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April 18, 2012

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Page 4 Hello Neighbors On April 2nd we attended the Grand Opening of the new Salvation Army store. In reality, it was a celebration of the life of Ms. Sally Wills, who personi- fied what Quartzsite is about-taking care of one another. Ms. Willis gave so generously to the future of our won- derful little town. Her legacy will live on for years to come. I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank the dozens of vol- unteers in Quartzsite who consistently give of their time and labor in service to others. As the weather continues to get hotter, remember to check on your neighbors if you don't see them out and about. Patricia Anderson Quartzsite Town Council ing over Quartzsite. Only the voters have the power to disperse the cloud. A vote for Ed Foster and his cronies may keep the cloud hanging for a long time. Enough time for the cloud to descend and cover us all with unending misery. Then will we have to listen to the com- plaints of the voters who have symboli- cally shot themselves in the foot? Who is this Ed Foster of the infamous "Citizen Coalition" and puppet of Boss Changing stripes There is a dark ominous cloud hang- LETTERS TO EDITOR POLICY taste, on a personal issue, mean spir- ited or dominated by Scripture quotes will not be published. Third party letters will not be accepted. To avoid confusion over people with lem, but search for the solution to share with the community, keeping the bene�it of all in mind. Letters considered libelous, in poor Desert Messenger encourages letters from its readers. Letters should be no longer than 300 words, and may be ed- ited for grammar, content and length. OPINIONS EXPRESSED HERE DO NOT NECESSARILY REPRESENT THOSE OF THE DESERT MESSENGER. We invite you to not only see a prob- common or similar names, writers must provide a full name and indicate the name they are known by. Writers must provide a full street address and phone number. Rvers can provide the location of park/BLM land, etc. Street addresses will not be published. Phone numbers are for veri�ication only and will not be printed. Mail letters to: Desert Messenger, P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 or E-mail to: 541-218-2560 THE PEOPLE'S VOICE a newer vehicle with an Arizona per- sonalized license. Dressed like a man of substance and with a hale and hearty at- titude. Changing stripes doesn't make a tiger into a pussy cat. Can we withstand the misery and cost, both pocket-wise and emotional, of an administration by Foster and his minions? Think carefully before you vote, sepa- rate the facts from the fiction, but above all turn out and vote. Elmer London, Quartzsite The real question There has been a lot of talk and print about boycotts and I am a bit con- fused. I believe that most every busi- ness in this community benefits from the promotion of this town and the large number of visitors that come as a result of that promotion. If that is the case, I find it difficult to understand why any business would support the negative impact that the Desert Free- dom Press places upon this town. The long term damage that this one news- paper can do to all of the businesses in Quartzsite due to the negative nature of its material and the discouraging message that it sends to anyone who may want to visit Quartzsite is going to be far greater to the businesses of Quartzsite than any boycott that is put in motion. For this reason, the real question is "Why haven't the Business Chamber and all the businesses come togeth- er to do something about this? Why would any business that relies on the Hog? My first impression of Foster was of him ranting at the lectern at Town Hall. He was dressed as if he was living under a bridge, with a hole in his pants you could see through to the skin. He drove an older vehicle with out of state plates. Texas as I remember. Suddenly, it seems, he appeared with large number of people that come to Quartzsite to visit want to advertise or support a newspaper that can be so damaging to their livelihood? I chal- lenge anyone to provide me with a logical explanation for this. site and my parents lived here 15 plus years here in Quartzsite. They were very active members of this commu- nity. I have stood back and watched some of the people in this town do more things that would have sent my parent's heads in a tail spin and I am sure they are not the only ones. They were people that cared about Good is easier to find I am a 10 year resident of Quartz- ing for the good in people rather than their faults. The good is much easier to find. So those of you who find so many faults in the community and in the people that have been doing a good job for your community, perhaps you should consider moving to a differ- ent community that suits you. Please leave our town alone! Let's make this a town one our fore- fathers would be proud of. Vote, Vote, Vote and my vote is for Jerry Lukkas- son, Barbara Cowell and Joe Winslow. Let's put this town back on the honest track and celebrate the successes they this town, they loved this town, they loved the people here and the honest friendly atmosphere. They believed in this town. Now we have the next generation that are trying to keep this town what it is and should be. We need good, honest, hard working people be- cause that is what it takes to be a good community. Not the name calling, finger pointing, dishonesty and surely not the dredging up the past, leave it where it belongs!!! We should just use our energy look- RV & TRUCK REPAIR BEST AUTO SERVICE YOU CAN DEPEND ON! 585 N. Central Quartzsite Open Mon-Fri 8-5 928-927-8787 Johnny DelPino, Owner April 18, 2012 have brought to this community. Joan Qualls, Quartzsite Something to ponder Here we are, about to choose the Michelle Lukkasson, Quartzsite in as mayor, Mr. Foster, was censured, recalled and cost our Town in excess of $50,000 in legal fees with his she- nanigans that he attempted. His half- truths and outright lies along with Jen- nifer Jones very poor newspaper that doesn't make enough to pay for itself. I wonder who is financing it? Where do you think these people want our Town to go into the future? The rumors that abound are that these dissidents want to bankrupt our town and when they accomplish that, someone with lots of money will allegedly pick up the water and sewer operations. IF that should happen you will look back at the price you are now paying and say to your- selves-My God WHAT DIID I DO? Keep in mind these dissidents have way we want our wonderful Town of Quartzsite to be remembered as the Town we would like it to be. We have an election coming up on May 15th and we have the choice of who we want to guide it into the future. Remember, the fellow that you put highly suspicious regarding our future community building and our assisted living facility. I believe that Jennifer Jones and Mr. Foster had a hand in try- ing to stop these projects. But thanks to our Town manager, Alex Taft, these items are back on track. I am sure that our best choice for the no interest in any Town functions in the past. There wasn't even one of them at the Grand Opening of our new Salvation Army Store- of which I am very proud of. We had the largest showing of Towns people that we ever had. We can be very proud of this new business. Things that have taken place are that we voted on in the March election had only two people listed on the bot- tom of the ballot for only one position. As far as I'm concerned, Mr. Jewitt received more votes than Mr. Prutch, therefore Mr. Jewitt won his seat on the Council. I remember when I lost by a very small margin to Mr. Foster, I feel that I took it pretty gracefully-why not Mr. Prutch? Please, citizens of Quartzsite, really think of which way you want our Be- loved Town of Quartzsite to go in the future. Wes Huntley, Quartzsite SEE LETTERS PAGE 5 best leadership is Mr. Jerry Lukkason, Barbara Cowell and Joe Winslow. As far as Mr. Mike Jewitt, the ballot

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