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December 7, 2011

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December 7, 2011 THOUGHTBUSTER.COM By Coach Louise Rouse you want in life? If you said yes, you are not alone. I want to share an an- swer with you, which has been with you all along. It can be found when you listen to your negative thoughts. Have you ever heard the saying that "if you're told not to think of a pink el- ephant, than you think of a pink ele- phant in your mind"? You see, our mind goes towards what we're told not to do. Negative thoughts, which we have pe- riodically through every day of our life, are actually like pink elephants. They are rooted from internal belief sys- tems, which might have been with us ever since our childhood. Somewhere the developing shortcomings, frustra- tions, overwhelm, not good enough, started brewing inside of us. These thoughts could have started from mes- sages from our parents, the outside world, or from our own experiences. These protection thoughts become programmed into our mind almost Discovering what you want Do you ever feel confused about what like inserting a program into a computer. If we listen to our negative thoughts, we might feel guilty for not being more positive, which only makes us more frustrated. However, there is wisdom gained from listening. If you pay close attention to your nega- tive thoughts, you will actually receive big clues into discovering what you re- ally want in your life. You see, the mind just wants to protect you from being dis- appointed or hurt. Like a child at Christmas saying "I am to keep you safe and secure. They want to protect you. Negative thoughts will help you un- derstand exactly why you think you need protecting and what it is you want in your life. Here is how. Start listen- ing to all of your negative thoughts and SEE THOUGHTS ON PAGE 35 DIABETICS in Brenda ATTENTION on Medicare Find Out How You Qualify for Diabetic Shoes at no cost to you! (In Most Cases) Please join Also Receive a FREE PAIR of Diabetic Socks when you sign up for a Complimentary Diabetic Foot Assessment and Diabetic Shoes Accredited by the Joint Commission 435274 CASA MEDICAL TUESDAY, DEC. 27 (A Participating Medicare Provider) Desert Gold RV Park 1:30-2pm Black Rock RV Park 2:30-3pm Wagons West RV Park 3:30-4:30pm To Contact CASA MEDICAL Call 480-941-9493 "Have power over your money!" WHERE DO YOU WANT YOUR TAX DOLLARS TO GO... The State or Public Education? The Choice is Yours! • Payments eligible through ARS 43-1089.01 • Any individual can donate to the public schools and receive credit • Credits will be used to reduce tax liabilities • Tax Credits will be delegated to school's extra curricular activities such as sports or any event or activity desired by the donator • Each school receiving tax donations, reports annually to the AZ Dept of Revenue • Receipts given for every donation Make checks payable to: The Scholars‛ Academy 560 E. Coyote PO Box 3475 Quartzsite, AZ 85359 "Proudly educating our community's youth since 1996" For More Information or Questions Call: 928-927-9420 not going to ask for a train set because I never get what I want" The benefits of negative thoughts are The Scholars' Academy Lower your taxes by $400 With School Tax Credits Donate to the only Public School in La Paz County that does not affect your property taxes! Page 19

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