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January 15, 2014

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8 Why is the sewer expansion good for Quartzsite Submitted by Barbara Cowell, Former Quartzsite Vice Mayor First, the grant/loan package that is referred to as the sewer expansion is an extensive project that includes upgrading expensive to operate equipment into a more cost efficient operation that will save the town approximately $35,000.00 per year in utility bills. Second the grant/loan package includes a WIFA loan that is already approved; a USDA RDA loan and a $2.9 million dollar Grant, the largest ever received in Quartzsite's history. This grant/loan package includes more than expanding the sewer plant capacity. It includes arming the manholes in Tyson Wash. If those manholes are compromised during a flooding event, the sewer plant is overrun and the problems become severe to the point of potential shut-down. Third, the ADEQ has stated we can't grow any more until the treatment plant is expanded. Everyone equates that statement with new development. This is not so. What about the people and RV parks who are in the northwest quadrant and Q Mountain Estates? These are not new developments. The northwest quadrant particularly, has been waiting for sewer services since the treatment plant was built. Fourth, one of the compelling reasons Quartzsite incorporated as a town was a letter from ADEQ written in 1988, stating no more septic tanks could be installed due to the high levels of contaminants in the ground. The Quartzsite Exception was also included to allow the La Paz County Health Department to issue permits in exceptional cases under stringent health requirements. Incorporation made available funding to build a treatment plant and install a collection system, which has been added to over time. Therefore this is not the first time ADEQ has impacted our community in performing their duties of permitting and certifying acceptable standards of service and health. Fifth, the grant/loan package includes construction of a water line to the treatment plant. Currently water is trucked to the plant. Sixth, the grant/loan package provides for the upgrading of the electrical Mexico Prices...USA Made!! DENTURES $350 Full Set (replacement) • US Military trained w/ 30 plus years experience • Implant Dentures Available • Partials starting at $175 QUARTZSITE SNOWBIRD SPECIAL: Same Day Dentures and 1 Hour Reline/Repairs!! Dental Laboratory Service Call: 623-444-4013 • Goodyear, AZ Headhunters II "The Best Little Hairhouse" in Quartzsite! NOW OPEN IN NEW LOCATION! 395 N. CENTRAL (Hwy. 95) Quartzsite Stylists: Wilma, Lonnie & Lois Cuts - Styles - Perms Colors Walk-ins- Early Appointments "Where getting your hair done is fun!" 928-927-3543 operation of the plant that includes a more efficient online operation which provides better reporting, management and monitoring of the treatment plant's effectiveness, not to mention saving $35,000.00 a year in utility costs as mentioned before. Seventh, this project has been in the works for approximately five years. There have been numerous meetings with citizens, RV park owners and managers in 2010 and 2011 and 2012 regarding this project and what the project will accomplish for the town. It should be noted that the town went for 10 years without a sewer bill increase. There is some catch-up to do. Those whose profits were high during that time because of low operations costs now have to look at the bigger picture. Eighth, the entire town, as it is now, should be on the sewer collection system. This expansion provides for that possibility. It the expansion does not occur, then the Grant goes away. A few years later when the expansion becomes more urgent because of collection system breakdowns and treatment plant failures, then there will be no grant and customers, including RV parks, will bear the burden of the full costs of all these projects and there will be not grant because this grant opportunity was thrown away. Source Town of Quartzsite Archives [Editor's note: In a statement issued Jan. 13th, Town Manager Laura Bruno states, "The council passed an emergency resolution December 17, 2013. Pursuant to state statutes, emergency measures become effective immediately upon execution. The Town is moving forward accordingly."] Gifts for You and The Folks Back Home World-Class Wire Wrapped Jewelry Dichroic Glass Master Flint Knapping January 15, 2014 Quartzsite Gold, Treasure & Craft Show By Jane Boyles February 14,15,16, 2014 The Quartzsite Gold Treasure and Craft show will be happening at the QIA Building in Quartzsite. This year the sponsors, all local businesses are Dick Thomas and Richard Trusty of Natures Nuggets, Blake Harmon of the Miners Depot on North Central and the QIA. Booths inside will be all gold related businesses and individuals. Outside booths are available for $50 a table and will include individuals selling their own used mining equipment, gold related items and gold itself. Crafts must have a connection to gold or gold related items and must be approved by one of the directors before set up. There will be a lecture hall in the dining room. Dr. Erik Melchoirre will not only be speaking, but will be selling his newest book "Gold Atlas of Quartzsite Arizona Vol. Two". He will be available to answer your questions. There will be magazine publishing companies represented including ICMJ'S Prospecting and Mining Journal, and Lost Treasure Magazine. Cost is $5.00 for all three days, just save your half of the ticket for readmission. We promise to have an exciting show, different from others because we listened to you. To make arrangements for a booth, please call Richard at 651-587-6136. Rice Ranch, Space A-39 234-567-0194 330-831-4399 Sign up now Wire-Wrapping & Dichroic Glass Fusing Classes

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