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August 3, 2011

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A����� 3, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 Ed Foster: Claims four (4) careers, but has fi led with the courts that he is unable to pay his legal bills, poverty. Seems he cannot handle his own money. Wants to remove the town’s incorporation. HAS been ARRESTED twice, and HAS made legal fi lings against town even though they dismissed, causing an estimated over $40,000 loss in the town funds. Jennifer Harris: Runs a ‘business’ but is unable to make a profi t. Has declared she is at or below the poverty level. Did not get her AZ drivers’ license until Oct. 2010. HAS been arrested several times and is still facing legal actions in court. You have one candidate that is raising a family here, handles his money well, and tries to improve the community. Then you have two candidates that have proven they cannot handle their own money, to say nothing of being responsible with the town’s money. They also share legal problems against the town and publicly attempting to dissolve the town and fi re the police. Not much of a choice, seems clear to me. John “Skip” Gallup Accept the peoples choice We stayed in Quartzsite 10 years and we have yet to see elected candidates get to do the job they have elected to do by the voters and every time there is a recall. Why?? It costs the town money plus why have an election?? There are council members, former jealous and vindictive people who just won’t ever be happy unless it is them sitting there. You have 10 police offi cers fi ling complaint against your Police Captain and you do nothing about it?? What type of government are you trying to run? Grow up, accept the peoples choice. The VOTERS SPOKE!!! Former resident J. Maxon Beyond disgusted I fi nd it to be unbelievably un-American that an elected Mayor can be deposed by a city council that obviously abhors the 1st Amendment, illegally controls an anti-citizen “police” force, and violates laws regarding open meetings. It is my fondest hope that the FBI will soon become involved and will arrest both the council members as well as “police” offi cers who have chosen to ignore the laws of our nation and the rights of its citizenry. As a veteran who has served this nation, I am beyond disgusted at their actions. I will do all that I can to help spread the word about Quartzsite, AZ (and La Paz County since they cowardly refuse to ���.D�����M��������.��� do the right thing and get involved). I will encourage everyone I know to boycott the city (and county) for their behavior. I’m not even sure how the city council members or police offi cers can live with themselves after their despicable behavior. I hope that the citizens of Quartzsite will one day regain their rights and the laws of our nation will be followed. Cory Davenport Human nature at its fi nest! “The teams that complain about distractions invariably lose.” -John Madden Our town leadership has not skipped a beat despite the rabid nature of dissenters who harbor ill intent. Distractions, one upon another have done nothing more than to strengthen the character and convictions of our town leaders. Peace is quickly descending upon our town as providence kicks in, scathing the opposition with an unseen hand... town solidarity is sure to follow. Our town leaders are standing up and proving to this town who the real crooks are. Hate mail and death threats have confi rmed the anarchist mentality our leaders are up against, and here they are jumping distractions like hurdles with just a handful of police offi cers to rely on. The professionalism and kindness emanating from these offi cers is clearly human nature at its fi nest and victory belongs to those who have bigger fi sh to fry than to complain about distractions. Hygeia Halfmoon QUEEN OF HEARTS , Quartzsite What’s new in town? By now the “Gateway Signage” at all four entrances to town should be complete; the hold-up was the supplier of the granite. These signs will welcome visitors, vendors and winter residents back home. Do come to the football fi eld on Saturday, August 13, from 4:30- 6:30pm for another community get- together. Bring the kids to Town Park, along with chairs or blankets to sit on. There will be the water slide and splash pool for the kids. Root beer fl oats will also be available for only $1. This event is sponsored by Cenpatico. A special thank you to Steve Bennett for building the little burning house for community 4th of July celebration. The children really loved being Jr. Firefi ghters for the day by being able to put out the fl ames using the big hose! Patricia Anderson, Quartzsite Town Council AUGUST ACTIVITIES Aug. 6 Training Meet- Salome 11am Aug. 6 Riders Meet 5pm Aug. 10 Post B-Day Aug. 18 B-Day Burgers, Riders Aug. 27 National Convention San Antonio, TX VFW Meetings are held the 1st Monday 6pm Mens Auxiliary Meeting: 1st Tuesday 6pm Ladies Auxiliary Meeting: 3rd Tuesday 6:30pm VFW Riders (Grandpa’s): 1st Saturday 6pm House Committee Meeting: 2nd Monday 6pm Experienced HANDYMAN Residential and RV Welcome Home, Nella! “So freely you give, of everything that you are, so others may truly live.” MEDICINE CARDS Ten years ago my kids played in your water hose On a real hot july day and you bought my lap-top For your son knowing how much the money helped us. You have always been like a gramma for my family, WELCOME HOME NELLA! by Hygeia Halfmoon Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! Call Bud 928-583-3905 Wayne’s Pet Service Need someone to take care of your pet(s), in your home, while away? REASONABLE RATES! Call 928-927-4329 VFW Post 769 VETERANS OF FOREIGN WARS 120 S. Palo Verde Quartzsite, AZ 928-927-7697 P��� 5

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