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January 4, 2012

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January 4, 2012 ADVENTURES WITH ROCKS By Jenn Jedidiah Free There's copper in them thar hills Copper: Arizona's Gold Rush We can't live without it. Every person will use approximately 1500 pounds of copper in their lifetime. There are 50 pounds of cop- per in the average car, and about 400 pounds of copper in a standard house. There is copper in your microwave, re- frigerator, computer, and telephone. Cop- per is used in plumbing, fiber optics, solar and wind power, generators, electronics, and medical technology. In fact, we, the state of Arizona, wouldn't even be here without copper. Many pros- pectors came to Arizona looking for silver and gold, but the majority of them moved on to California and did not settle here. It was the early copper miners who settled and founded the towns, like Ajo, which was founded by a prospector named John Gre- enway. The towns of Ehrenberg, Poston, and Wickenburg were also originally founded and established as copper mining communities. Copper has been mined here since the 1500s. The native peoples mined copper to use for tools and weapons. In the late 1700's missionaries came to Arizona to es- tablish missions and to mine and prospect in this area. Arizona Mining and Trading Company, our state's first mining company, was es- tablished in August 1854. Large scale production copper mining began in 1872, by the Longfellow Copper Company near Morenci. In 1876, the completion of the Southern Pacific Rail- road opened the door for Arizona's copper wealth to be transported to markets all over the world. While in other parts of the country, the railroads brought industry with them, here, the need to transport copper brought railroads to Arizona. Since 1910, Arizona has been the nation's top producer of copper, producing more than all the other 49 states com- bined. Copper mining on this scale helped the Arizona territory to achieve statehood in 1912. Gold, silver, lead, zinc, and molybdenum are important minerals that are by-prod- ucts of copper mining. Arizona is the 2nd largest producer of molybdenum in the US. Arizona is also famous for beautiful gem- SEE COPPER ON PAGE 42 NEED CASH? Jim Buys GOLD! Broken Jewelry, Old Teeth, Coins, Nuggets, etc. Across from McDonald's • Quartzsite Chiropractic $ Dr. Michael Cole, D.C. Providing Chiropractic care to Quartzsite! Friday 9am-1pm • Sat. 9-11am Adjustments WINTER HOURS: Quartzsite 25 CDL Exams now available! Dr. Michael Cole, D.C. Chiropractic Care 225 N. Central Suite #7 Quartzsite For more information call: 928-533-4588 VENDOR LIST: Addicted To Deals African Arts All Us Leather Lovers Beanie Hargurss Browns Misc Sales Bud's Quality Products Collectibles and Arts Dollar Store Embroidery by Joel Evelth's Mineral Gem World Indian Jewelry & Craft Jack's Indian Tacos Lasleys Country Corner Sunglasses & Cell Phone Acc. Paulmariz's Rugs Poor Boy Rock Shop Roadrunner Rocks Skinner Farms Terry Behrens' Jewelry Tran's Asian Cuisine Vantage Jewelry Page 37 Quartzsite Showgrounds LLC JEWELRY VENDORS! GEM WORLD 1330 W. Main St. across from Pilot Truck Stop VENDORS WANTED: Show Schedule: Oct 1, to April 31 Every year Minerals, Fossils, Beads, Jewelry, Antiques, Collectibles, Gifts, Tools and General Merchandise. SPACE # 1198 B P16 S17 S 23 S 9, 10 P19 P15 O19, 20 O 14 U 23 1330 W. Main P 23 O 23 Justin's Jewelry and Mineral M 15 Jewelry Bazaar Montonas Best Kettle Corn N 23 Nuport Gifes T13 - T17 P 12 1198 A M,N 21, 22, O 21,22 O 17 P 6,7,8 M 17 M13, 14; N13,14 T10, 11, 12 M 23 S 13 CALL GEM WORLD • 626-922-1258 QUALITY VENDORS WANTED! BEADS! GIFTS!

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