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January 19, 2011

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P��� 6 DEADLINE FOR THE FEB. 2ND ISSUE IS WED. JAN. 26TH! 541-218-2560 Altamont Beads NOW OPEN! (formerly Donna Dae’s behind the Post Office) Delicas • Crystal Beads Japanese Seed Beads Open Mon-Sat 9-5 63 W. Cowell • Quartzsite, AZ • 916-768-9877 ���.D�����M��������.���  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 SPREAD THE GOOD WORD I have had the pleasure of speaking with a number of vendors and winter visitors that frequent my business. One of the things that I hear quite often is that the town is trying to run the vendors out…Rather than try to defend the town, I have decided to just say, “really, ‘how?’” I have yet to get a factual answer. But what I have determined is this: Those of us who live in Quartzsite and call it home don’t get out much. The winter visitors and vendors are the ambassadors for this great town. You have the opportunity to get out and share with people all over the nation. You complain that things are slowing down here and the people are not coming to Quartzsite. With all the negative rumors, blogspots, and misrepresentation of this town what can one expect. This behavior is biting the hand that feeds you. If you want the people to come, you must shine the light on all the good things this town has to offer. Support the positive efforts and let U.S. POSTAL (SERVICE)?????? As snowbirds we have mail forwarded once or twice during the 5 months or so that we are in the U.S. using courier services. We don’t use the U.S.P.S. as we find it inconvenient. A person forwarding mail to us, which contained time sensitive documents, erred and was sent via Registered Mail c/o a business street address. After being notified, we immediately notified the business of the error and were told the mail would be returned due to using street address instead of the PO Box number. We were also advised that this has happened in the past, even though they’ve been in business for 14 years. I immediately went to the post office to explain the circumstances, i.e. time sensitive documents,etc. I was informed that it wouldn’t matter as the mail would be returned to the sender as a street address was used even though the post office knows that the business has a box number. Obviously there must be problems those who spread the negative image know that you will not tolerate this. This will bring the people here which in turn creates opportunities for all of us. Michelle Lukkasson Main Street Laundromat and Eatery 425 N. Central (Hwy. 95) OPEN 7 DAYS/WEEK 7:30am PROPANE OPD Valves Custom Hoses Recertification Refills Tanks WATER R/O Ozone Water RV Potable Water R/O ICE R/O WATER 5 GAL/ $1 RV DUMP RV PARK with full hookups 928-927-3714 D & B Leather BERTHA IS BACK! 5,000 sq. ft. upholstery 3-4 oz brown! 5 Loads Garment Leather! Belts, Buckles, Scrap Hides $3.50/lb. Two Big Locations QUARTZSITE, AZ Main St. and Tyson Wash (behind Texas BBQ) Open Nov. - mid-March 928-927-4077 BROAD ACRES SWAP MEET - LAS VEGAS, NV 2930 N. Las Vegas Blvd. (corner of Pecos) Every Sat. & Sun. Buffalo, Deer, Goat Furs New Zealand Sheep Skins, Tooling Ladigo E-mail: For Mail Order Call: 775-751-5351 cell, 702-465-5137 TEXAS BBQ IS BACK!!! with Dave, Barb & the Gang! 205 W. Main St. 928-927-4077 Dine in or Take Out! SKYHAWK 2011 Schedule Country Music and MORE! Sat. Jan. 22 Arizona Sun Sat. Jan. 29 Holiday Palms Sat. Feb. 12 ATV Parade/ Centennial Kickoff-noon For more info call Sonja 928-927-9296 Sat. Feb. 12 Holiday Palms Sat. Feb. 19 Arizona Sun Sat. Feb. 26 Chili Cookoff Sat. Feb. 26 J.R.’s RV Park Tue. Mar. 8 Rock Club (QIA) Sat. Mar. 12 Arizona Sun All shows start at 7pm with the service as I have read a least two other letters in the paper and have heard other complaints from other people. We’ve lived in Canadian communities of like size to Quartzsite and on occasion have had mail sent to us at an incorrect address/town but with a correct postal code and have received the mail because postal workers J������ 19, 2011 placed it in the correct box. We’ve had mail sent to incorrect box numbers and it gets into the correct box. This is SERVICE or is it service above and beyond? The time sensitive mail that was sent back has still not been recieved by the person forwarding it or by their post office and the deadline has now expired on the documents. I am sorry that I have inconvenienced the U.S. Postal Service and in the future will double my efforts to prevent this from occurring again. Is it any wonder that courier services have proliferated in competition to the Postal Service? Keep up the good work Postal Service as I am sure that, silently, a courier service is thanking you Ken Dressell BLM LTVA, Quartzsite NEGATIVE STORIES? I read with disappointment what various people say about other people’s articles. Yes, there are lots of negative stories. BUT the first question one should ask is: IS IT TRUE!? If you believe it’s false, then supply the correction. If it IS true, well, deal with it, correct the problem, not slam the story. Unfortunately, media, whether print, radio, or video, dwells on the negative. That’s what sells. One can find very few stories that are just good and HONEST news. This town fights dirty, real dirty. Years ago, when one paper posted verified negative stories, the other responded with a slam of the writer, not a correction, or an explanation of the article. We don’t want to hear, read, or see such. That’s a waste of our time, ink & paper. If you are a public elected official, you have no secrets. If you are a  SEE LETTERS ON PAGE 7 JANUARY SCHEDULE a r Fri. Jan. 21 Senior Center - dance Tue. Jan. 25 Gold Star - show Fri. Jan. 28 Dance location changed to Split Rail RV Park due to Senior Center preempting dance with an Art Show. All events start at 7pm • $3 @ the door for more information, call Jan 208-660-4939 s T h l e T v e e r

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