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April 20, 2011

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A���� 20, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 driving through. If someone driving through sees an attractive environment, they’ll stop and do business. This is all common sense. How many of you women want people to show up at your home when it’s not clean? One bad apple spoils the whole barrel! The purpose for the creation of the town code is to create a safe and healthy, attractive, happy environment for the public. How can anyone want to fi ght against safety and health? The safety and health of our winter visitors, the public that drive through town, our local families, the safety of children, relative and even the safety of our pets. The question right now is how to enforce the town code when people just refuse to comply. This is not politics… this is safety and health. You’re the ones who helped create these codes, you put the council into offi ce. Give them the support to enforce these codes for your own benefi t, safety and health of others who might come here. What do you want? Do the businesses want more customers? Does the public want a safe and healthy environment to shop and do business? It’s up to you. Make your stand. S. Jones, Quartzsite YELLOW JOURNALISM IN THE HIGHEST DEGREE My sister, whom I was visiting in Quartzsite recently, sent me a copy of something called Desert Freedom Press. She sent it because she knew I had witnessed the so-called “story” of that paper’s banner headline. I read it in shock and dismay. My fi rst thought was “what a crock!” I read it twice to make sure it said what I read. The whole thing is a pack of lies! I understand the name of the lady involved is Sondra Gilbert, and her husband is the Quartzsite Police Chief. I also know the incident took place on the stated date. Other than those three points, the entire article is a complete and unmitigated pack of lies. “Story” is the proper word for it- a tale to equal ���.D�����M��������.��� the Brothers Grimm. To try to set the record straight, Mrs. Gilbert did NOT shout she was the wife of the Chief of Police! NOR did she mention it at all until some vendor yelled several times, “She’s the Police Chief’s wife, you dumb ----!” At that point, Mrs. Gilbert fi nally said, “Yes, I am, but my name is Sandy Gilbert and I can take care of my own problems. I don’t hide behind my husband’s badge!” At NO TIME did she ever say she was the police! I felt she handled herself quite well considering the “drill bit vendor” was on such a tirade that spit fl ew from his mouth. He was extremely rude and loud. His ranting and yelling was completely out of line for the situation at hand. I’m writing because as a professional writer, I resent Yellow Journalism, which is exactly what that pack of lies called Desert Freedom Press is. The amendment covering freedom of the press was never intended to encompass lies and half truths. I’m sure the authors of that bill are turning in their graves, like a child’s spinning top, at how it’s being abused by that tabloid. Sincerely, D.E. Saunders THANK YOU MARGARET & ELMER LONDON Margaret and Elmer have a long his- tory of volunteerism in our commu- nity, and when Elmer sees that he can do something to help us, he does it and Margaret is right there with him! This time, Elmer and Margaret donated a hand-held power-horn from Radio Shack. It’s for use at special events and fun in the park or parades. It will help everyone to hear what is going on and operate independently of a sound sys- tem. As members of the former Vet- erans Association of Quartzsite, they helped to donate to the Town a parade trailer, with fl ags, bunting, portable sound system, and storage shed, when the Veterans Association dissolved. They are used at every event by the Town, the VFW and other non-profi t organizations. Elmer and Margaret have a deep un- RV Day/Night SHADE REPAIR Remove/Restring/Reinstall Mobile Service • Affordable Pricing! Discount for multiple blinds! 7 years experience Are your blinds too tight or too loose? We can adjust. AZ Lic. #1622 714-916-1702 derstanding of what makes a commu- nity. They attend Town Council meet- ings and other Town sponsored events, they have volunteered their time to just about every organization in Quartzsite including the QIA, the Senior Center, AZ Centennial Committee, Willpower Inc. and as Ham Radio Operators, they assist with every parade. This most recent donation of a power- horn is so typical of their generosity. As Elmer said, “I thought it would come in handy, so I ordered one for you.” “Come in handy”, it most certainly will but the far greater gift is having El- mer and Margaret in our community, looking out for us and seeing what else might “Come in handy”. 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