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August 3, 2011

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A����� 3, 2011  FLAGS FROM PAGE 6 In 1912, from that fl ag carried by the Arizona Rifl e Team in 1910, Colonel Harris who was then serving as Adju- tant General of the new State of Arizo- na, refi ned the rifl e team design to cre- ate the State Flag of Arizona. The fl ag was offi cially adopted on February 17, 1917 by the third state legislature, but not without a bit of controversy. The bill adopting the fl ag was not signed by Governor Thomas Campbell who did not offi cially state his reason for not taking action on the bill. In a 2001 poll conducted by the North American Vexillological (study of fl ags) Association, the Arizona State Flag was identifi ed as one of the “10 best fl ags on the continent” ranking sixth out of 72 North American fl ags for overall design quality. I believe the Arizona fl ag is the most distinctive fl ag of all the state fl ags. Not long ago, far out on a mesa near Quartzsite, I saw the Arizona State Flag fl ying from the top of a small travel trailer and I thought to myself, “Someone is so proud to be an Arizo- nan that they have raised the fl ag away out here.” Dustball Rally drivers “fueled up” at Silly’s The Dustball 2000 (July 27 - 31) is a four-day, 2,000-mile, scavenger-hunt- Silly Al’s Pizza was a busy place Wed. July 27th, as teams participating in the Dustball Rally 2000 stopped in for some delicious pizza! style road rally across the American Southwest. The Dustball is a “gimmick ral- ly,” which basically means it’s a scavenger hunt! The teams don’t know the route, except that it started in El Paso, Texas and will end in Las Vegas, with two mys- tery overnight stops in between. Each morning, the teams are handed a packet of clues they can use to fi nd their way. The team that solves the most questions on the worksheet wins. More than 30 cars were on the rally, many of the teams posting to Twitter. You can watch their live updates online at ���.D�����M��������.��� P��� 7 Jose Lizarraga for August 30 2011 Tuesday MAYOR Paid for by Violet Kiss, PO Box 4883, Quartzsite, AZ 85359 The BEST choice for Quartzsite

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