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December 16, 2012

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Page 6 With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt Nature's Nuggets BUYS & SELLS GOLD LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 Renaissance for Quartzsite? What's happening to Quartzsite? Have you noticed anything different this year? Where is everyone? What is happening? It would appear our patch of Heaven is dying a slow death. Can this be stopped? Can Quartzsite be saved? If you consider Quartzsite's Recycle... adds up! it all We pay 80% of Spot & Up Gold Sand Concentrates Placer Gold 24 Mesh Size up to Nuggets past, you'll know it'll be difficult, take considerable effort and a willingness for people to work together. Regardless the cause, there have to be changes made. Good employees can't be effective when the head of the organization or its management team is/are a) incompetent or lawbreakers, and b) is not a team with its workers. Added to that, there must be a reasonable action plan describing where the town wants to go in the future. What's "reasonable"? Becoming another Palm Desert is not "reasonable." The Town needs to look to its past and reinstate what made it unique and appealing. One problem I see to this whole endeavor is that there doesn't appear to Recycle your empty inket cartridges and used cell phones! NO TONERS, PLEASE Richard Trusty 928-927-5479 435-730-3388 Richard Thomas In Quartzsite over 15 Years! Quartzsite Licensed Business DROP OFF LOCATIONS: • • • • • Horizon Community Bank Quartzsite Library Senior Center Sponsored by Proud General Store Neighbors of Quartzsite Business Chamber QUARTZSITE GOLD & HISTORY ATLAS!! Volume 1: Northern Dome Rock Mountains The history, geology, and gold deposits, from old La Paz to Quartzsite. Historical photographs and documents, two oversize color maps, 284 pages. Photos of gold from every major placer and lode mine shown on 60 pages of color. Assay results for load deposits, and placer grade estimates. Nugget shooters and history buffs alike will find this atlas an invaluable reference. Quartzsite Gold Atlas v.1 $34.99 +$5.99 Shipping & Handling Other Titles Available from Rock Doc: Gold Atlas of Rich Hill, AZ $34.99 Octave Gold Mine, AZ $20.00 See website for more details Discounts for large orders and retailers Phone Orders: 8am - 7pm Pacific Time with major credit card Internet Orders: 24 hours (209) 213-1237 Questions? Email • • • • • • • BUYING Old Costume Jewelry Old Fountain Pens Silver & Gold Coins Sterling Silverware Gold Filled Jewelry Old Watches Gold & Silver Jewelry Any Condition • Gold Nuggets • Dental Gold Hi Ally Swap Meet ~ Front Row Main St., Quartzsite DRY CAMPING $6/night Dump & Water $12 In the rear of Silly Al's Bar Ask for Mike D & B Leather BERTHA IS BACK! Leather as low as 50¢/ft! 5,000 sq. ft. upholstery 3-4 oz brown! 5 diesel loads Garment Leather! Belts & Buckles Scrap Hides $2.00/lb. Two Big Locations QUARTZSITE, AZ Main St. and Tyson Wash (behind Dorothy & Toto Ice Cream) Open 7 days/week Nov. - mid-March 928-927-4077 BROAD ACRES SWAP MEET - LAS VEGAS, NV 2930 N. Las Vegas Blvd. (corner of Pecos) Every Sat. & Sun. Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Goat Furs New Zealand Sheep Skins, Tooling Ladigo For Mail Order Call: 775-751-5351 December 19, 2012 be anyone able to fill the seats of office because of the limited eligibility rules. That's a big problem. Who lives here all year? Town Hall employees and a few businesses that remain open are here, along with a small number of citizens. My suggestion would be for the Town Hall employees, as a group, distinguish the maladjusted eligible residents from the reasonable ones and find a slate of candidates and work as a team, get them elected. [Editor's note: Town employees cannot decide election issues] We need some educated, ethical, moral, forward thinking, altruistic people with reason taking the helm. We need to shed the dead weight and get rid of those who are sucking the life out of our paradise. If we don't in a few years, Quartzsite will be just another ghost town. Joe Pearly (formerly of Wisconsin, now professional snowbird) Nice parade The parade was nice. Afterward we went to the hall for cookies & hot chocolate. A man in a Santa Suit with an ugly green mask on startled me. Now with another shooting in Oregon, in a mall; how can we stop people from wearing a mask at Christmas in a crowd? This is not what Christmas is about & what message does it send out to children? How can we address this? Pat Meissner, Quartzsite Just Rambling... I often started phone calls saying," This is London calling." I gave the practice up when a secretary panicked and called for her boss. One time a man yelled for his wife to pick up the other phone. It was fun then; global calls are just too common these days. Provided by Elmer London & Desert Messenger

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