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June 1, 2011

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J��� 1, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 BEAUTIFUL QES SCORPION A few days ago I had reason to visit the Quartzsite Elementary School and was surprised to see the beautiful “Scorpion” that adorns the East wall. I would personally like to thank P.J. Bettmann for her painting skills. Also helping with the project was Linda and Mark both faculty members, and Steve Bennett who loaned them the scaffold. I wish we would have known so the paper could have been present to watch its progress from start to fi nish. All in all folks, it’s a great addition to the persona of the School. These are just a few of the small things that help to make a Town stand out from the rest. Good job to everyone involved. I can only imagine the pride the students feel each time they see their “Mascot” who greets them daily. Mary Huntley MAY 21ST? Once again a date specifi c for the world to end, has come and gone. I woke up Sunday the 22nd of May, at an early hour and marveled at the beautiful sunshine and a temperature of 75 Degrees. I lay there and pondered at the weirdness of mortal mankind. This isn’t the fi rst earth ending debacle in my life time. At least, I haven’t heard of any suicides, yet. Where people lie dead, from the living ���.D�����M��������.��� expectation, the next morning they would rise again, in a blaze of glory, out there somewhere in the great unknown. Mankind should quit tinkering with life and earth, so we could all breath a little easier. Elmer F. London LOOKING FOR ANSWERS I would like to become more active involved in Town Council meetings, but here are some problems I have found. 1) I fi rst moved here three years ago. An RV park here ran us off on Christmas Day saying, “We don’t want mental illness people like you here!” The park manager even pushed me, yet the QPD said we had to leave. 2) Another RV park told us to leave because two homeless friends were coming over from Isaiah 58 to keep out of the rain and cold during days. We came back over a year ago sleeping in our car 118 degrees out, with our black lab, had two weeks to go before payday to rent a place. We do no drugs, have no criminal record. I have worked with homeless shelters, AA, NA, law, have a college degree. Yes, a mental illness, yet I care for people, help the sick, well, elder, dying, pray for all, I try my best not to repeat gossip because it only hurts one’s soul. Last year I had two Quartzsite Angels that helped us pay rent at a RV park where we are today, and have been The 6 PILLARS OF CHARACTER Coupon for RESPONSIBILITY : Parents, community partners: when observ- ing children use this Pillar of Character, please sign and date. The student turning in the most coupons to Main St. Eatery by September 1, 2011 wins a prize. Please make copies. Additional coupons for other Pillars of Char- acter will be published in the Desert Messenger throughout the summer. Do what you are sup- posed to do • Plan ahead • Persevere: keep on try- ing! • Always do your best • Use self-control • Be self-disciplined • Think before you act — con- sider the consequences • Be accountable for your words, actions, and at- titudes • Set a good ex- ample for others Act of RESPONSIBILITY performed: __________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ _______________________________________ Child’s Name: ___________________________ Child’s Age: ________ Date________________ Signature_______________________________ blessed by many since. I have tried to fi nd those two people and only seen them once after they paid the rent. I thank God every day for them. I feel it is a shame to hang peoples dirty laundry out. First let’s recall the council members, now the major, let’s sue this one, let’s pray at meetings, but forget to act like human beings to each other with love, caring, and sharing for each other. We keep pointing fi ngers and fi nding faults instead of looking for answers. Come on folks what is a town meeting about???? Thank You, Sandra LaMothe Quartzsite SUCH A GREAT PLACE TO LIVE Saturday May 28 was a very warm and blustery day, but at the town park many people gathered for fun, food and a good time. Unfortunately it was too windy to set up the blow ups (slide and water feature) for the kids, but they still P��� 5 had a good time. And it was fun just watching them run and play, wishing we could bottle some of that energy and “sell it-we could make a fortune.” Firefi ghters, police offi cers and young people from the community treated us to a softball game, the fi nal score is really not important, what is important is that all of the players were winners. What took place Saturday is part of what makes Quartzsite such a great place to live, that in this hectic fast paced world, here we can still enjoy a day at the park with our neighbors. Patricia Anderson Quartzsite Town Council  SEE LETTERS ON PAGE 14 Second-hand smoke kills 53,000 people a year. It’s no longer a business issue; it’s a public emergency. LIVE SMOKE-FREE Report Smoke-Free Arizona violations anonymously at or call 928-669-5912.

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