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March 2021

Official Kids Mag is specifically written for kids ages 5 to 12. It contains activities and stories ranging from kid heroes, cooking, gardening, STEAM, education, fun facts and much more every month.

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23 How many dierences can you nd? While the male red-winged blackbirds stand out with their brilliant coloring, the females are colored brown to blend in with the grasses and cattails of the marshy areas and streams where they like to nest. Standards Links: Life Science: Living organisms have body systems that serve specific functions in growth, survival and reproduction. W h a t ? ! Y o u ' r e bor e d ? ! Official Kids Mag advice on what to do when you're bored. ead a book! Check out a book from the library and get started on a new adventure. © Vicki Whiting March 2021 Official Kids Mag

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