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May 2, 2012

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Page 18 Dinosaurs and Little Golden Book Land still favorites for preschoolers By Joanne Winer Last year, the L'il Scholars' Pre- school came out to Celia's Rainbow Gardens and planted some cactus and took a tour of the Gardens--it was so much fun taking them around and telling them about the plants and oth- er things they encountered along the trails. Last week, I was asked by their teacher, Lisa DeHaven, to come and read some of Celia's favorite books to the little ones at the preschool for the Week of the Child. I was very happy to do so, since reading to Celia was one of our special times together. I wasn't sure what these kids were into, so I brought several of her favor- ite dinosaur stories and a picture book of Little Golden Book Land. Since there was lots of time to read that day, I ended up asking them which ones they wanted to hear, and they seemed to love them all. So we ended up read- ing 5 of the dinosaur books and the picture story of the characters who live in Little Golden Book Land. Stories like "The Dinosaur who Didn't Want to go to School" and "The Dinosaur just Couldn't Sleep" were of the fi ve dino- saur books we read The kids loved to see together. all animals inhabited Golden the who their Books like the Tawny Scrawny Lion, Tootles, Pokey Little Puppy, and many more. We had a great time together, and it was so much fun for me to be reading to a child again and seeing how books gave them such a great imagination. Celia just loved reading, and had hun- dreds of books she actually memorized before she even learned how to read. It is great that the teachers put such value on it at the preschool ages that it will really help them when they do learn to read for themselves. I want to thank Mrs. DeHaven for allowing me to have such a great time, and hope that the kids will continue to learn to love books and their stories as much as Celia did. who two PASSING THRU FROM PAGE 17 were not trifl ed with by the bulk of a community. Now it seems that the political rantings of some are being used as a vehicle to undermine and slander. It is character assas- sination at its worst and speaks more of a lack of discipline and good moral character on each of your parts. The world would be a better place if more of their ilk lived and breathed the goodness of life that Starr and Rain try to instill in those around them. How they hold themselves in check with each instance of lies and misinformation is an exam- ple of who they are and how vital they are to any community. I am proud to say that they are my friends, and I love them both dearly. Their infl uence in my life is such that I know that if it is within their ability to assist any troubles that I may have they will do so as long as it does not breach their own responsibility to in- tegrity, and I in turn am the type of man who would not bring anything to them that would cause them to ponder such an event. I call on each of you in the intent of American Rights and Freedoms. I have here in Quartzsite two wonderful friends whom I have known personally for nearly three decades. They are Starr BearCat and Shanana Rain Golden-Bear. I have known them un- der any and all circumstances throughout life and I will say here that the abuse and slander that they have been met with is not protected as YOUR RIGHT. There was a time in this country when such behaviors May 2, 2012 this community to stop this type of be- havior in its tracks before its wounds are set too deeply within the commu- nity. Confront the accusers each time you hear such things, remind them that an opinion is not a fact, and any opinion that is spoken with such an- ger usually has an underlying agenda. Ask yourselves; is this the life I want for my town, for my family, for my neighbor? Finally, my hat is off to all of the people who are choosing to not en- join in such negative tantrums. I have seen enough of your community in the disciplined responses of the Chief of Police and his offi cers, as well as, town offi cials that I feel certain that once everyone sets aside miscella- neous commentary and addresses the facts at hand that the Quartzsite com- munity will come out stronger than ever before. I would hope that anyone would consider these "growing pains" to be an insightful analysis of how to best approach the needs of the town overall. I do not envy any of you, for the matters at hand are trying at best, yet, I admire you for the resolve that you are undertaking to build Quartz- site into a positive and safe environ- ment for future generations. Wakinyan Numpa Need to Dig? Have Backhoe! will meet with you! Call: Dennis Dole • Owner/Operator 928-580-1741 Licensed • Bonded• Insured K 37 ROC 2114 Respectfully,

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