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April 18, 2012

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Page 14 THOUGHTBUSTER.COM Can you see it? Can you feel it? The ancient ones are here. They are drumming, they are pray- ing for you and me. Imagine far above the earth a unifi ed fi eld of intelligence looking down on the world through a telescope. Imag- ine this intelligence conversation say- ing, "All they need is the square root of the population to feel love in order to make a change, how can we help them believe in the power of love? They have scientifi c studies proving that when groups of people are trained to feel peace and love crime decreases and stock markets soar. It worked in twenty-four cities, what is stopping them?" What is stopping us? The world is a refl ection of our emo- tions. Either we refl ect love or we re- fl ect being afraid of the future. Go v e rnment , corporate power, polluted water, be- ing controlled could all be erased through simply healing our emotions. It starts as an inside job, inside us. All the drama around us is an exaggera- tion of what we collectively are work- ing on inside. It can sound too simple to just heal ourselves, but actually it takes commitment, awareness, tools and self-understanding to totally be healthy, happy, loving and at peace, without judgment, and self-doubt. I know you want healing for the planet and harmony in the world as much as I do, so I thank you. As you take the time to expand your love with a peaceful heart your effort expands like a ripple in the ocean, sending a wave of heal- ing energy for others to do the same. Everything you have done and been up greed, jealously to this point in your life has prepared you for assisting in healing the world. Together we can make a difference. If one percent of the population can af- fect ninety-nine percent, what do you think ninety-nine percent could do? Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, said that imagination is the most marvelous, miraculous, in- conceivably powerful force the world has ever known. George Dvorsky Chairman of the board at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies wrote, "Without a doubt the most powerful force in the universe is intelligence". Albert Einstein said ""The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Einstein is also remembered as saying, "The most powerful force in the uni- verse is compound interest." Just like money can grow leaps and bounds with compound interest so can collec- tive imagination. If your list of ideas on what the ninety- nine percent could do was zero with justifi cation of all the reasons why they are more powerful than us, then you just fed your fears. One percent can only become as powerful and big as we allow it to be in our minds. Our mind is the key here. "Where there is a will there is a way." Personally I like to start by remembering that we are all connected, there is no them and us, we are all related. Next, I set my mind of the Desert Messenger Email: DEADLINE is WED. April 25 for May 2nd issue Phone: 541-218-2560 April 18, 2012 to imagine what would be the results if we all focused on Occupy Love? If long distance healing can heal some- one clear across the world, if group prayer can reduce crime, imagine what else we could do. Planetary Coach Certifi cation pro- gram is an emerging new opportunity for self-growth and a valuable new ca- reer. 541-821-6213 Copyright 2012 Worldscope Coach Louise Rouse Higher education in Quartzsite AWC Thanks to the wonders of technology, a college education is available even in our small rural community. College classes are available here in Quartz- site through live Interactive Televi- sion Network (ITN) classes and online courses provided by Arizona Western College. Registration for summer and fall classes is soon approaching. New students can register for summer or fall classes as early as April 30th. Come talk to us at the AWC Quartzsite Learning Center about getting started on your college education. The center is located at 695 N. Kofa Avenue (just around the corner from Quartzsite El- ementary School). Worried that you can't afford a college education? Come talk to us about ap- plying for fi nancial aid. Qualifi ed stu- dents can receive up to $5,550 dollars a year through a government grant program for educational purposes. Call and schedule an appointment with an advisor to learn about fi nancial aid opportunities, (928) 927-8299. It is our pleasure to serve the community of Quartzsite! "Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow." – Anthony J. D'Angelo Now Open in Quartzsite! WiGo Communication Computer Sales & Accessories Computer Repair Center Cell Phone Service Provider & Accessories Wireless, Keyboards, USB Cords, Data Storage, Routers, Switches, More! 395 N. Central Blvd. Open Mon-Fri. 10-5 928-927-5958

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