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February 15, 2012

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Page 30 In Memorium - Gene Clark "Gene" Clark was born in Asheville of West- ern North Carolina, in the Great Smoky Mountains. In 1961, not content to "class tobacco" for the rest of his life, he headed north with his Sweet Heart, Bernice, who had loved him since the fourth grade, when he was in the seventh, to tie the knot & try working in the auto factories of Michigan. Soon to discover that he just wasn't cut out to be a Factory Rat, he quickly found work at a Sinclair gas station. Remember the green dinosaur? Getting your windshield washed? Your fluids checked? Customer Service..a Number One Priority to him. Having always been a "wrench" Gene could be counted on to make an engine A DRIVING CHAMPION OF A MAN On August 16, 1939 Charles Eugene purr like a kitten. This ability found him behind the counter in Flint, Michigan, as a "Parts Man" who actually had KNOWL- EDGE & could help you to get your own ve- hicle running smoothly. Automotive Parts & Machine Shop had found a gem! They also had a Studebaker (that was SO UGLY, it was cute!) running the quarter mile & WINNING with Gene behind the wheel as the Driver. Trophies filled the entire front window of the spacious store. Several years later the Machine Shop split off & relocated. Gene chose to continue working at Automotive Machine Shop, re- taining the long friendship of the George Loudermilk Family, who were instrumen- tally used of the Lord to bring the Gospel ~Good News~ of Salvation in Jesus to the Clark household. On the home front in Durand, Michigan, The Duck PUMPING SERVICE Serving All BLM & Vendors 928-277-6655 Licensed - Insured he cultivated his love for animals on the 20 acres of black muck, which he dubbed the "Little Valley" - patterned, OF COURSE, after the "Big Valley" TV se- ries because Gene ALWAYS loved a good western! Gun- smoke! Showing his usual entrepreneurial skill, he de- veloped a Stud Service with his pure Arabian Stallion, Saza Raffles. As he was an accomplished horseman, the ribbons from shows began to amass. He also reigned as the Horse Shoe Pitching Cham- pion of Shiawassee County for several years running, with multiple plaques & tro- phies as proof. Being a Good Neighbor, he enjoyed plowing gardens in the spring & drive- ways out in the winter. As a snowmobiler he once owned a Rupp 440 Nitro that hit 92 mph before he FINALLY decided to back off the throttle! The Man had a Need for Speed. . .Indeed!! With the combination of a strong de- sire to succeed & a stellar work ethic, he became a self-employed business owner by starting Triple "C" Construction. The company flourished & enabled them to do some traveling. February 15, 2012 riage of their only daughter, Jeannia, to Tim Barnett, sallied forth to Arizona, dis- covering Quartzsite in 1990. They soon grew to love the Quirky & Quaint Town, mak- ing it "Home" for every winter, enabling them to "trade" snow mobiles for four wheelers! YAY!! In 1989, Gene & Bernice, after the mar- wheels, Gene acquired, fixed & then sold quite a few classics before he came upon the "HeartBreaker", his bright "Tweety Bird" yellow, 1940 Ford Convertible. He thoroughly enjoyed the Reward of his end- less hours as hands-on Builder/Owner, by attending numerous Car Events, which added even MORE trophies & plaques. In 2005, after having bowled for 30+ SEE GENE ON PAGE 33 for the season! We're here Specializing in RV Battery Fill Systems, Towing Products, Toad-Charge Trik-L-Start, & Infrared Tire Thermometers. 888-447-4552 Quartzsite Coachworks On Site RV Repair In Concert Friday, Feb. 24, 7pm First Assembly of God 665 W. Tyson St., Quartzsite • Love Offering Pastor Bruce Swart • 928-927-5808 Voted "Live Band of the Year" GMA Canada A/C • Electrical • Plumbing • Roof Repair • All Appliances CALL TODAY! RV Specialist PO Box 5082 • Quartzsite, AZ 85359 760-799-2370 Serving the RVing Community since1977 shine RV Park in 1995, found Gene starting another business (thereby losing a friendly "Bet" with a long-time friend, Car- rol Roupe, that he WOULDN'T stay retired :) as Sonshine Rock & Gravel was born to help folks that might need the use of a back hoe &/or dump truck. Never one to be without "Hot" With their purchase of Son-

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