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May 2, 2012

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Page 2 of the Desert Messenger Email: DEADLINE is WED. May 9th for May 16th issue Phone: 541-218-2560 Recycle... it all adds up! Recycle your empty inket cartridges and used cell phones! NO TONERS, PLEASE DROP OFF LOCATIONS: • Horizon Community Bank • Quartzsite Library • Senior Center • General Store • Business Chamber Sponsored by Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite The two "dead" students were loaded into a hearse while spectators stared in silence. Firefi ghter Kevin Cushman also spoke to the audience. "Be smart!" He reinforced the importance of buckling up, not using cell phones or texting while driving. This somber experience was held to educate students of the dangers of drinking and driving. Jackson ended with, "We all know you; you are family to this community; you're a family to us. Do not make us knock on the door of your parents to tell them you were killed in a car crash!" The organizers hope the students will remember the experience for the rest of their lives and said, "Don't drink and drive; and don't get in a vehicle driven by someone who's been drinking." Jackson told the students, "Our chal- lenge for you, as a community, is to take a stand and make the right decision. Only you can make that decision." QFD Chief Kevin Hess, ended with, CRASH FROM PAGE 1 "Stay alive, please! Take a deep breath, now remember how that feels!" Monica Timberlake, one of the event's organizers, thanks all the participants in a letter on Page 9. Photos of the mock accident were uploaded to Desert Messenger's Face- book page at sertMessenger. The video of the event can be seen at QWatchingEyes channel. PUBLISHING SCHEDULE Special Summer Edi� ons: DATE Wed. May 16 Wed. May 30 Phone: 541-218-2560 Wed. June 13 Wed. July 18 Wed. Aug. 15 READER'S OASIS BOOKS 690 E. Main - Quartzsite (one block east of Family Dollar) 928-927-6551 May 2, 2012 Editorial by Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear "Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." ~ Wayne Dyer Attitude is everything. Our attitude affects how we see the world we live in. Recent events in Quartzsite have made international news. These sto- ries do not defi ne us as a community. The people in this community defi ne Quartzsite. The fl avor of Quartzsite is always changing, as is the whole world around us is forever chang- ing. What we chose to do with all this publicity is up to us. DEADLINE -May 9 -July 11 -Aug. 8 -May 23 -June 6 I was so impressed with the level headedness of our local high school students, while dealing with the pressures of being interviewed by the media. Students of Scholars' Academy know that change is coming. The fear of the unknown is what concerned many. But then, I was honored to witness the adults coming together in support of our youth with creative so- lutions for the future of a high school in Quartzsite. This collaboration of differing ideas with the one focus of a brighter future displayed a solution oriented approach that will be healing for this community. DESERT Quartzsite has seen its fair share of drama over the past few years. How we, as a community come together with solutions will either attract or repel businesses, visitors, investors, media attention and the like. A Solu- tion Oriented Ap- proach focuses not on the past, but on the present and the future. However, in order to advance as a society, we must learn from our mistakes. To learn from a mistake, we must be able to acknowledge it through non-blaming open dialogue. Blaming one sector of the popula- tion or certain groups will not pro- duce the benefi cial outcomes needed for this community. Focusing on how to move forward, what we can learn from our mistakes, asking ourselves what can we do different, can shift the discussion from that of blame to one of collaboration. People climb huge mountains be- cause it's challenging. How can the challenges Quartzsite is facing right now motivate us into a positive direc- tion? Change is never easy, but given we will either change or remain stag- nant, we must welcome this "opportu- nity for growth" as a learning lesson. Our attitude about the challenges is up to us as individuals and as a soci- ety. We can choose to miserable or we could motive ourselves to accomplish the impossible. Through collaboration with different opinioned folks, our community can rise from the ashes and become a model for other com- munities dealing with uncertainty and adversity. As DPS Offi cer Jackson told the students Thursday, "Take a stand and make the right decision." Quartzsite's FREE Community Paper Founded by Walt Akin, October 1, 2004 Contributing Writer, Joanne Winer PUBLISHED BY PILOT ROCK PUBLISHING CO. P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 • E-mail: Published twice a month on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday, Sept. thru May with Special Summer Editions in June, July & August Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Desert Messenger. Shanana "Rain" Golden-Bear, Publisher 541-218-2560 Copyright © 2012 MESSENGER Name Plate Lettering by Paul Winer Contributing Photographer, Starr BearCat Messenger Desert

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