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March 2021

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30 Add up the coins on each path that leads to the Leprechaun piggy bank. Which path has the most gold coins? Standards Link: Investigation: Find similarities and differences in common objects; identify matching attributes. We make shoes for the fairies. Silly fairies wear out their shoes quickly because they dance all night. We are always busy making new shoes for them. They pay us with gold. Lots of gold! Leprechaun's shoe shelf has toppled. Can you match the pairs of fairy shoes? By selling fairy shoes, Lily Leprechaun has earned a lot of golden lepre-coins (that's Leprechaun money). Work with a parent and help Lily count her money. You'll need a RED, BLUE and GREEN crayon to circle the coins that add up to each amount. IMPORTANT: You can only circle each coin once, and when you're done, every coin should be circled. Circle in BLUE: $1.30 worth of Lepre-coins Circle in RED: 55¢ worth of Lepre-coins Circle in GREEN: 40¢ worth of Lepre-coins How many shamrocks can you nd on this page? © Vicki Whiting March 2021 Official Kids Mag

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