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June 1, 2011

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P��� 4 Read the Every Tuesday 5:30-6:30 pm 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month 2:30-3:30 pm Refreshments Provided Located at: Alliance Church Fellowship Hall 665 W. Tyson, Quartzsite, AZ Open to the Community! Questions? Call Toll Free 1-888-854-5024 Life’s Most Important Journey” “THE PEOPLE’S VOICE” Letters to Editor Policy Desert Messenger encourages letters from its readers. Letters should be no longer than 300 words, and may be edited for grammar, content and length. OPINIONS EXPRESSED HERE DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THOSE OF THE DESERT MESSENGER. We invite you to not only see a problem, but search for the solution to share with the com- munity, keeping the benefi t of all in mind. Letters considered libelous, in poor taste, on a personal issue, mean spirited or dominated by Scripture quotes will not be published. Third party letters will not be accepted. To avoid confusion over people with com- mon or similar names, writers must provide a full name and indicate the name they are known by. Writers must provide a full street address and phone number. Rvers can provide the location of park/BLM land, etc. Street addresses will not be published. Phone numbers are for verifi cation only and will not be printed. Mail letters to: The People’s Voice, Desert Messenger, P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 or E-mail to: 541-218-2560 “Your Trusted Partner on Located at Parker Public Library 1000 Navajo Ave. Parker, Arizona (Enter right of main door by bike rack) Refreshments Provided OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY! Serving Quartzsite and Surrounding Areas Coping With Loss Adult Grief Support Coping With Loss Adult Grief Support Desert Messenger online @ ���.D�����M��������.��� THE PEOPLE’S VOICE LOVE FOR A SMALL TOWN How many of us when asked where we live are greeted with the statement, “I didn’t know anyone LIVED there”. Well indeed we do; 3677 hearty souls who choose to endure the summer heat and the infl ux of winter visitors during the peak season. There are both pluses and minuses to living in a small town, but ohhh how the pluses out way the negative. When we recently celebrated our anniversary we were invited to dinner by friends, and then joined by nine more friends. What a pleasant surprise. Many con- gratulations were extended by people in our church, The Eatery, the markets and on the street. Thank you all for the kind words. This, however, is only the icing on the cake so to speak. How many of you re- Deadline for July 6th issue of the Desert Messenger is WED. June 29th Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 ceive a call from the Library letting you know your favorite author has a new book in? What about the elated person who can’t wait to show you the pictures of the elephant he recently found in the rocks halfway to Yuma. How many small towns host a “Cof- fee with Cops” where you can ask the Chief or Offi cers questions you have concerns about? Many acts of kindness are shown to those in need of help, if your car is out of commission or you have doctor’s appointments, someone is there to take you. Another breaks a bone and has no spouse to lean on, so a friend steps in. In the past, one of our Police Offi cers was in an almost fatal shooting, we lost a student to an unfor- tunate car accident, and the outpouring of our citizens was outstanding. These things are truly the worth of a Town; not the buildings, sidewalks, parks or improvements but the sum of its people. So remember the true beauty is the smile on our faces, the words of encouragement, the card you didn’t expect and the loving hugs you receive when needed. So to us who call Quartzsite home, this is the real beauty of “Our Town”! Mary and Wes Huntley Quartzsite General Store Quartzsite FOR ALL YOUR GROCERY NEEDS! OPEN 7 DAYS 8AM-6PM SALES RUN THURS.-SAT. (NEW FLYER TUES.) 410 E. MAIN ST. Fresh Meats (retail & wholesale) 928-927-6310 A.P.S. Pay Station AZ Lottery & Pick Fish & Game Licenses Beer & Wine J��� 1, 2011 HATE MAIL HURTS PEOPLE This is not the usual way to start a let- ter to the editor. However, your Edito- rial of May 18, 2011 hit a chord with me. Like you I also received hate mail, when I was on the council. The fi rst was sent to the owner of the company I worked for. The second went to town hall and the third (why, I don’t know) to the Quartzsite Yacht Club. These were sent over the course of a few years. The fi rst I thought was funny as the writer had no idea about my personal life. Outside of telling relatives and close friends I kept it to myself. I knew the name used to sign the letter was not the person who wrote it. The second two were sent dunning my recall elec- tion and were signed “E. Foster”. I told Mr. Foster at the time that someone was using his name, but he did not seem to care. In the third letter, the writer gave away her identity and then it all came together for me. Can I prove it was her? Probably not. Do I care anymore? Yes, because of her hate and contempt for good people, it hurts the people I care about. One thing about life, God has a way to sort things out in the end. Sincerely, Carolyn Guthrie  SEE LETTERS ON PAGE 5 Need Extra Money? Part time position available at the Hi-Jolly Outpost Quartzsite Yacht Club Motel Now Open in Quartzsite! WiGo Communication Computer Sales & Accessories Computer Repair Center Cell Phone Service Provider & Accessories 395 N. Central Blvd. Wireless, Keyboards, USB Cords, Data Storage, Routers, Switches, More! Open Mon-Fri. 10-5 928-927-5958 See Carol at the Motel Office or Call 928-927-5628 Fun! Friendly! Easy!

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