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January 4, 2012

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January 4, 2012 Submitted by Dottie Palmer STEP FOUR: start young. Young ones aren't cynical yet. They don't have their imagination stomped on. They haven't developed blinders. I wrote to Laurel for her college graduation, "sorry we have left such a mess". She wrote back,"I welcome the challenge". And, she meant it. Joey Leichter, age 10, said, "When I die I would like to give the next generation a better Earth than I had." LOCALLY: C & D Disposal is located on Dome Rock Road West of Quartzsite. They are a residential, commercial and industri- al recycling LLC. After speaking with C and D, I learned there is no place to drop off recycling on site. They have a pick up garbage service for a fee. With the fee, they give you a recycle bin with a grey top at no charge. They can be reached at 928-782-2460. I was thrilled to see some 'urbanite' near C & D being used in a wash. With the love of rocks in our town, we have all heard the husband telling his wife,' that rock is a leaverite', meaning: leave her right there. Urbanite is another fun pseudonym used by 'green' landscape designers. It is sidewalks which have been jack-hammered up and salvaged. Urban- ites make wonderfully textured walls when stacked with the pebbles exposed. HERO: John Javna wrote 50 SIMPLE THINGS KIDS CAN DO TO SAVE THE EARTH. ISBN0-8362-2301-2. The Earth Works Group wrote many books about precycling, recycling and saving resources. Paperglassaluminumtinplastic He believes in kids. He wrote, "Kids have a lot of power. Whenever you say some- thing, grown-ups have to listen. Whenever you care about something, grown-ups care too.....You can make a difference and that is the power to save the Earth". WEBSITE: YOU: are invited to submit your creative recycling stories with permission to print your name. Each edition I'll select a recy- cling story to inspire the rest of us. I can't wait to hear your great ideas! Thank You. EXAMPLE: I made a solar cooker with a recycled hockey rink light housing of mir- ror aluminum. Inside this shiny bowl-like light fixture, I put a pan and lid painted black on the outside. The pan sits on a small oven rack inside a turkey roasting bag. The roasting bag is clipped shut with clothes pins. It is fun to put an oven ther- mometer inside the bag and see the tem- perature rise. Place the cooker in a folding canvas chair, so it can be turned every hour to face the sun. In the morning, place the food in the pan with the lid on tight. You will have energy free hot and cooked food in the afternoon. Be sure to use sunglasses and hot pads for safety. I have cooked corn bread, rice and veggie stew. If we don't recycle, we are throwing it all away. Dottie Palmer Notice regarding political campaign advertising Desert Messenger Policy: Political ad- vertising, advertising on public policy questions and controversial issues will be prepaid. These ads must contain the name and address of person(s) or organization(s) responsible for the ad- vertisement. All Desert Messenger political ads shall be charged the current Open Rate. Pickup discounts are not available. Desert Messenger advises all can- didates to read the current Arizona Newspaper Association's handbook regarding Political Campaigns at press/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/ pubnot_handbook.pdf Desert Messenger Deadlines and the current Rate Card are available online at Page 23 IRONWOOD OUTPOST PO Box 4750 225 CENTRAL BLVD Quartzsite, AZ 85359-4750 Private Mail Boxes Copies -Fax - Notary UPS and FedEx Shipping 928-927-8543 (office) 928-550-7020 (fax) Jerky Store & Deli ❖ 2 EACH: BREAST, LEG, THIGH, WING or ❖ WHOLE ROTISERRIE CHICKEN Desert Laundry and Propane PROPANE $285 per gallon 30 N. CENTRAL (HWY. 95) + tax BEHIND JERKY STORE • EASY IN/OUT! 30 N. Central (Hwy. 95) Open 8-5 • 7 days/week 928-927-5655 THE HOTTEST DRYERS IN TOWN NEXT TO JERKY STORE * GOOD PARKING LAUNDRY OPEN 6AM .... LAST LOAD 7:30PM 8 PC Fried CHICKEN! ❖ 4 LEGS & 4 THIGHS SANDWICHES Made to Order DELI SANDWICH with slaw $695 $595 Call ahead for Chicken and Ribs! 928-927-5655 $495 BEEF JERKY $ PULLED PORK $ B-B-QUE PORK RIBS FULL RACK or $650/lb1899 only $ 595 All jerky made in store! ALL FRESH! ALL SALADS HOMEMADE! ALL SMOKED MEATS MADE IN-HOUSE! Open daily 8-5 • 10-5 Sunday 928-927-5655 30 N. CENTRAL (HWY. 95) 600/4 OZ. BAG 4 BAGS /$22 The BEST Fried Chicken IN TOWN!

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