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January 19, 2011

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P��� 16  LETTERS FROM PAGE 7 eliminate the CASI rules and make it strictly people’s choice for judging. The event is also being moved from Tyson Wells to our town park. We will have live music, vendors and a beer garden as well. All proceeds from the event will go towards Quartzsite’s Lasting Legacy Project. The Centennial Committee is looking forward to this challenge and only hope that we can do half the job that the Business Chamber has done in the past. Thank you Tony, Cee and Joann, and all your volunteers, not ���.D�����M��������.��� just for your assistance with this event but for all of the time and energy you give to both the Chamber and to the community. Monica Timberlake Event Coordinator AZ Centennial Committee of Quartzsite MISUNDERSTANDINGS & CONGRATULATIONS! At a Town Council Special Meeting on Jan. 14, 2011, I was amazed at the comments of two very negative activists trying to UN-incorporate the Town of Quartzsite. They, Michael Roth and Jade Jones, claim to have Quartzsite in their best interests. How? They RV Day/Night SHADE REPAIR Remove/Restring/Reinstall Mobile Service • Affordable Pricing! Discount for multiple blinds! 7 years experience Are your blinds too tight or too loose? We can adjust! AZ Lic. #1622 714-916-1702 DOGGIE DENTAL Non-Anesthesia Teeth Cleaning For Dogs and Cats… At the Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama! January 20-30, 2011 Row S- Space 24 *Ask for the Show Special Price* Stop by or Call For Appointment! Before AFTER • Safe • Gentle • Experienced • Affordable 951-232-9463 760-877-5813 wrongly twist words and write thinly disguised blogs trying to discredit the Council who has tirelessly done a good, diffi cult job. They say Quartzsite is bankrupt. How? Quartzsite’s budget was balanced these last 2 years. Not bad, actually GREAT, considering 46 states out of the 50 (including Arizona) are severely defi cit. Do we have debts? Of course, but all payments are being made, on time, appropriately. At Call to the Public, Roth asked, “Why can’t I ask a question? Isn’t this America?” After the meeting, Roth and Jade shot their cameras in my face and Roth asked, “Is this America?” I mentioned that this was a Town Business Meeting and that there is a monthly Town Hall Meeting where he could ask questions. Again, Roth asks, “Is this America?” I walked away knowing the uselessness of continuing. Jade chimed in, “Let me answer that, Michael.” Subtle. Of course, this is America. Rules, laws and ordinances exist so governmental bodies can do business orderly. I do not know how many times one repeats: this is a Town Business Meeting NOT a Town Hall Meeting. Since this was a Business Meeting (not a Town Hall Meeting), the Agenda clearly states on Agenda items that they are not open for public discussion. If one wants to ask questions, then go to Town Hall Meetings, there is one every month, simple. Congratulations to the members of Proud Year-round Quartzsite Resident and Business Owner Violet Kiss J������ 19, 2011 APOLOGY First off I would like to apologize for my outburst at the Coffee with Cops on January 5th. I’m sorry, but the person I was directing my comments to, just seems to bring out the worst in every- one she comes in contact with. Jen- nifer Jade Harris Jones is running for Town Council. Do we really need that kind of candidate? It seems she hates this community so bad, that all she can do is fi nd the negative half truths. If someone says something, she only prints or says what fi ts her agenda. She spouts the constitution articles as if she really understands their true meaning. She bends everything to fi t her ideas. I have not heard her say one good thing about this town, one that I’ve chosen to make my FULL time home. This winter is my tenth year in the “new” Vendor, Swap Meets/RV Parks Municipal Board: Douglas True, John “Skip” Gallup, Cecile Carnevale, Daniel Duke, and Randie Farish! Quartzsite. I love Quartzsite and in- tend to stay here! She keeps saying that she does live here all year. Then, why did the council meetings go so smooth this summer? A lot of town business moved forward because there were no threats of law suits, or babbling about what is legal and illegal. I did not see her in line this summer when the community of Quartzsite lost power for thirteen hours, and the rest of the town was at the Shell station waiting for dry ice. I did not see her at the 4th of July celebration we had in our town park. I did not even see her at our fi rst Quartzsite Country Bash in October. If she cares about our town, why doesn’t she participate as part of the town? Thank you, Patty Patton Quartzsite Main Street Trading Post INDIAN ARTIFACTS & JEWELRY Rocky Watson will be playing Fri & Sat. • noon-4pm at the Food Court. Come see the World’s Largest Belt Buckle! Sterling Silver Jewelry 50% OFF! NEW! Rough Rock & Slabs! Beads Findings Horse Hair Pottery 1170 W. Main (across from Pilot) PO Box 4028, Quartzsite, AZ 85346 928-927-3200 Huge Selection! INFANT THRU ADULT

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