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April 20, 2011

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A���� 20, 2011 Quartzsite, AZ- The BLM is review- ing the plans for a solar tower north of Quartzsite. A scoping period, in which the public has the opportunity to com- ment on the proposed land use amend- ment, is underway. Two public meetings were held on the proposed land use plan amendment. If you missed the meeting in Quartzsite on Tuesday, April 19th, you still have time to comment on the proposed plan amendment. The scoping period ends April 29, 2010. The Notice of Intent on the plan amendment was published in the Fed- eral Register on March 30, 2011. The Notice of Intent initiates the public participation process under the Na- tional Environmental Policy Act. To request information on BLM’s par- ticipation or comment on the proposed plan amendment: Eddie Arreola Supervisory Project Manager Bureau of Land Management 1 North Central Avenue, Suite 800 Phoenix, AZ 85004 Telephone: (602) 417-9505 Fax: (602) 417-9454 ���.D�����M��������.��� Solar Power coming to Quartzsite? The fi rst of two? of Quartzsite and adjacent to Arizona State Route 95. The generation plant, power line and ancillary facilities would be on BLM-administered land. The proposed project would use con- centrating solar “power tower” tech- nology to capture the sun’s heat to make steam, which would power tra- ditional steam turbine generators. The solar power facility would include a 653-foot tower, which would be the receiver of energy refl ected from solar fi elds. The solar fi elds are made up of heliostats, which are a collection of mirrors. The project would also include a thermal energy storage system. The lead federal agency dealing with the Quartzsite Solar Energy applica- tion is the Western Area Power Au- thority (WAPA). The BLM is a cooper- ating agency. The Second Solar Tower Update E-mail: Proposed Project Quartzsite Solar Energy proposes to construct a 100-megawatt solar-pow- ered electrical generation facility in La Paz County, Arizona. The project is pro- posed for an area about 10 miles north WHAT TO DO IF POWER GOES OFF The west side of Quartzsite experienced its fi rst power outage of the season on Monday, April 18, 2011. In preparation for the summer, APS offers tips to stay prepared: Summer storms can temporarily inter- rupt electric service to your home. Pre- paring yourself and your home will help you weather Arizona’s Monsoon season safely and with minimum discomfort. In the event of an outage, APS offers the fol- lowing tips: During major outages, the media will announce when power will be restored. Maintain battery-powered fl ashlights or lanterns on hand so that you can easily fi nd them in the dark. Make sure all fam- ily members know where the fl ashlights are located. And, stock up on extra bat- teries. Lastly, ensure you have at least one telephone in the house that is not cordless since cordless phones need elec- tricity to function. If you choose to use candles for light- ing be sure to use extra precaution due to the risk of fi re. Do not use candles near fl ammable materials or where they can Keep a battery-operated radio handy. Be prepared In October, 2010, EnviroMission se- cured a 200MW Power Purchase Agreement with the Southern Cali- fornian Public Power Authority to deliver power from the fi rst of two planned Solar Tower Power develop- ments in Arizona. The company plans to builda a 2,400-foot-tall solar tower near Quartzsite by 2014. This project is planned to be built on Arizona State Lands. be knocked over or reached by small chil- dren or family pets. If you have an electrically operated ga- P��� 3 FREEWAY IN QUARTZSITE! TIRE NOW OPEN 1077 W. Main St. Quartzsite 10% DISCOUNT ON ALL NEW TIRE PURCHASES! Available 24/7!! Mobile Vehicle & Tire Repair Service In-House Transmission Shop 90 Days Same as Cash! Gift Certificates • FREE AIR! FREE COFFEE! Stop in and Say Hello! • FREE Krispy Kreme donuts on Wednesday mornings (till gone) Air Check! rage door opener, be sure to familiarize yourself with the owner’’ manual so you will be able to release the door when the power is off. If you don’t have a manual, you may be able to obtain information by calling a contractor who installs your brand of door opener. You can report a power outage and get outage status information through APS’ automated phone system. When you call, you should be prepared to give your APS account number and phone number. If your power is still off when you are ready for bed, you can also request a wake-up call via the automated phone system. When your call is answered, press 1 + 1; then follow the system’s in- structions. To report an outage call 1-800-253-9405. For Quartzsite residents, APS brings a truckload of dry ice to the Shell Station at corner of Hwy. 95 & Main St. for extended outages. Get instant text messages when news happens by signing up on Twitter. Stay connected with #QuartzsiteRain. OPEN Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm Sat. 8am-7pm Sun. 9am-4pm Reporting a power outage Our Mechanics Work on • CAT • Cummins • Detroit Diesel Engines CALL 928-927-5219 “State or local taxes or surcharges for environmental protection will be an extra charge.” FREE of Mechanics! AUTO, RV, Compliment Full MOTORCOACH SEMI EXPERT RV REPAIR Eagle, GMC, Van Hool, MCI, Prevost

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