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December 7, 2011

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Page 24 C & B LOCK & KEY 34 YEARS EXPERIENCE 928-927-6589 Mobile Service Only We're BACK! TRANSPONDER AUTO KEYS (Electronic chip keys) Jeep, Chrysler, Ford Chevrolet, Toyota & many more! Betty Crenshaw, Owner BEST OF QTZ FROM PAGE 22 Bridge, Q Mountain, Palm Canyon, Sleep- ing Indian and Saguaro Cactus. Favorite Live Performance: Paul Win- er's QIA performance received the most votes. The New Christy Minstrels at QIA, The Eatery's Dinner Club Event, and Rock Club Variety Show at QIA also garnished votes. Favorite Music Jam: La Posa South's Tuesday Jam was the favorite, with Scenic Road RV singing a close second, followed by Arizona Sun RV , Holiday Palms RV, and QIA Desert Music. Favorite Karaoke: Silly Al's Pizza received the most votes! The Yacht Club and Taco Mio were right behind along with QIA. Favorite Plumber: Long time resident, Dennis Dole received the most votes! Denny Davy and Running Lizard followed close behind. Favorite QES staff member: Deb- bie Peterson edged out Linda Ward for the wonderful work with our elementary school children! Favorite RV Park: This category had the most nominees. Tews RV Park beat the pack, just edging out Sunsetters RV. Scenic Road and JR's closely followed, with other mentions of Mt. View, Cactus Patch, Quail Run, Cloud's Trailer Park, Mt. Quail I & II, Al's RV Park, Winter Haven, Tyson RV Quartzsite Radio KBUX 94.3 FM • Quartzsite's Favorite "CLASSIC HITS" • Local Information • Weather • 24 Hours Day / 7 Days Week! 928-927-5111 First locally-owned and operated music station in Quartzsite, Arizona. Proudly serving the communities of Quartzsite, Bouse, Brenda, Rainbow Acres, La Paz Valley and beyond, since 1988. • US Military trained w/ 30 plus years experience • Satisfaction Guaranteed! • Partials starting at $175 Park, La Posa North, and La Posa South. Favorite Scholars' staff member: Principle Steve McClenning brought in the most votes, followed by Julie Anderson. Favorite Street Name: No Name Street clearly was the most favorite! Other names receiving votes were Hummingbird, Rig- gles, Quail Trail, Lollipop Lane, Cowell, and Moon Mountain Rd. Favorite Waitperson: Michelle Luk- kasson of The Eatery received top honors. Karen Day of Mt. Quail/Q-Town tied with Sandy of Sweet Darlene's, followed by Di- ane of Yacht Club, Joanie Qualls of Times Three, Carol of Beer Belly's, Callie of Palo Verde, Cindy of La Casa del Rancho, and Dianne of Sweet Darlene's. Favorite Youth Activity: Movies at First Assembly of God edged out the Boy Scouts, 4-H, Summer crafts at AWC and Football. Friendliest Propane Service: goes to RV Pit Stop edged out the Jerky Store & More/Desert Propane. Patty's RV, Subur- ban Propane, and A&B Propane also re- ceived votes. Hardest working Medical Professional: Frances of La Paz Medical Clinic edged out Doctors O & P, Dr. Sumar, the nurse, and Dr. Hadlock, (veterinarian). Hardest working Town employee: Town Manager, Alex Taft dominated the category. QPD Chief of Police Jeff Gilbert came in a close second, followed by Mayor Jose Lizarraga (not an actual employee), Debbie Dupree of Public Works, Julie Pieper at Town Hall, QPD Officer Rick Pat- terson, and Rick Smith "the tree waterer". Most community minded business person: Michelle and Jerry Lukkasson received the most votes. Sherri & Rick Garlow of Quartzsite General Store, Shanana Rain Golden-Bear, and Steven Bennett. Most Dedicated Community Volunteer: Carol Kelley edged out Marilyn McFate, closely followed by Joanne Winer, Sandee Wall, Michelle Lukkasson, Shanana Rain Golden-Bear, Mary Huntley, and Monica Timberlake. Marilyn McFate deserves a big shout out for being the only one to fill out every category on the ballot! Whoo hooo! You rock, Marilyn! Congratulations to all the Best of Quartz- site Winners and everyone mentioned. Ev- eryone is a winner! Celebrate with gratitude the wonderful people who make Quartzsite what it is today! Quartzsite Rocks! December 7, 2011 and moved to Quartzsite, Arizona. He prospected in this area for many years and his friends helped him to petition the U.S. Army to get a pension. In 1901, Hi Jolly dictated this statement: "thir- ty years of service have so undermined my constitution and broken me down that now in my old age, I find myself no longer able to gain a livelihood." All their efforts were to no avail. Since Hi jolly never enlisted offi- HI JOLLY FROM PAGE 14 cially in the Army, he was not entitled to a pension. Filippou Teodoro, also known as Philip Tedro, Hadji Ali, and most commonly Hi Jolly, died in his adobe shack in Quartzsite on Dec. 16, 1902 at the age of 73. Some claim he died in the desert with his arm around his favorite camel – fact or fiction? He was buried in the local cemetery with a simple wooden marker. Three decades after his death, Ari- zona citizens and officials felt this common grave was not fitting for one of America's first Greco-Syrian immi- grants, especially one so well known for his contributions to the exploration and support of the soldiers, prospec- tors, and pioneers and merchants of Arizona, California and Nevada for so many years. James L. Edwards, state highway foreman, and his crew, at no expense to the state and on their own time erected the commemorative pyra- midal monument over his grave. At the dedication of his tomb in 1934, state historian Elizabeth Toohe said, "we left him alone to know the string of poverty and the humiliation of a man who had outlived his usefulness. The tomb represents Hi Jolly's dedi- cation to his adopted county and his beloved camels and as such, deserves a place on the National Register of His- toric Places." That was in 1934 and it has finally come full circle getting this monument placed on the National Reg- ister of Historic Places. This has been a lot like his life – the recognition of his accomplishments came long after his life but it is now permanent and for all to see and recognize. The dedication ceremony for the plaque to Hi Jolly's Monument being placed on the Nation- al Register of Historic Places, as designated by the United States Department of Interior will be December 17th 2011 at 10:00 AM. DENTURES $350 Full Set QUARTZSITE SNOWBIRD SPECIAL: Same Day Dentures and 1 Hour Reline/Repairs!! Dental Laboratory Service Call: 623-444-4013 • Goodyear, AZ

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