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January 19, 2021

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WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM 22 UCW JANUARY 20-26, 2021 ere have been 104 Presidents of the Kiwanis Club of Fayetteville since it was chartered in 1921. ere were two presidents in the years 1939, 1947, 1955 and 1981. *Indicates 2nd & 3rd generation membership. (--) Indicates year the member joined. 1921 John Neal Davis, born Aug. 3, 1879, Gen- eral Manager of the Southern Cotton Oil Co. 1922 J. M. DeVane, office supply business and Burkhead-Devane Printing on Franklin St. 1923 Frank H. Stedman, owned West-Box Lumber. 1924 R. W. Herring, Kiwanis Lt. Gov. in 1926. 1925 J. Bayard Clark*, served in the U. S. Congress, Clark Park is named for him. Father of Jerome and Heman Clark. 1926 A. E. Dixon, builder and architect that assisted in the design of the historic courthouse on Gillespie St. that opened in December 1924. 1927 E. J. Wells, owned the Nehi Bottling Co., involved with the Public Works Commission, also was the namesake of the E. J. Wells Cup that was first presented to B. R. Huske, Jr. in 1925. 1928 D. L. Pridgen* dentist and father of Ki - wanian and dentist Eddie Pridgen. 1929 W. S. Jordan, doctor, father of Dr. Weldon Huske. 1930 Hugh Maxton Pinkston, paint and wall- paper retailer in the Hedgepath building, Kiwanis Lt. Governor in 1935. 1931 Claude W. Rankin* (20), was the first Sec. in 1921 and a Charter member. Owner of Claude W. Rankin Insurance on Anderson St., served on the Board at UNC, and was still listed in the 1966 roster book 46 years after joining. 1932 Ray Funderburk, was the Superinten- dent of Cumberland County Schools. 1933 J. M. Lilly, medical doctor, Ear Nose & roat specialist. 1934 J. Warren Pate*, Kiwanis Lt. Gov. in 1940. In the Insurance business, started Cross Creek Savings and Loan, was father of Kiwanian John C. Pate who served as President in 1967. 1935 Dr. Seavy Highsmith*, grandfather of Kiwanian Margaret Highsmith Dixon. 1936 Hector M. McKethan, Kiwanis Lt. Gov. in 1945. Owner of McKethan Hardware on Gillespie St. which later became Motor Bearings and Parts. 1937 Tom W. Rankin*, was in the hardware business on Person St. Was one of the five Rankin Bros., along with Claude. 1938 T. A. DeVane, Was a timber merchant who lived on Hensdale Ave. 1939 Harold J. Dillehay, was uncle of John and Frank Shaw, married George McNeill's daughter. 1939 H. Bruce Ellis, also known as "Red Ellis," head of Fayetteville City Schools. 1940 J. N. Robertson*, medical doctor whose specialty was Ear Nose & roat and was a partner with Dr. Pittman in the Pittman Hospi - tal. Father of Newton and great grandfather of Kiwanian Drew O'Quinn. 1941 W. H. Marsh, medical doctor, owned Marsh Dairy & Farm located where Cross Creek Mall is today. 1942 Charles G. Rose, Jr.* (35), attorney and Mayor of Fayetteville, Congressman and father of Congressman and Kiwanian Charles G. Rose, III. e Rose-Tinnin Cup, first awarded in 1988 to Dick Fisher, was named for him. 1943 C. J. Williamson, Holt Williamson Manufacturing Co. (cotton dying and manufacturing) on Russell St. 1944 Walker Meares Kilpatrick Bender (37) Pharmacist and owner of Bender's Drug Store in Haymont. 1945 Edward B. Hope, a local attorney. 1946 I. M. Richardson, was in the real estate business. 1947 D. W. Duke, Head of the Aberdeen & Rockfish Railroad. 1947 George W. Vossler* (42), Kiwanis Lt. Gov. in 1958, owner of Corder-Vossler Co. along with Frank Corder, the largest tire retailer around. Hall of Fame athlete at Miami of Ohio. Governor Phil's father-in-law and Phil Jr. 's grandfather. 1948 George A. Brinkley, was the City of Fayetteville Fire Chief. 1949 Heman R. Clark*, attorney and son of 1925 President J. Bayard Clark. 1950 Joseph O. Tally, Jr.* (47), was the Kiwanis Lt. Gov. in 1951, and the First International President In 1961. e J. O. Tally Award was first presented in his honor in 1984. Also the grandfather of Kiwanian Lockett Tally. 1951 Arthur T. Moore (43), Commander of Troop B with the NCHP, also Potentate of Sudan Temple and a local realtor. 1952 Phillip O. Hoffer (30), owned Hoffer's Jewelers, was a PWC Commissioner and PWC's Hoffer Water Plant bears his name. 1953 George W. Tinnin (32), a fuel and oil distributor, ran T & B Motors (Tinnin - Blackwood) an Oldsmobile dealership. e Rose- Tinnin Cup was named for him. 1954 Henry L. Anderson* (46), attorney and father of Kiwanian Henry L. Anderson Jr. 1955 L. William Allen, with Murchison & Bailey Advertising. 1955 George B. Herndon* (49), Fayetteville Mayor, Post Master, music store owner and father of Kiwanian and attorney George B. Herndon, Jr. who served as the President in 1975. 1956 Charles H. vonRosenberg (47), CPA and founder of Haigh Byrd & Lambert. 1957 Franklin S. Clark* (42), attorney and developer who donated the land for Highland Country Club. Father of Kiwanian Billy Clark. 1958 Bert Ishee (52), Kiwanis Lt. Gov in 1983, principal at Alexander Graham Junior High School. 1959 Isaac O'Hanlon* (45), Kiwanis Lt. Gov. in 1959 and a member of the N.C. House. He was the owner of Antex Exterminating Co. Father of Kiwanian Eddie O'Hanlon. Legends and Legacies ... Compiled by LEE WARREN KIWANIS INTERNATIONAL Phil Harris Sr. 1984, Rick Booth 1992 Dick Fisher 1996 George Holden 1997 Howard Bullard, Sandy Sanders 1978, Lee Warren 2011

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