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April 18, 2012

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Page 22 Don't keep your heap! The economy is showing signs of recovery even with the rising cost of gas. Many people who held on to their car during the recession are now looking to replace it with a more fuel efficient one. If you are one of those people, you have to figure out what to do with your car. If your vehicle does not get good gas mileage, has a lot of miles, is more than 5 years old or is not in good condition, the dealership won't offer you much for it as a trade in. They won't want it because there is no demand for it. It will be difficult to sell it privately for the same reason. One alternative is to sell it for a couple of hundred dollars to a junk yard. A better alternative is to donate your car to charity. Cars4Charities will gladly take your old car, no mat- ter what shape it is in. In return for your generosity, you will get a tax deduction of $500 or more. They have hundreds of charities that can be helped by your car donation. For details, please go to http:// or call 866.448.3487. COWELL FROM PAGE 1 of year than when she first became a council member. The rhetoric continues on the Inter- ter was also full of lies. "The problem is people actually believe those lies! They say 'If it's in black and white, it must be true…," said Cowell. "Recalled and twice censured former mayor Ed Fos- ter continues his pattern of misleading people with his lies," she stated. In regards to Foster's relentless com- plaints about "the missing checks", Cowell said, "The Town is audited ev- ery year! If there were ANY missing checks, the group of auditors, not just one person, but there's a crew of them, would notice that! That's their job! In other words, those checks were NEVER missing!" Town Manager Alex Taft ex- net. Sunday, Jennifer Jones, Ed Foster and Richard Abbey appeared on The Lou Show, an Internet talk show. Fos- ter and Jones again claimed the town was broke, almost bankrupt, and had been under Martial Law last summer. Foster said he was "basically fired" when the Town put Police Chief Jeff Gilbert in control. That fear mongering scenario never happened. Even Foster had previously recanted some of his statements made to Arizona Repub- lic last summer, but is now repeating those same false stories again. Cowell said a recent mailer from Fos- plained, "Checks that appear in the con- sent agenda are sequential by number. There are listed in a separate sequence of checks on the first page of the agenda that refer to payroll related to 401K and other profit sharing. Additionally, there are 6 paper paychecks that are issued to employees every pay period who don't choose direct deposit." Regarding the water issue, Cowell stated filters for each well would cost $1 million per well. The water is tested continuously and has to pass strin- gent requirements of the ADEQ. If you don't like the taste of the water, Cowell recommends installing a filtration sys- tem in your home. Cowell said, "The town is NOT bank- rupt, nor anywhere close to being bankrupt. We have loans just like ev- erybody else has a mortgage, but the town's interest is below 1 percent. Ev- ery town has loans, that's just the way towns operate. We are NOT bankrupt. We are doing very well. If the town would dis-incorporate, which we have no plans for, the property owners would have to assume all the debts of the town. The property owners are the only ones who would be able to vote, as they would be the ones to take on the debt. This is highly unlikely, as Quartzsite is doing VERY well. This is why the town works so hard to keep our budget in good shape, and the up- keep of the town, to bring in more rev- enue and to continue to flourish. NOTICE to Advertisers: Please check your ad(s). Errors/corrections must be submitted before deadline, to be published in the next avail- able edition of the Desert Messenger. DEADLINES are printed - in multiple locations - in EVERY issue of the Desert Messenger! For rates and deadlines visit PUZZLE PAGE ANSWERS (from page 20) April 18, 2012 are still moving forward, unlike what has been reported by Jones and Fos- ter. Some have already been awarded, and others are in the process. It is an exciting time for Quartzsite!" "At no time has the FBI performed "Our community enhancement grants al note, I want to address a reference to properties on E. Targa Trail. The road is a dedicated town road, unlike what was reported in a political propaganda piece sent to voters. Town sewer and water capacity fees were paid by the new owner of the property. The town's utility department was on the property to hook up the water and sewer, not for me in any way, nor was it plugged, as Foster stated…another lie!" of the Desert Messenger Email: DEADLINE is WED. April 25 for May 2nd issue Phone: 541-218-2560 an investigation on the Town. It's the Attorney General's (AG) Office who in- vestigates, but this group didn't like the answers from AG, they are now telling people to complain to the FBI. That's just not their job. The AG's office ac- tually went through the town's audits, and if there was an issue, they would have found one! "The town could sue Jones for all the lies, however you can't get blood from a turnip! Foster has cost the town tens of thousands of dollars of unnecessary and frivolous lawsuits, in fact he still owes the town for attorney fees, which he has not paid. And this is the man who says, 'I still care.' This is not free- dom of speech, it's freedom of lies!" Cowell concluded with, "On a person-

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