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September 15, 2010

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P��� 12 ���.D�����M��������.��� S�������� 15, 2010 Changing Hearts...Changing Lives Through Worshipping God & Serving Others family friendly films JOIN US FOR GREAT MOVIES! 2ND & 4TH FRIDAYS Cartoons @ 6:30 pm Movie @ 7 pm Free refreshments • Sunday: Christian Education 9am Worship 10:30am Evening Worship 7pm • Wednesday: Bible Study 7pm Women’s Bible Study - 10am SERVICE TIMES: • Thursday: 12 Steps to Freedom 7pm • Friday: Discipleship Class 10 am Grow in your relationship with God Alternative Therapies now in Quartzsite! ~ Reiki ~ Hypnosis ~ Ear Candling 665 W. Tyson Street, Quartzsite Pastor Bruce Swart 928-927-5808 Nutritional Products Available Barbara Lancaster, R.N., C.H.T., R.M.T. Mary Kay and 255 N. Central Blvd. Palm Plaza #8 928-927-5858 No excuse for boredom in Quartzsite Quartzsite Photo by Jedidiah Free (Article page 14) down in the dumps? Nothing to do here in Quartzsite? You say the last time you felt this bored was just before that ter- rible day last month when the last thing you remembered was standing on the roof with your homemade hang glider and yelling, “Hey, honey, watch this!”, and you woke up the ambulance with two cracked ribs, and a wing spar pro- truding from your left buttock? Nothing has gone right since then. Your wife got after you to put those muddy boots away, and just to keep the peace, you got out of bed, took them off, and were bitten by Bob, that cute chubby little dog your wife’s brother left with you to watch. And you say you looked under the bed and “Bob” had at least seven puppies- you’re not certain, because every time you put your hand near one, she would growl! And you say your wife just discovered the diamond engagement ring you gave her forty years ago, isn’t. And your new Hello there, neighbor. Feeling a little get out of the chair, and volun- teer for the Arizona Centennial of Quartzsite Celebration! Call “Rain” Golden-Bear at 541-218-2560. The AZ Centennial Committee of Quartzsite has many, many events and activities planned in the coming months, and you can be a big part of them. I happened to see a list of their planned events, and there were so many my brains fell out! Okay, slight exaggeration, but you get the point. Joe Winslow, Quartzsite watch with the Lifetime Guarantee only comes with a two day warranty. And thanks to Oprah’s new healthy eating book, your wife has decided to serve a tuna fish and graham cracker casserole for dinner tonight, washed down with a yummy glass of 2% milk and molasses. Is life giving you lemons and the only recipe you remember is orange juice? Are you bored out of your mind? Is that your problem Skippy? Well, put down that can of beer, movies

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