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June 18, 2014

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June 18, 2014 3 1240 W. MAIN ST. Located Directly across from McDonald‛s in Quartzsite! Open DAILY 10am-4:30pm OPEN YEAR ROUND! Pays top dollar for: Scrap Gold, Gold Coins, Dental Gold, All gold Marked 10K, 14K, 18K Foreign Coins, Silver Coins, Old U. S. Coins, Proof Sets. All Type Coins, Old U.S. and Foreign Paper Money, Famous Autographs. JIM BUYS GOLD NEED CASH? Paul Winer to play in New York City! DATES DEADLINE SPECIAL SUMMER EDITIONS: Wed. July 16 July 11 _ Wed. Aug. 6 July 30 Desert Messenger Summer Publishing Schedule Call 928-916-4235 E-mail: Note date changes! By Joanne Winer When Paul Winer moved to Quartzsite 24 years ago, he gave up a very suc- cessful music/comedy career so that his daughter Celia could go to school after being on the road ever since she was born. Paul spent 25 years travel- ing all over the East Coast and across Canada doing his very special brand of Boogie/Woogie blues music, along with slapstick comedy routines that were totally off the cuff. After playing in hundreds of towns and cities to over a million and a half people, and making such a successful career at it, Paul decided that life on the road for his daughter was not the best at the time she had to start school, so he didn't play piano for many years after moving to Quartzsite. Awhile after their daughter Celia passed away in 1994, it just seemed the time had come to start playing again. Paul was given a piano from one of the local churches, and he also got another one given to him for the store. Now he has two pianos at the bookstore, an up- right that is on wheels for doing shows around the area, and a baby grand that he loves to play for customers in the store when he has time. He still had no plans to do much more than that. Fate stepped in several years ago when he got a call from Salisbury Beach, Mass. from a club where he used to play at the beach. They were trying to contact many of the old acts who played there in the 70's to put on a reunion concert to benefi t the local preservation beach society. Paul ini- tially was not going to consider it, since he had never fl own in his life, but after thinking about it, he decided to do the show bad enough to fl y back east for the concert, where he was greeted by over 1000 fans of his show from the 70's. What a joyous event! It started him thinking again about reviving his show but doing it a little different - he used to do it to an adult audience with very little on - now around this area he is fully clothed (some would say overdressed) and has played local ven- ues, like the Q.I.A. in Quartzsite to the 800 seat sell-out crowds for the past four Januarys- to the Blues Festival in Blythe, Palo Verde College in Blythe, Elks Club in Parker and my local RV Parks and Recreation Halls. Over a year ago, he was approached to work with a young producer from New York named Pierce Cravens, who had heard of Paul and fl ew out to meet with him about doing a reality show for television based upon Quartzsite. Pierce fl ew out several times to fi lm Paul's concerts at several events, and also at the store. The show is still in the planning and editing phase and it is hoped to be produced very soon. In the mean time, Pierce invited Paul to come to New York to play at one of the premier theater venues in the area, The Public Theater on Lafayette Street, New York City. The place is called Joe's Pub and from the photos on their web- site, it's a very classy and well attended venue for some great shows. Paul is now offi cially booked for a concert on September 6th at 9:30 p.m. and per- haps another show if all goes well. Paul is so excited to be fl ying again (once he got on the plane, he loved it!) and meeting up with his blues har- monica player Will Pirone (who fl ies here every January to do shows at the Q.I.A. with Paul. They will have a blast doing this concert together - while being fi lmed by Pierce for future promotions. What a great oppor- tunity! They are planning to contact a lot of places where Paul was booked back in the 70's and hopefully that will lead to more work while he is on the east coast. He's planning on seeing a lot of old friends from way back when, too! If you happen to be going to the New York City area and will be there September 6th, you might want to take in this show, or if you know anyone who will be in that area, let them know about it! This special engagement, after a 30 year hiatus in that area, along with Paul's improv storytell- ing, hilarious songs, and cabaret style concert has to be seen to be believed! Who would have thought this little town would be the subject of a real- ity show or all the concerts and other events that have come along?! Paul is now ready to revive his music career on a bigger basis, and is still writing new songs and making CDs and DVDs at the age of 71...guess when you do something you really love, ages doesn't matter, eh? To check out this upcoming concert visit the link to the information online at en/Tickets/Calendar/PlayDetailsCol- lection/Joes-Pub/Sweet-Pie. You can also just Google Joe's Pub, New York City and that will get you there too. Tickets are on sale already and box offi ce sales look very promising as well. Hope he has a great time and a very successful show! DEADLINE : WED. JU LY 11 for JULY 16 TH edition Desert Messenger Email: 928-916-4235

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