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December 16, 2012

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December 19, 2012 GEODESArizona's hidden treasures ADVENTURES WITH ROCKS By Jenn Jedidiah Free Geodes are lumps of rock that have secrets. They can be spherical, oblong, elliptical, or even a figureeight shape. They can be found in all sorts of sizes and colors. But the thing that gives this lump of rock the prestigious designation of geode is that the inside is full of crystals. Most of the time the crystals are quartz, sometimes they are calcite, and in rare instances they are a form of black calcite. Geodes are found only in North and South America and in Australia. They are most commonly located in deserts, and areas containing limestone or volcanic ash beds. Brazilian geodes are famous for their huge chambers filled with amethyst crystals. Iowa is famous for its unusually high concentration of geodes full of lumpy calcite crystals. Here, in our beloved desert southwest, geodes are found in Utah, California, and Arizona. So, what are geodes, exactly? The word "geode" is from Greek meaning "Earth-like". Geodes are roundish rocks that look ordinary on the outside, but are usually hollow on the inside and lined with crystals. Geodes were formed around 6 to 8 million years ago. While the actual formation of geodes puzzles geologists, the widely accepted theory is that geodes are formed in hollow cavities in rock. t Grea as tm Chris ts! Gif Groundwater seeping into the cavities deposited minerals in layers or crystals on the inside walls. The initial layers coat the inside of the cavity, forming a foundation on which the subsequent crystals can grow. It is a similar process to how spectacular formations occur in caves. The most common minerals found in geodes are chalcedony, quartz, celestite, agate and jasper. Most geodes that are hollow and full of crystals on the inside are made of chaldedony and quartz. Typically the chalcedony will form the initial layers, and then the quartz crystals will grow on those. Some geodes are solid. Solid geodes, or nodules, contain chalcedony, agate, and jasper. Other minerals in the water cause the varied colors in the chalcedony layers. Some geodes still have water in them when they are broken open. Imagine6 million year old water!! Geodes can be cut in half on a rock saw, or broken open with a hammer and chisel. For the latter method, use a flat head chisel and hammer to score around the perimeter of the geode. Continue the process until the geode starts to crack along the score line. For kids (and some grown-ups), a fun way to break open geodes is to place them in a sock and just whack SEE GEODES PAGE 21 CRR ART GLASS HANDMADE, AFFORDABLE GLASS ART Earrings $5 - Pendants $10 ea. 2/$18 All Pendants include cords. Barrettes from $10 Rings $5 - Wind Chimes starting at $18 Located at Rose RV Park 600 E. Kuehn #12 Hours: 10am - 5pm Tues. - Sun. MINE FROM PAGE 18 Queen Mining Company was to be directed to Mr. Jack Rivers in Quartzsite, Arizona, the new superintendent of the Desert Queen. To Bill Keiser this tomfoolery suggested that, "Promoters lead a monotonous life while the money is rolling in from their investors". Jack Rivers had a placer mine out in the Plomosas and never had any connection with Johnny Wyatt or with the Desert Queen Mine, except to beat Wyatt at sluff games over at Pete Smith's Oasis Hotel. After hearing about the letter, Jack went over to the mine and dismantled the only shack left on the premises, which at one time was used to store tools. Later Jack received a letter from Wyatt acknowledging him as the "superintendent" of the abandoned mine. In it, Wyatt informed Jack that he would appreciate a list of all the assets and liabilities of the Desert Queen. To perpetuate the joke Jack created a "list" and had it published in a Yuma newspaper. The "list" was as follows: DESERT QUEEN MINING COMPANY ASSETS 1 shack, 8 x 10-feet, no window: Value (?) 1 lop-eared burro, lame in the left leg (hind): Value Nil Value .10 1 can tomatoes: Value .00 $5.00 in the bank (Faro Bank): 1 pint whiskey, (slightly damaged on the inside): Value .50 1 lb. lard, slightly smelly (for greasing boulders so the burro can pass): Value .25 1 busted cot & crummy mattress owned by the manager: Value (?) Value Nil 1 case whiskey bottles (empty) TOTAL $ .85 LIABILITIES 6 IOUs To GEORGE NORTON, Mohawk, Arizona Territory, for telegrams sent by Gen Mgr telling about finding the vein of copper at the Copper Bottom Mine: $210.00 To C. B. GENUNG'S SALOON for whiskey, signed by Gen Mgr J.Wyatt: 5.20 To THE OASIS BAR for grog, signed by Manager J.Rivers: 4.61 To "TRILBY" AND BAR for liquor & etc, & etc, & etc: 72.33 To PETE SMITH'S OASIS HOTEL for sluff games: 33.00 To JIM COX'S SALOON for poker & games, signed by Manager J.Rivers: 62.00 NETTIE M. SMITH c/o Oasis Hotel for buggy rides & transportation of Gen. Mgr. J.Wyatt to/from property, & other incidentals: 150.25 TOTAL $ 537.39 To be continued... Discount Solar Sales, Service & Installation of Complete Solar and Inverter Systems Inverter Repair Crooked River Ranch Art Glass Unique One-of-a-Kind Pieces! Page 19 541-604-6444 540 E. MAIN ST., QUARTZSITE 928-927-4551 Craig & Rae AMG Mon-Fri 9-4 Licensed Bonded Insured Contractor Commercial Solar Electric ROC 260723

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