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December 7, 2011

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Page 14 Welcome Back Winter Visitors! Eatin' Out Good Food Good Friends MOUNTAIN QUAIL CAFE BREAD PUDDING WITH THIS AD!* FREE *expires Dec. 31, 2011- 1 per person/visit Open 7am-7pm 490 N. Moon Mt. Rd., Quartzsite (corner of Moon Mt. & Quail Trail) N 928-927-8890 Home Cooked Meals! Quail Trail Daily Specials! Sat. Night Prime Rib! X By Dinice Ross As with all stories told down through time, facts and Hi Jolly & the monument, myth vs. truth fiction are entwined, merged and retold as truth. This is as much historical fact as modern research can get me. These are some excerpts from the works of Jim Turner, Master of Arts, U.S. History, as he gathered information for the process of getting Hi Jolly's Mon- ument on the National Register of Historic Places. Born in 1828 Hi Jolly said his father was Syrian and December 7, 2011 over rugged terrain had been studied since 1836. Finally in 1853 when Jefferson Davis became Sec- retary of War under President Franklin Pierce he motivated Congress to approve $30,000 for the pur- chase of camels to test their practicality for Western JoAnn's Frybread FAMOUS NAVAJO TACOS BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER Expanded Breakfast Menu 1/4 lb. Burgers & Fries Pork Tenderloin Chicken Breast HOME OF THE $ 1 TACOS AFTER 4PM Delicious Thrifty Ice Cream • 18 flavors Open 8am-6pm 602-999-5062 Located on the SE corner of E. Kuehn & Hwy. 95 Rice Ranch south side of road B-10, Main St. 8 YEARS SAME LOCATION! GRAN'MA'S APPLE PIE Served with hot caramel sauce! REGULAR AND SUGAR-FREE! Apple-Cranberry & Pumpkin pies for the holidays! ORDER YOURS TODAY! Rice Ranch space A-23 714-675-9777 LOOK FOR THE HUGE RED & YELLOW SIGN SOMBRERO! Orders to go! La Casa Del Rancho MEXICAN & AMERICAN FOOD TACO TUESDAY IS BACK! All You Can Eat Clam Strips! $1 TACOS! FRIDAY BREAKFAST - LUNCH - DINNER 7AM -7PM 70 N. Central, Quartzsite (one block north of Shell, Hwy. 95) 928-927-6610 his mother was Greek, captured by Arabs and taken to Smyrna, Turkey. Born Filippou Teodora, as a young man made a pilgrimage of hadj, to Mecca and took the name Hadji Alli to commemorate his dedication. He was probably one of the first Muslims from the Middle East to immigrate in North America. The use of camels for long-distance pack animals supply transport for the Army. The USS Supply ship traveled to the Middle East to purchase camels for the Army. Hadji Ali was instrumental in purchasing the first shipment of 33 camels to the United States. The camels were in very bad shape by the time they reached the US due to the poor qualifications of hired locals. The Army returned for a second load of camels. They needed a seasoned handler, and found the perfect man in Hadji Ali. Hadji Ali was hired November 15, 1856 to refit the ship to accommodate the oversized camels. This ship arrived Feb, 10, 1857 at Indianola, Texas. As soon as the camels stepped onto American sand, the camel's notoriously nasty nature caused problems. In ad- dition to calming the camels, Hi Jolly had to teach Lt. Edward Beale's soldiers how to pack, ride, and "read" the camels. Hi Jolly's affection and care for the camels should have ensured the mission's suc- cess. The famous Camel Expedition was on its way West from Texas to California but was eventually doomed to failure. Army regulars did not like the camels temper, smell, or awkward gait. Soldiers fol- low orders and their opinions did not seal the cam- el's fate even though "camels weren't made for cow- boys". Personality and politics began affecting the tide of history when Major General David E. Twiggs, "was outraged when he discovered a herd of camels under his command." The impending Civil War was the final blow to the Camel Expedition experiment. With no knowledge of the behind the scenes politics, Hi Jolly and the others thought they were merely waiting for another assignment, and that they had been employed permanently by the U.S. Army. For the next 25 years Hi Jolly contracted with the U.S. Army as a mule packer, guide, and scout. When Hi Jolly was let go in 1870, he petitioned the govern- ment in the belief that he had been hired for life. At Camp McDowell, Captain George R Lunford wrote in his defense, "Hadji Ali has been a faithful servant of the government for many years. Every officer who has known him speaks well of him, and I believe his services to be valuable to the government." He stayed in Tucson long enough to marry Gertru- dis Serna in 1880 and father two girls, Amelia and Herminia. It is also reported he fathered a son Fran- cesco Tedro. Sometime after that he left his family SEE HI JOLLY ON PAGE 24 SWEET DARLENE'S RESTAURANT & BAKERY DEC. Specials starting at 11am Mon. Meatloaf Dinner .......................$ 750 Tues. Spaghetti .................................$ 750 Chicken Cacciatore...................$ 795 Wed. $1 TACOS! 2 Tacos Dinner........$ 795 Thur. Ground Round or Liver & Onions... $ 795 Fri. Chicken Tenders 11am-3pm..... $ Beer Battered Jumbo Cod ........$ 795 695 Sat. Jumbo Chicken Fried Steak.......$ Half-Rack of Ribs ....................$ 795 Sun. Roast Chicken or Stuffed Pork...$ 995 795 Open Daily 7am-7pm Coffee only 50¢ 776 E. MAIN ST., QUARTZSITE (at the I-10 Exit 19 off ramp) 928-927-9338 NEW! the Famous Home of Moon Mountain Rd. Hwy. 95, N. Central

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