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December 7, 2011

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December 7, 2011 BEST OF QTZ FROM PAGE 21 Best time to visit Qtz. PO: "Summer" was the overwhelmingly popular answer, which included votes for July and August. Then there were the times of 2:30-4pm, 3- 3:30pm and the one that made me smile was "after 4pm"! Best use of Rock Yard Art: Celia's Rainbow Gardens received the most votes here! Coyote Pass RV Park's new water feature was also mentioned, along with Swanson's old place on Desert Ave., and La Posa South. Favorite area at Celia's Gardens: The Vet- erans Area/Soldier Village received the most votes. The trails, the kid's handprints brick wall, Rock Club area, and the center were also mentioned as beautiful places to visit. Favorite ATV Trail: Dripping Springs, followed by Old Yuma Rd., Communica- tion Hill, Railroad Pass-Bouse, and Stone Cabin trails were also mentioned. Favorite Auto Repair: Best Auto barely came out ahead of Everett's Towing, close- ly followed by American Tire, Taylor's in Blythe, and "my retired husband"! Favorite Bartender: Dianne of Yacht Club brought in the most votes, followed by Carol of Beer Belly's, Diane at Silly Al's Pizza, Terry at Yacht Club, Grubstake, and "myself" actually received two votes! Favorite BLM Volunteer: Alice at La Posa South edged out Ellen at Tyson Wash, the folks at Plamosa Rd., and Lyle. Favorite Charity event: Celia's Rain- bow Gardens' Spaghetti Feed dominated the category followed by PNQ's Rock Auc- tion and GFWC Fashion Show. Favorite Cook: Bud at the Eatery beat his co-workers, Janet & LaMont, but Abel at Times Three, came in a close second to Bud. Bob Nickerson was also mentioned for his cinnamon rolls. Favorite Dog Groomer: Hollywood Pets edged out Cindy's Pet Service. Marie(before she died) and Jade were also mentioned. Favorite Electrician: Running Lizard edged out Dennis McGuiness, Denny Dav- ey of Tews RV, Jim, John Prutch, Country- wide Bob Amos, J&S Electric of Parker. Favorite Gas Station brought in the most votes of any category! Who would have guessed? Chevron took the most votes, followed closely by Pilot, Loves, Shell, ARCO & Mobil. Favorite Honey Wagon: The Honey- suckles received the most votes, with Old Blue and La Posa South Petunia following closely behind…tee hee… Favorite Desert Landmark: Halsey Williams Mill on Q Mountain came if first, with mentions of Aviation Tower (n of town), Dripping Springs, Scotty Dog (s of town), Dome Rock, Jack Cruikshandk cab- in, Main St. landmark near Tyson Wash SEE BEST OF QTZ ON PAGE 24 Windshields! Nomad Glass Motorhome Windshield Replacement Specialists At Nomad Glass we offer prompt, quality service for your RV or motorhome • Mobile Service in Quartzsite • We Specialize in Motorhome Windshields • Insurance Approved • All types of auto & truck glass • The only glass shop endorsed by the Good Sam Club's "Smile & Save" program. • Proud commercial member of the Escapee's RV Club and the FMCA. Call us first and we will gladly assist you. 928-785-7757 Page 21 "ADDICTED TO DEALS" ANNIVERSARY DEALS! OVER 10,000 DIFFERENT ITEMS! All at bargain prices: Jewelry, toys, wind chimes, porcelain dolls, chocolate, dragons, wizards, fairies, books, leather, CDs, DVDs, VHS, over 50,000 bottles of vitamins and minerals & lots more! CELEBRATE OUR 21ST 1. PAPERBACKS! $100 each 6/$500 2. Grand Re-Opening Special DVD‛s 3/$999 3. Co-Enzyme Q-10 50 mg. w/8/11 date 3/$999 4. Our Best Seller Audio Books 1/2 off of our already Low Price! 5. Cookbooks 1/2 off our already Low Price! 6. VHS Tapes 10/$1000 7. Greeting Cards 6/$500 Now $799 each - Over 25,000 cards to choose from! 8. Jumbo Chocolate Almond or Chocolate w/Caramel $1 ea. or 6/$5* 9. Ask about our Fairy Special Was $2499 10. Cranberry 100 capsules $199 11. Central Vite w/Lutein 300 tablets $299 12. Airborne 12-12 date $699 100 each. Limit 6 8-11 date at Walmart NOW $399 13. Vitamin D 400 IU‛s 100 softgels 3/$999 14. Pay Day Candy Bars 3/$ 15. SPF 30 Sunblock $100 * with ad only 16. Avalon Deodorant (organic) $799 17. Avalon or Alba Organic Shampoo $999 18. Handmade Earrings from Peru Was $999 retail NOW $399 retail NOW $399 NOW 3/$999 19. Crest Toothpaste 99¢ at Walmart 5/$100 Chocolate Desert Rocks! 7.2 oz. Reg. $999 Liquidation Addicted to Deals Too! $$ Store NOW OPEN Behind SPECIAL $599 CANDY BAR SPECIALS *WITH THIS AD ONLY Jumbo Chocolate Almond or 100 Chocolate with Caramel $ ea. or 6/$ 500 Pay Day Bars - 3/$ while supplies last! 100 VITAMINS! Vitamins! VITAMINS! "ADDICTED TO DEALS" 1270 W. Main St. Bright Pink Building (across from McDonald's) 1198 W. Main, Quartzsite (across from Pilot) 928-927-DEAL (3325) "ADDICTED TO DEALS" TOO Get 6/$ 5

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