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September 21, 2011

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Page 14 True or False THOUGHTBUSTER.COM By Coach Louise Rouse DEADLINE for Oct. 5th issue of the Desert Messenger is WED. Sept. 28 Email: Phone: 541-218-2560 How Well Is Your Life Balanced? Most of us have so many things on our plates that we can start feeling overwhelmed. If trying to maintain balance in your life feels like a lost cause, like you are sinking instead of swimming, then take time to ask yourself the following questions. ARTIST APPLICATION Rockin' in Quartzsite! A Celebration of the Arts! ARTISTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO BE AVAILABLE ON SAT. NOV. 3, 2011. This year's theme: "AZ Centennial in La Paz County" Painting will occur at the Rock Motel, 100 W. Kuehen, Quartzsite between Oct. 22 - Nov. 3, from 8am-1pm or by appt. Submission of Application and Acceptance by Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite Constitutes an Agreement of Performance of artwork at the Rock Motel, 100 West Kuehn St. Quartzsite, AZ. Submissions must be postmarked by Sept. 28, 2011. Name: ______________________________________________ Business Name: ______________________________________ Mailing Address: ______________________________________ City: _________________ State: _________ Zip: ___________ Phone Number: _______________________________________ Cell Phone Number: ___________________________________ E-Mail :_____________________________________________ Website: ____________________________________________ Art Experience: _______________________________________ Please submit one photograph of your artwork with application. Upon acceptance artist will submit a SHORT BIOGRAPHY UP TO 150 WORDS. The Applicant understands that the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite Committee and the Volunteers will handle and display all entries with care. I hereby release the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite and the Rockin' in Quartzsite Festival, and all of their directors, employees, agents, and volunteers from any responsibility, or any personal liability for any injury, damage, or loss sustained by exhibitors, guests, or works of art. I have read and agreed to all the specified terms and conditions set forth in the Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite and Rockin' in Quartzsite Festival. I understand that failure to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement may result in my immediate removal from the Festival. The PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE, ROCKIN' IN QUARTZSITE and jurors will not be liable for any legal action brought by anyone with respect to authorship and/or copyright infringement. Artists will be held liable for any damage they cause to property, persons or other artists work. LIABILITY RELEASE AGREEMENT I affirm that all work is original and will be produced by myself. I understand that the Festival reserves the right to require me to remove any work that does not meet its standards. I agree to allow Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite &/or Rockin' in Quartzsite Festival to utilize promotional materials taken during the Festival for the purpose of promoting the Festival this year and in future years. I agree to allow the Festival to release my name, address and telephone to the public for sales/promotion. COPYRIGHT LICENSING AGREEMENT I, the undersigned artist grants to PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE Committee permission to photograph me (and use my picture, silhouette and other reproductions of my physical likeness) and my original art submitted on behalf of PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZ- SITE, ROCKIN' IN QUARTZSITE. Furthermore, this license extends to the Committee, permission to utilize me and my original artwork, in connection with the exhibition of said art, theatrically, television, in the media and Digital media, or otherwise, for advertising and/or publiciz- ing for PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE. Also, it is understood that this is a release for any likeness of persons or property shown in images. All copyrights are assigned to PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE. All copyrights are assigned to, and ownership of the artwork remain the exclusive property of PROUD NEIGHBORS OF QUARTZSITE. Signature :_________________________________________________________Date: _______________________________ Send application to Proud Neighbors of Quartzsite, Rockin' in Quartzsite! DEADLINE: SEPT. 28, 2011 P.O. Box 3185, Quartzsite, AZ 85359. For more information contact Linda Ward, 803-984-4230, or Email: This space donated by Desert Messenger October 5, 2011 Are you…. T F Taking care of me first is the only way I can successfully manage my life physically and emotionally. We are the change we have been looking for. T F I fill my cup first. When I nurture myself first I have the capacity to help others. When my cup is full I am more positive, rested, and able to give my best self. T F I maintain health and exercise regularly. I recycle for the health of the planet. T F I trust the process of life. I serve in positive ways for helping our world. T F I allow quiet time for myself, whether I'm reading, gardening, meditating or simply being quite. T F I notice each season, the beauty of nature. I allow myself time to have fun in the ways I enjoy. T F Creativity makes me feel good; I do what I love; whether that's cooking, drawing, painting, writing, dancing, singing or another creative pursuit. T F Family and friends are part of my enjoyment in life, I take time for them. T F My thoughts are positive, I am not afraid of the future. T F My mind is not full of all the things I should do. T F I make sure that I don't overbook myself. T F It is easy for me to say no when I want to. When someone asks me to do something for them I don't just toss what I had planned. T F When I feel tired I take a nap or go to sleep T F I feel safe. I love who I am. T F I find time to do the things I want to do, even when I am extremely busy. T F I'm happy. My life is filled with joy. I regularly experience well-being. If you answered False more often than True, you may want to take a look at the questions to which you answered false and see if there is a message for you on how to add more harmony and balance in your life. If you would like help, hiring a Planetary Coach can be of great benefit. Plan- etary Coaching is the new evolutionary coaching model for creating harmony and abundance on earth. The world is in need of Planetary Coaches for the future. If you have had a calling to help others in this way, visit or call Coach Louise 541-821-6213. Get the latest news between issues at

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