat cheese and brie. The beer menu features a large selection of Belgians, wheat, lagers, ales, porters and seasonal brews, including craft favorites like Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale. The wine list features a variety such as 14 Hands Riesling and Deep Tamari Malbec. The dessert menu even features a beer float pairing Guinness with a vanilla bean ice cream. Blue Moon Café is welcoming, warm and creative. It is a perfect place to share a beautiful day and a beer with friends. Best Appetizers/Best Sports Bar/ Best Hamburgers Bubba's 33 500 Westwood Shopping Center 910.223.2601 or https://bubbas33.com Bubba's 33 is named after the founder and CEO Kent Taylor. He earned the nickname "Bubba" because he has a reputation of treating everyone like family. The 33 of the name comes from 1933 — the end of prohibition, which for many pointed to a great future. Thirty-three also comes into play in the design of the restaurant. There are three separate areas to suit every occasion. There is a family dining section, a garage bar and a dining area with a bar. Wherever you sit, you can rest assured that the quality of food and service is the same. The pizzas are stone baked. The meat is ground in house and the buns are baked from scratch. The walls are lined with TVs, sports jerseys and neon lights to accompany the made-from-scratch food with fun, local flare. In fact, there are 65 giant HDTVs and only 59 tables. Best Deli New Deli 2153 Valleygate Drive, #1/225 Green Street 910.223.3082/ 910.483.5416 or www.mynewdeli.com/home.aspx New Deli is a crisp and clean restaurant that offers a huge variety of lunch entrees. As with a traditional deli, the majority of the menu is focused on sandwiches. However, unlike the average deli, the choices are varied and inventive. There are cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, grilled cheeses, pizzas, fresh- baked quiche and salads. One of the most innovative hot sandwich options is the sweet hottie. The Bear Claw is a warm sandwich stuffed full of peanut butter, grape jelly, honey, crushed almonds and white chocolate. Another amazing option New Deli offers is dessert apples. Granny Smith apples are dipped in melted caramel and are then rolled in a variety of candy options. The Almond Joy dessert apple features an apple dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in coconut and almonds. A to-die-for treat is the Reese's white chocolate apple. Whatever flavor you crave, they will keep you coming back time and again. Sure, you will eat a healthy lunch, but you can then indulge in a sinful delight! Best Health Food Store The Apple Crate 2711 Raeford Road/5430 Camden Road 910.426.7777/910.423.8800 or www.applecratenc.com Now with two locations, the Apple Crate brings all-natural products to the community. In order to accommodate as many lifestyles and needs as possible, the Apple Crate offers a staggering variety of products, such as organic vegetarian/vegan, gluten-free, whole grain, energy-enhancing and allergy-sensitive foods. These foodstuffs are offered as frozen, shelf-stable, fresh and specialty foods. The Apple Crate also has a grind your-own-peanut butter station with three kinds of nuts. And because everyone enjoys a guilty pleasure, the Apple Crate also has "healthy junk food" like kettle cooked potato chips, coconut-based ice cream and organic chocolate bars. The store also carries probiotics, cleanses, energy shakes, vitamins and all manner of health and beauty products. This includes sun-blocks, hair dyes and bug sprays. Availability is no reason to compromise on health; the Apple Crate makes sure to make healthy and tasty options available. The staff is also well versed in the benefits of all products and excited to help anyone curious about healthier alternatives. Best German Restaurant Max & Moritz Bakery and Restaurant 5945 Cliffdale Road 910.826.8400 Max & Moritz is a small family-owned restaurant that has offered authentic German cuisine in Fayetteville for eight years. The recipes were handed down from the owner's mother who currently resides in Germany. With care and attention, the recipes are used to create classic German fare like the Jaeger schnitzel plate. This plate features two fried and breaded pork loins with mushroom gravy, German potato salad, romaine lettuce and German salad dressing. All of the food is made fresh from scratch. The owner's daughter, Nadine Dobeneck, also contributes to the bakery with delicious desserts. She bakes German cakes and cookies from scratch. Max & Moritz is welcoming, the service is quick and friendly and the food is authentically German. There is no better place in Fayetteville to get a taste of Germany. Best Indian Restaurant Bombay Bistro 5945 Cliffdale Road 910.487.0020 or http:// openmenu.com/restaurant/ a39e6790-63fc-11e1-80ac- 00163eeae34c Indian Food is known for its bold flavors. It is colorful, flavorful and a celebration of spices. There is truly no cuisine like it. Bombay Bistro offers authentic Indian cuisine for the familiar and the adventurous. Offering familiar dishes like curry and incredibly authentic dishes like Lamb Korma and Shrimp Jalfriezie, the restaurant is also an excellent choice for vegetarian cuisine. It can be difficult to find flavorful non-salad options, but in Indian cuisine, the vegetarian options are all painstakingly prepared and expertly spiced as with every other entrée. For those unfamiliar with Indian food, the friendly and knowledgeable staff is always happy to offer suggestions and explanations of the menu. Drinks include classics like Masala Chai and rose milk. Desserts include Gulab Jamun, which is comprised of spongy milk spheres in sweet syrup and Lapsi, a cracked wheat cooked in butter, milk and sugar. A visit to Bombay Bistro is an exciting culinary trip to the other side of the globe. WINE & DINE WINE & DINE blue moon C A F É

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