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April 20, 2011

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A���� 20, 2011  HOTEL FROM PAGE 8 mining interests and then to grace the spacious parlor and beautiful verandas of the Alaska Hotel, its owners closed their hand-carved oak doors for good. In the years that followed the aban- doned hotel was visited by the curious who wanted to see where all the excite- ment had been. And then there were the scavengers, looters, and just plain thieves who tore out the fl ooring hoping to fi nd a nugget that might have fallen through a crack. Collectors came away with rare old bottles found in the hotel’s trash pits. Years passed. Looters had taken a toll on the once elegant hotel and that’s when Bill Keiser saw a new future for the Alas- ka Hotel. Even though scavengers had removed most of its windows and doors, Bill acquired the property and then piece by piece hauled what was left to Quartz- site. One of the fi rst thing he put onto his truck was what he called “the prize”, the huge potbelly stove that would adorn and warm the large living room that he had planned for his dream home. He care- fully removed the 10-foot lengths of oak fl ooring and then oak walls. Bill had to work fast since those who saw him haul- ing materials away decided it was okay ���.D�����M��������.��� for them to take whatever they wanted. Bill worked night and day until he fi nally had the old hotel completely disassem- bled and moved over to Quartzsite. In 1953, when Bill was almost 80 years old, he decided he wouldn’t build his dream house after all. He sold some of the bricks to Peterson’s Trailer Park, which is now known as Hassler’s Trailer Park [presently Casa Del Sol]. Mr. Pe- terson used the bricks to make a utility room and rest rooms. The bricks from the Alaska Hotel are easily identifi ed be- cause one side of the brick looks like nat- ural stone. Bill sold the bricks in small amounts because he said he was thinking about building a smaller dream home. Finally he realized just how comfortable he already was in his wonderful adobe home that had once been Quartzsite’s Desert Beacon Hotel. The Alaska Hotel of Bouse came to rest in various locations around Quartzsite. Perhaps a retaining wall, planter box, or walkway was constructed from the bricks of the hotel. A Bouse friend once said she often felt the spirits of those long-ago Swansea Mine investors lingering near at sunset enjoying the cool desert breezes. I had a question for Bill Keiser that he never answered and still gnaws at me; why was it named the Alaska Hotel? LAPTOP CLEANING AND OPTIMIZING Virus and Malware removal, plus protection and optimization. Keep your system clean and protected. Optimization allows more system effi ciency and speed. “If I can’t fi x don’t pay!” Call for appt. & rates today! Have fi ve cleanings get the sixth for free! Send a friend get $5.00 dollars cash or credit. Randall Strong • 928- 927-9139 Alternative Therapies “SIZZLIN” SUMMER SPECIAL!! Refer 3 and You are FREE! * • Reiki • Hypnosis • Ear Candling with Barbara • Massage with Barbara or Lois • We do Hot Rock, Sweedish, or Deep Tissue massage • We also do massage and ear candling for dogs * MIX OR MATCH----Refer 3 people to Barbara, or 3 people to Lois, and YOUR treatment is FREE!!! 255 N. CENTRAL BLVD. PALM PLAZA #8, QUARTZSITE Barbara 928-927-5858 Lois 928-273-8348 BONUS COUPON $100 OFF With the Purchase of 5 Series 4000 Windows When purchased at time of bid. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5-31-11 Expires 2-28-11 BONUS COUPON $200 OFF With the Purchase of 10 Series 4000 Windows When purchased at time of bid. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 5-31-11 Expires 2-28-11 P��� 7

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