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June 18, 2014

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14 June 18, 2014 Got Drugs? Turn in your unused or expired medication for safe disposal Mon - Fri. 8am-5pm Quartzsite Police Department DEADLINE : WED. JU LY 11 for JULY 16 TH edition Desert Messenger Email: 928-916-4235 La Paz County, AZ- La Paz County Health Department was the recipi- ent of its seventh Daniel T. Cloud Outstanding Practice Award for exceptional immunization rates in adolescents at the annual Arizona Partnership for Immunizations (TAPI) awards ceremony in Phoe- nix, April 23, 2014. Since its inception in 2000, The Arizona Partnership for Immu- nizations (TAPI) has recognized exceptional efforts of individuals, community groups, and organiza- tions that have made a difference in immunization coverage levels within the last year with the Daniel T. Cloud Award. This can be done through the development of new ideas and/or policies that lead to increased rates, or by meeting cer- tain targeted goals. The Daniel T. Cloud Award is for any organization or practice with Health Dept. receives prestigious award outstanding immunization rates in one of two categories: toddlers and adolescents. The toddler award is for an organization that has reached a 90% or higher cover- age level for children that are fully immunized before the age two. The adolescent category is for an orga- nization that has reached 90% cov- erage rates for the vaccines Tdap, MCV4, and HPV. The awards are presented in 2 year cycles. La Paz County Health Department has received a total of fi ve toddler and two adolescent awards: the most awards any health department or practice has received. "We are proud of our staff," said Diana Grazier, La Paz County Direc- tor of Nursing, "but we couldn't do it without the tremendous support we get from the schools or the diligent ef- fort on the part of the parents/guard- ians of these children." PHOTO Courtesty of La Paz Health Dept: Lorena Ramirez, Maria Almada, Jamie Enriquez R.N., Director of Nursing Diana Grazier R.N., and Health Director Marion Shontz. Special to Desert Messenger By Lyle Browning University of Arizona . Cooperative Extension Service After reading an account of Wil- liams Az. water woes, it reminded me how fortunate we are to have ample water for domestic use and irrigation here in La Paz County. However, overwatering landscape and agriculture plants is expensive and counter- productive. Not only do higher water costs result, but too much water can push plant nutrients below root zones, thereby increasing fertilizer costs. Knowing how much water a particular plant needs just takes a bit of informa- tion. How quickly does the water pen- etrate the soil? How deep do the plants roots go? With this informa- tion and some simple testing, you can determine how much water to apply. Watering frequency will depend on plant use, soil structure, and temperature. Observe plants in the morning. Many plants will wilt during the hot summer afternoons, but the plant may just be trying to reduce it's evapo-transpiration rate. Our offi ce can provide information on what root depth a particular plant type will have. Contact us with your plant questions. We are happy to help and the information is free. Our telephone number is 928 669- 9843 or visit our offi ce week days. We are located at 2524 Mutahar just off Shay Road, Parker. Wise Watering saves money We knew we could get you to read this ad! For effective advertising contact Desert Messenger today! Call Rain at 928-916-4235 or visit

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