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March 2021

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Cut the photographs out of two or more pages of the newspaper. Lay the pages without photos flat on the floor. Have your child try to replace the photos by matching the sizes and shapes of the photos to the empty spaces left behind. With your child, look through the newspaper to find pictures of things that start with the same sound as the letter A in achoo, apple and ant. Point to the number 7 in the newspaper. Have your child say the number and, if it's large enough, have your child trace the number. Help your child identify the short A sound in words with a silly game. Read words from the newspaper to your child. When you read a word with a short A sound in it, tell your child to say, "Aa-choo!" Tell your child that is the sound called "short A!" Listen and Sneeze Pictures Back Animals, Animals Math Play Letter Identification On one page of the newspaper search for an uppercase letter A and a lowercase letter a. Draw a line to connect the two. Can you find more uppercase and lowercase A-a pairs? Big A, Little a Cut out the letters A and T from the headlines. Then cut out the letters H, P, C and S. Show your child how you can spell the words HAT, PAT, CAT and SAT simply by changing the first letter in front of the AT. Have AT It Look through the newspaper for pictures of animals. Put them into groups such as birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. When the ant sneezed, Almost nobody knew. But the antelope sneezed With a loud AAH-CHOOO! A is for Achoo! a is for achoo Learning Buddies: Read the two phrases aloud. Have your child read with you. Trace the uppercase and lowercase letter A. Say the letter as you trace it. Learning Buddies: Trace and say the number. Read the questions. Touch and count to find the answers. How many ? How many ? ants anchors Andy sneezed and upset his cart. Draw a line from each piece of fruit to the box where it belongs. Which box will have the most fruit in it? How many words or pictures can you find on this page that start with the A sound like the word achoo? 34 © Vicki Whiting March 2021 Official Kids Mag

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