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July 6, 2011

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J��� 6, 2011  LETTERS FROM PAGE 4 require a college degree. To date he has not told the public which college(s) he graduated from and when. The reason is simple, he never graduated, and therefore he has lied to the public. He is unable to handle his own fi nances, read court papers where he claims he is broke, and yet wants to handle the money of Quartzsite. That makes no sense. Foster also said he would resign if ‘his people’ were not elected in the last recall. They were not elected and he is still here. Does this mean we cannot believe anything he says?? Skip Gallup RUDE CONDUCT At the Town Council meeting the evening of June 14th 2011, National Flag Day, citizenship sank too a new low. People shouted obscenities, gestured at town offi cials and ridiculed council members. These are the people who want to take over the administration of the town. I have observed shameful conduct before, but not to this level. The shameful part is; this happened in Quartzsite, a town that deserves better. It’s apparent the mayor’s supporters and backers have decided to force their devious plans, regardless of whose reputation may be destroyed. This is all because voters can be mislead if they don’t pay attention to the difference between fact and fantasy. Let’s hope decent people wise up and this doesn’t repeat itself. Elmer London Quartzsite QUARTZSITE LOSES TRUST IN 9 ‘DISGRUNTLED’ POLICE OFFICERS Personal complaints of 9 ‘Disgruntled’ Police Offi cers (+1 clerk) in the Quartzsite Police Offi cers Association (QPOA) were being distributed around town. Sadly, the letter contains no letterhead, date, names or signatures of these ‘Disgruntled’ members so it tarnishes offi cers opposed to this. This letter shows “sour grapes” and brings PERSONAL dirty laundry into a Political Forum instead of affording Police Chief Gilbert due process. As the Town Attorney explained, it is not legal for the Town Council, Mayor or any of these ‘Disgruntled’ employees to discuss any employee issues until due process is completed. Chief Gilbert could bring lawsuits against each person violating his legal entitlement. It’s no secret Mayor Foster and a ���.D�����M��������.��� group of dissidents are trying to incite disharmony and hatred in any way they can in Quartzsite for a while. Mayor Foster faces a Recall Election in August. He will use anything to take the heat off of himself. Since his election in 2010, most votes at Council Meetings were 6-1 with Foster being alone in his negativity and anti- Quartzsite views. The 9 ‘Disgruntled’ Offi cers obviously feel it’s politically advantageous to position themselves with Censured Mayor Foster’s dissident group. Funny, Foster’s dissident group doesn’t want Law, order or government in Quartzsite. These ‘Disgruntled’ Offi cers are paid to keep peace, follow orders as required. Their jobs also require ethical and moral decorum, a Standard of Conduct, professional appearance and obedience (most lacking and breached) to their Chief and Sergeants. If they believe orders are illegal, they can fi le charges and will get due process. None of these ‘Disgruntled’ Offi cers were included in recent Sergeant Promotions. By the timing of this action, it surely looks like the major factor in this MUTINY. Maybe they should look at their ability, growth, ambition and insubordination as the cause of not being promoted. This group brought their disgruntled, insubordinate, political grandstanding to an illegal meeting June 1st, and to this last Council Meeting to gain support. Sickened, I saw those “Peace” Offi cers encouraging rowdy, boisterous hooligans disrupt those two meetings. How can our citizens trust this disgruntled group to perform their Police duties after they have shown their true colors and complete insubordination? We can’t. I really care about this town. We are sick and tired of negativity being created to hurt our peaceful town by this group and other dissidents. What’s next, the Fire Department? Like last week’s Parker Pioneer Political Cartoon said, “…Quartzsite is a great town despite the politics!” Violet Kiss Full-time Resident of Quartzsite HELLO AGAIN TO QUARTZSITE Once again “the heat is on”, be sure to check on neighbors, keep yourselves well hydrated and stay out of the sun as much as possible. Set up some type of signal to your neighbors so they will know you are up and around, unfortunately we recently lost another resident in Quartzsite, when a welfare check was done it was too late. We as a community all grieve when something like this happens. If you or someone you know needs help please call: Salvation Army 927- 3636: Isaih 58, 927-3124; Sr. Center 927-6496; or for a ride to shopping or Dr. visits, Town Hall 927-4333 Let the community be of service. Bye for now and take care. Patricia Anderson, Quartzsite Town Council NEXT GENERATION LEADER Police Chief Jeff Gilbert is a role model of character, a true NEXT generation leader for our beautiful town of Quartzsite, Arizona. The following quote is a reminder that numbers matter not, and right makes might! “There is always the temptation to look at someone and judge the amount of God’s blessing upon his life based upon the number of people who have chosen to follow him. But if numbers tell the whole story, we would have to assume that God removed His blessing from Jesus toward the end of His ministry! In the weeks prior to His crucifi xion the crowds began to wane. In the end there were only a handful of faithful men and women who dared to be associated with Him. Fellowship is not an accurate indicator of one’s worthiness to be followed.” Andy Stanley author of THE NEXT GENERATION LEADER Hygeia Halfmoon Quartzsite OFFICER GARCIA Stories are circulating about how the police handled a welfare check call, being spread by someone that was not present. Only three members of this community truly know what went on at the trailer and only one knows how the other offi cers involved handled the situation. I am that person. I made the call and the police offi cers were both professional and courteous and I am the one who also put in a request to Chief Gilbert, receiving a call within 10-15 minutes, he fulfi lled my request. THANK YOU CHIEF GILBERT & TRAILER FOR SALE only $1500 Cactus Patch RV Park, Quartzsite, space 38 Call Frank at 928-927-6717 for more information P��� 5 When Offi cer Garcia, myself, and two other gentlemen arrived, we found the door locked. We looked around, but was able to slide open the window next to the door. Offi cer Garcia attempted to enter through the window, but her service belt and equipment prevented it. I climbed on a chair and was able to get half my body through the window, and was able to unlock the door. Offi cer Garcia entered the trailer. My anger started to build; why did this woman have to lie dead for 6 days? Offi cer Garcia stepped out and had the woman’s cell phone in her hand. I asked Garcia if she had gone through anything for information on contacting relatives. She replied she had not because she felt that it wasn’t right and that hopefully the cell phone would have some information. At that point, my anger had reached a boiling point and my mind was made up of actions I would take. I yelled as loud as  SEE LETTERS ON PAGE 21 Experienced HANDYMAN Residential and RV Plumbing & Electrical Service & Repair. Minor Carpentry & Yard Work. All Work Guaranteed - FREE Estimates! 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