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June 18, 2014

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June 18, 2014 17 RECYCLE THIS NEWSPAPER thank you! ROCKS FROM PAGE 15 Quartzsite Transit Services SUMMER SCHEDULE Available to our elderly, elderly disabled and disabled populations. Summer schedule is thru October 31st. Our hours of operation are 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Pickups will begin at 8:20am; scheduling may be done two weeks in advance. An adult must accompany rid- ers under 10 years of age. There is limited occupancy of 8 passengers depend- ing on the size of the van available. To schedule a pickup call Quartzsite Town Hall at 928-927-4333. VAN SCHEDULE & SUGGESTED DONATIONS FOR SERVICE (round trip) Monday Local QUARTZSITE $ 3 Tuesday (1st) BLYTHE $10 Tuesday (2nd & 4th ) PARKER $10 Wednesday (1st, 3rd) YUMA/ALGODONES $15 Wednesday (2nd) LAKE HAVASU CITY $15 Wednesday Local QUARTZSITE $ 3 Thursday PARKER $10 Friday Local QUARTZSITE $ 3 Space donated by Desert Messenger - - and unloading ore and supplies for the mines in the Walapai Mining District. The railway from Kingman, called the Arizona and Utah Railway, was inau- gurated on August 16, 1898. Remains of the wagon road used to transport ore from the Stockton Hill mines to the railroad can still be seen in the White Cliffs Canyon. Here, the deep ruts and holes made in the rock as miners pushed and pulled carts loaded with ore through the rugged desert terrain provides a interesting glimpse of min- ing life in the Kingman area during the late 1800s. While traveling through Arizona this summer, on your way to or from Quartzsite, make a point to explore the rich mining history of Kingman and the surrounding area. Your time will be richly rewarded. For more information and photos of Kingman and the Miner- al Park Mine visit our blog "Adventures With Rocks." We carry a great selection of Turquoise, including Kingman Tur- quoise, as well as books, maps, tools, supplies, and more, for rockhounding and prospecting. We will be open in Quartzsite in November, at A37 in Rice Ranch. Meanwhile, visit our website or call us at 605-376-8754 to order. See ya in the fall! Happy Prospecting! MISSING FROM PAGE 1 grateful that this ministry will con- tinue. We still plan to seek justice regarding this illegal tax. Once paid, we will fi le a petition with the La Paz County Commissioners to have the $68,000 in illegal taxes refunded. This case will play out in one of two scenarios. Scenario 1. If the county refuses to refund our money, then Alliance Defending Freedom will again step in and represent our church in the courts. We praise God that they take up cases such as ours at no charge. While the court refused to hear our case until the tax was paid, the appeals court judges indicated that they believe that the tax was illegally assessed. As a result, we are confi dent that justice will prevail and that we will receive a refund of the full amount to use for ministry. A win in this case also means that the legal precedent will be set so that this tax cannot be as- sessed in the future. Scenario 2. If the County does what is right and refunds the taxes without a court fi ght, then the Cen- ter for Arizona Policy will initiate legislation that will protect Church of the Isaiah 58 Project of Arizona as well as other churches and non- profi t organizations from being assessed this illegal tax. We are confi dent the Arizona State Legisla- ture will outlaw this illegal tax. We will continue to update you in our pursuit of justice. Thank you again for your help and support. Without you, Church of Isaiah 58 Project as we know it today would have ceased. Thou- sands who turn to us for help and for hope would have been lost. Hundreds of those who are blessed with an opportunity to serve at Isaiah 58 would have been dispersed. Your gift makes an eternal difference. Stapleton is 58 and has grey hair, about 5'10 or 6' tall. All of his be- longings, including his cell phone and vehicle are still at his home and his front door was left wide open, police said. QPD held a public informa- tional meeting regarding the miss- ing person case of Stapleton on Thursday evening, June 12th at Town Hall. Offi cer Tanakeyowma said they have interviewed a few people and are following up on leads every day. He stated, "There's no evidence that it's a criminal matter. We are handling a missing person case." He an- nounced the family has offered a $500 reward to information leading to the whereabouts of Stapleton. The news spread quickly via the local Facebook pages and other social media. Jenny Mills, who administers the group "Quartzsite Chatter", is also the manager of the park Stapleton resides. She connected with Stapleton's fam- ily and locals ventured out into the nearby desert searching for Stapleton. An ATV search party was being formed the day before the meeting, but QPD asked the group to hold off until after the meeting. Offi cer Tanakeyowma asked the public to be cautious, go out in groups, and notify QPD if going out to search. He said Stapleton is partially disabled and they don't have any information that he went out into the desert. "He may have just left town, but we don't know. We are waiting on information to come back to us," but would not divulge any further. He asked the public to notify the police if you saw or spoke with Stapleton on June 18th or 19th. If you have any information leading to the whereabouts of Sta- pleton, please contact Quartzsite Police Offi cer Conley or Offi cer Tanakeyowma at 928-927-4644. ISAIAH FROM PAGE 1 The TOPS AZ 0078, Quartzsite Chapter will continue on thru the the site on Desert Vista....same time, same place... Those interested can still weigh in, and get the support from each other of attending, thanks. We have year-round folks, the rest of us go to cooler climes until the fall! Thanks for all you do for us....Hugs, V Ruth McAlister... Chapter Co-Leader For informa- tion during that time, please call Zee @ 928-927-5075 . TOPS summer schedule

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