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May 2, 2012

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May 2, 2012 Perspectives Quirky Quartzsite's Contributed by Violet Kiss Isn't it amazing people are support- ing the anti-Quartzsite candidates of Ed Foster and his (sometimes) girl- friend, Pat Workman (who is she- has she done anything here for this Town? She is NOT Pat Anderson, our Councilwoman. Please do not confuse the two), along with Jennifer "Jade" Jones? They have spent huge amounts of energy, time and money (from a certain someone's deep pock- ets) to make Quartzsite look as bad as possible, even Ed with squealing about the checks (ad nauseum). They were offered to him via FOIA if the copies were paid for, $300. He would not pay. We all have to pay for cop- ies of Towns records. So, hang it up, Foster, the proof is there. Why would Snowbirds, visitors or vendors want to come back here when they are constantly bombard- ed with…negatives, negatives, and more negatives. Anyone who un- derstands "Marketing 101" knows our townspeople? The only time they show up anywhere is to incite trouble; let's just say create unfounded rumors or to completely change a situation, ie: at Coffee with Cops or at Town Council Meetings. How sad. Here's an example of a stupid un- founded rumor, to create havoc: Jen- nifer "Jade" Jones mentions that 3 people had a private meeting on the northwest corner of Kuehn and Cen- tral on Saturday, April 21st. Well, since I am one of the three; here we go. As most people have seen the Ro- tary dedication sign there, the Rotary does a Highway Cleanup twice a year on Central, just south of Main. I'm sure many have seen Rotarians doing this over the years. The 3? Barbara Cowell, Councilwoman, Rain Golden- Bear, Editor/ Owner of the Desert Messenger and myself, all three of us are Rotarians. It was over 90 degrees that sunny morning so all jumped into my air conditioned car until others showed up. Unfortunately, one of our that constant negative news about a town drives vendors, visitors, Snowbirds and some residents away and devalues property? It's also amazing these same people do not sit on one Board, Committee or be involved in any way to help This day in Arizona History - MAY May 1, 1856 the fi rst camels arrived in Texas to embark on the famous Camel Survey across northern Arizona to mark the path for the future Santa Fe Railroad and Route 66. May 5, 1866 Congress, succumb- ing to pressure from of Nevada, took Pah Ute County away from Arizona and awarded it to the more politically-potent silver state. It became known as the "Lost Pah Ute County. May 11, 1889 a band of masked men ambushed Major J.W. Wham and his military escort carrying a $26,000 Army payroll in near Saf- ford. Several local cattlemen were arrested and tried but were found not guilty. May 15, 1922 the last train rob- bery in Arizona occurred when three men using a Nash touring car instead of horses attempted to rob a train near Tucson It went bad for the robbers when the messenger opened fi re with his shotgun, hit- ting one. The others jumped into the Nash and sped away. There were fi ve men in on the job, includ- ing a goat rancher. All were caught except one who escaped to Mexico. May 19, 1892 a stagecoach line was established from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. May 22, 1882 a saloon fi re de- stroys the business section of Tombstone again. May 25, 1881 the notorious outlaw Curly Bill Brocius was shot in the cheek by a cowboy named Jim Wallace in the outlaw town of Galeyville. The bullet struck Curly Bill in the cheek, went through and came out the other side of his mouth, taking some teeth. It looked for a while like the outlaw king was going to die and his friends made plans to string up Wallace but Curly Bill managed to survive. May 30, 1864 the territorial gov- ernment moved the capital from Fort Whipple to Granite Creek and the citizens rename it Prescott. Page 19 other members obviously had not called ADOT to let them know we were doing cleanup, so the event got cancelled (by us) and we went on. Funny, we were hav- ing a good laugh watching Jennifer Jones go back and forth in her packed car many times down Kuehn Street right in front of us. We laughed knowing she had to put some kind of fraudulent 'spin' and make something out of it. If she is a real reporter, why weren't we asked? This is how stupid it was and gives you a peek-a-boo into how she operates. Remember their own words, "…stupid is as stupid does." Let's get back to some serious things going on, the vote. In Jade's Desert Free- dom Press (3-1-2012) Mark Orgeron answered some questions originally asked by the Desert Messenger. Although most of his answers were quite sarcastic, missing the point, and from hearsay, I want to hit on one specifi cally. Rain's question was: "What in your background, training and experience qualifi es you to manage the affairs of a town over 3600 people?" This was a puffy, overdone answer so I will discuss only this part: "…Before coming to Quartzsite, I taught math at a middle school before moving on to teach algebra and college algebra to high school students." His last po- sition evidently was in Yuma. No one can deny that teaching children in Ele- mentary School is a noble profession. My professional teacher and pro- fessor friends from other parts of the country tell me that going from teaching Algebra in Middle School then teaching College Algebra to High School in Yuma shows good progres- sion and advancement. These profes- sionals tell me though, that going from teaching High School Algebra with a Master's Degree, to teaching in El- ementary School in a small out-of-the- way town shows there is something SEE PERSPECTIVES PAGE 22 Sunday Worship: 10am & 6pm Wednesday Service: 6pm Phone: 928-927-5035 375 E. Sunrise St. Quartzsite "Come join our Family where the Love of Jesus is preached"

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